It’s How Much For Donuts?!

Unfortunately, yes donuts can get a pricy and with new premium content being added all the time if can feel like you’ll never have enough saved for Kamp Krusty! But you have to look at it like this…donuts are what pay for this game. People buy donuts, EA makes money and new levels and content are released.

Donut Purchases=new levels.

That being said you certainly don’t have to purchase donuts to have an awesome town. The best thing about TSTO is that you don’t need the premium content in order to have an awesome town. There are towns out there with 0 donut purchases that look awesome, and some with all premium content that look like the store threw up on it. It’s all about the player and their creativity, that’s what makes the game awesome!

There’s also an option to buy a $0.99 Golden Scratcher at the Kwik E Mart where you’re guaranteed to win every time. Donut pay outs range from 6-100 donuts. More details on the Golden Scratcher and odds later.

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