Homer Buddha Says


Update: With the April 1st, 2015 Mystery Box update, it appears that Homer Buddha has been removed from the store.  We’re hoping this is just temporary and we’ll update this post if and when it returns to the store.  

As the Buddha says: Spend 15 donuts win a premium item every time. For that reason alone the Homer Buddha is a much better donut investment than the Mystery Box.

Wondering if you can really win something good, like the Volcano Lair or the Duff Brewery (both premium buildings with characters) from the Buddha? Well wonder no more, because you absolutely can!

Similar to the Mystery Box, when you buy the Homer Buddha there’s a game going on behind the scenes (pretty much like all games of chance). Every time you either buy a Homer Buddha for 15 donuts the game internally generates a random number. Each item available through the Homer Buddha has a number assigned to it and the prize you win is the item that has the first number that’s greater than the random number generated.

So what are the odds of winning something really good (like premium characters or more donuts)? Here’s the prize break down and the odds of winning:

Prize Odds
Mystery Box 9.98%
Premium Bench 10%
Planter 10%
Premium Dumpster 10%
Picket Fence 10%
Burning Bush 10%
Orange Tree 10%
Apple Tree 10%
Tire Swing 10%
Squeaky Voice Teen/30 Donuts 4%
Hans Moleman/60 Donuts 4%
Frink’s Lab/150 Donuts 1%
30 Donuts 1%
Tire Fire/40 Donuts 0.01%
Springfield Sign/170 Donuts 0.004%
Duff Brewery/ 190 Donuts 0.002%
Volcano Lair/ 200 Donuts 0.001%

What’s the best thing Homer Buddha has granted you?  Besides inner peace and enlightenment of course!
Homer Buddha

36 thoughts on “Homer Buddha Says

      1. Thanks for the info, I have bought several mystery boxes, I now have 3 lard lad buildings…is there a updated list of what you can get? You guys are awesome with running this site.


  1. Good morning!
    I have a couple of questions. First, How can you tell if you have homer buddah? And if you don’t have him, can you buy him?
    Secondly, I’m struggling to get the things for this quest or whatever you call it that we are doing right now :) for example, I just got through with 2 prisoners doing stuff and I didn’t get any handcuffs for either of them. .. is that how is supposed to be? My husband plays less than me and is finishing stuff faster than me :( I thought something was wrong towards the beginning of this and so I uninstalled and reinstalled the game, but it doesn’t seem to have helped :( is it just that I’m unlucky?
    Thanks so much :)


    1. You can buy a homer buddah in the shop. (i believe it’s 15 donuts) Otherwise if you have one unopened it’d be in your inventory, but usually you’d open it right away.

      Handcuffs only fall on the last felon hit. So when they have 1 heart left and you fight them and they’re down to 0 that’s when handcuffs should fall.


  2. I made some calculations on the Homer Buddha.
    It can be found here in the official EA-Forums:

    Maybe it is of value for you guys. You can share it as you please, of course.


      1. Oh well, don’t know why the link doesn’t work for you. Maybe you don’t have an Origin/EA account?

        Here is the respective part I wrote in the thread:

        I made some calculation, based on the %-numbers presented on several sites and found out that the Homer Buddhas are not as bad as they appear – at least if you look at them on a purely donut-exchange perspective.

        Do you know the term “expected value”? It basically expresses, what kind of value you can expect if you do a certain action like in an ‘unlimited’ amount.

        Here it comes: the expected value for a Homer Buddha ist 16,17!
        That means, you will get 16,17 donuts out of a Buddha (in terms of items) while just paying 15 donuts for it. So, in the long run, you get more donuts (mostly bond into items) out of it than you invest. My calculation is shown here:

        I hope you understand what I did there. I made a seperate calculation for the Mystery box, since you get a Mystery box out of a Buddha in 9,983% as well.

        So by the sheer numbers, the Homer Buddha is actually not THAT bad.

        There is just one BIG downside to it!
        You don’t get the donuts, but mostly returning items instead (except for multiple premium buildings or characters. Then you’ll get the donut cost worth of it. Same for the straight donus, of course. Otherwise you just get benches, trees, fence and such). You certainly don’t need 10k fences or 2k benches and so on. So that is why you don’t want to waste too much donuts into that. Plus: some items are not worth the donuts in your personal opinion and you wouldn’t buy it straight.
        But, as I said, from the sheer value of donuts, the Buddha is kind of a good deal.


  3. Never got anything more than a tree and benches. Major rip off in my view. Same with scratch cards have never got more than $750 and been playing since beginning of December.


    1. I just got the jackpot yesterday for 12000$ , other times I get the second best prize. It’s just ur luck buddy. Don’t give up.


  4. I just got robbed, spent the 15 doubts on the Buddha, showed I got a planter, took my donuts and I got nothing in my inventory. Anyone know of a way to contact them about getting my donuts back?


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