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Clash of Clones Icons/Button: A How to Find Guide

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Clash of Clones is here and with it comes a whole new set of buttons and icons for your town.  Confused about where to find this or what something means?  Well we’re here to break it all down for you!  So let’s check out how to find everything you’ll need for this event and what it all means….

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CHEATERS! (20 Sided Die)

So you kind of have the basics down on Attack and Defend now. But, is there more to it than that? Is there an easier way than to tap on all the Shields, Repair all the destruction, and not have to wait hours to collect from Attacks? Well, the answer is yes.

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D-FENCE! (Defending Your Springfield)

Here we are again. Back with some more fun information on this silly lil Event going on in our lil Springfield towns. Who have thought that the calm before the storm would bring such a completely different way of gaming than we were used to.

So on to what you came here for. Defending your town.

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8/21 In Game Update: What Did it Do?

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

We just received a mini in-game update….and you guys have a million questions about it.  What’s it for?  What’d it do?  What’s different?

2014-08-21 17.27.08

Right now it appears it’s just  a patch for the update (perhaps repairing some of the glitches we talked about here).  There’s nothing major that’s different in the game itself…but we’ll dig a bit and see if we can find any changes, beyond glitch repair!

UPDATE: Here I am so proud of myself that I found a difference only to see many of our wonderful readers have reported the same thing much earlier lol. Here’s the change… All the event skins have been added to the Clash of Clones character list.

clash of clones character list

That’s it for now.  Chime in if you see anything else.  YOU ADDICTS SO TOTALLY ROCK!  TTFN… Wookiee out!


Turbo Tappin’ Medieval Style: Prince & The Premise, Clash of Clones AND The Power of Upgrades

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

With this new update we’ve been transported back in time and Springfield has gone Medieval on us!  Either that or we’ve been transported into another game all together!  In either case…new event means new questline.  New questline means time for another Turbo Tappin’ Walkthrough!

This questline has a lot of twists and turns in it and is really a fun one to read.  So make sure you read it all while playing, otherwise you’ll miss out on a lot of fun!  (We will, however, have a full dialogue questline up towards the end of the event, just in case you missed anything)

In addition to interesting dialog, the main questline branches off in several places.  What I’ve done for this first part is run through everything you’ll need to complete the main questline, Prince and the Premise.  This includes the questlines Clash of the Clones and The Power of Upgrades because those questlines will stop progress on Prince and the Premise until they’re complete (you’ll see what I mean below).  The other “side quests” we’ll cover in another post (those are quests for the Cheaters, Castle Recycle, Boxingham Palace & other prizes).

So now what are we waiting for?  Let’s get to tappin’!


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Clash of Clones Glitch Report

Hey there Hoppereenos. Bunny here bouncing on by to help out with glitches and issues that seem to be trending right now. So batten down the hatches and let’s dive on in.

Addict Tech Support

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ATTACK!!! …run away!!!

Hey there Hoppereenos. Bouncing on by with a lil help for all of you that are trying to figure out what the frak all this is about. Attack? Defend? Shields? Weapons? What do they all mean?

unlock_troop01 unlock_troop03

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Wednesday Is Elixir Day!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just popping in to let you all know that in your game for today only (well and every Wednesday until the event is over) you can purchase MORE elixir for donuts.  Something new EA is trying with this event…and you can only purchase currency 1 day a week (remember Elixir is required to purchase things AND level up your castles BUT it will not unlock prizes for you…only Gold can unlock prizes)…and that day is Wednesday.

Elixir will be available for purchase in your store from 0800GMT on a Wednesday and run for 24hrs (until 0800GMT Thursday morning).   More details below the fold…

ico_stor_medievaltimes_duffpack     ico_stor_medievaltimes_duffcrate         ico_stor_medievaltimes_duffvat

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Last Chance to Take Gil’s Deal on Otto!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just popping in with a quick reminder that the Gil deal is set to expire at 0800 GMT (4am EDT).  So here’s your last chance to scoop up Otto and his School Bus (as well as some playground equipment) for a cool 70 donuts!

Not sure if you should purchase Otto?  Looking for some pros and cons?  Check out our Should I Buy? guide here (note Otto is listed as costing 120 donuts here…that’s because that’s his normal price.  Right now the biggest pro is he’s being offered for 70 donuts in the Gil Deal).

Will YOU be taking Gil up on his deal?  Have you already?  Did you already have Otto before the deal?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

2014-08-13 17.37.41

Discount Donut Deals: Share Your Finds

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Everyday at least 1 reader in this AMAZING Community shares a deal they saw on App Store Gift Cards at a local store or online.  We LOVE these little tips you guys share with the community, as a way to get discounted Gift Cards to help save some dough on Donuts!

Recently during our Blogiversary Poll we asked you guys for comments on what we can do to make TSTO Addicts better…and a few of you suggested having a location where you can share deals on how to score discounted App Store Gift Cards with each other.  And we ABSOLUTELY LOVE this idea!

So here’s your Discount Donut Deal post….post deals you saw online or in stores for discounted Apple, Google Play or Amazon Gift Cards and help out your fellow tappers!

Saw a great deal on Google Play Gift Cards?  Share it below!

play-card_couponsA local store running a discount on iTunes Gift Cards?  Let your fellow Tappers know where they can save below!

Amazon running an awesome deal on coins that’s too good to pass up?  Make sure your fellow Kindle players don’t miss out below!

So where are YOUR Donut Deals?

Note: No Hack/cheat talks allowed.  Anything posted to this thread that is NOT a deal on discounted gift cards or deals involving gift cards will NOT make it through comment moderation.  This post is for legit discounts on Gift Cards and Amazon coins only.