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TSTO Anonymous: Can you spare a Spot of Time?

What’s up Addicts?

So I’m driving along on just one of the many California freeways, top down on the LeBaron, wind in my fur and rather than concentrating on the veritable deathtrap that is the CA highway system, I’m thinking of you guys and gals and William Wordsworth.  How’s that for random?

This actually does make a little sense, I promise.  So, the first thought I think to myself is, “Self.  It’s been far too long since you wrote a TSTO Anon post but what should you write about?”  The second is, “Dang there’s a lot of cars (I was passing where two freeways meet in Los Angeles), makes me feel kinda small in the world.”  If you really want to know, the following thought was, “Hmmmm… I’m hungry, the next Inn N Out is 3 exits away… woo hoo!”

So, I keep driving, get some delicious animal style heart clogging morsels and keep thinking about TSTO Anonymous.  What I came up with is combining something I learned about in my British Literature class with us tapping Addicts.

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Survey Says: Just Who Are YOU?

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Happy Hump Day my friends!  Back with another results show from one of our fun Addicts Surveys, where we asked Who Are YOU?

A few weeks back Wookiee held another great TSTO Anonymous meeting where he took a look at what makes makes up certain types of Tappers, their Psychological profile if you will.  And he wanted all of you to ask yourselves:  “If I was a four-fingered yellow character from the Best. Show. Ever.  Who would I be?” 

So now it’s time to take a look at what you guys said….


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Weekend Update: March 2nd-8th

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well I’ve given Bunny the morning off today.  She’s been working a lot of overnights having fun with the AMAZING Tappers here in the comments BUT I forced her to take a morning off.  So I’m taking over the update today…hopefully you guys don’t mind :)

What a week it’s been here at Addicts and in case you missed anything this past week here’s your chance to catch up!

Weekend Update Addicts

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Weekend Update February 16th-22nd

What crazy hi jinx have you been up to this week? Do anything exciting? Watch any cool new movies? Been too busy in your “real” world to know what has been happening in Springfield? Well no worries, we have all the week crammed into a nice neat lil area for you to skip around and click to your hearts content.

Weekend Update Addicts

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TSTO Anonymous… Bridging the Generation Gap?

Well hey there Addicts?  How’s life?  The Christmas event is over and I don’t know about all of you but I’m exhausted.  Seems like the perfect moment for another meeting of TSTO Anon.

TSTO Anon 2

Ah crud… someone broke the coffee pot.  Well, if y’all want to hit Starbucks in the Springfield Mall real quick or head on over to Tsarbucks in Little Ukraine, I completely understand.  I can wait…. Continue reading

TSTO Anonymous… The Birth of an Addict

Well hello there Addicterinos, Tapaholics and TSTO Junkies,

I find it hilarious that none of these terms seem offensive to me.  What a cool thing it is that being “addicted” to a mobile app is something we treasure here on this site.  In a world full of some really uncool and bumerrific stuff, there are so many worse things than really, really, really liking a silly, little game based on The Simpsons.

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TSTO Anonymous – 6 Dec 13

Hey there.  Been a while since we had a meeting and for that I apologize.  With all the updates, vacations and other assorted trivia, sometimes life can just get away from you while you take things one tap at a time.

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TSTO Anon: Bouncing regrets (and other ramblings) on a trambopoline

TSTO Anon Door

Welcome back Addicts to the bi-monthly-ish meeting of The Simpsons Tapped Out Anonymous!

It’s good to see some familiar faces and of course newcomers are always welcome.  I just hope you guys didn’t come for the punch… it appears we’re all out today.

TSTO Anon 15Nov

Fair warning before we get started, today I’m a rambling man aka Wookiee.

Ever feel like you’re stuck on life’s trambopoline?

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TSTO Anon Door

Welcome to the bi-monthly meeting of The Simpsons Tapped Out Anonymous brought to you by TSTO Addicts!  For any of you new readers on our site, TSTO Anon is a place where we meet every other week to discuss the Best. Game. Ever. and our resulting addiction to it.  Check out our other topics here.  Our door is always open (unless it’s closed of course.)  Come on in and pull up a chair!

TSTO Anon Group

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Don’t be scared… TSTO Anonymous is back!

Hey hidey ho Addicterinos!

Wookiee here back with our regular TSTO Anonymous meeting and just in the nick of time based on some comments I saw.


Wowza, what a week to discuss our addiction.  October 1st gave us the highly anticipated Halloween Event and what and EVENT it has turned out to be.

Possessed Characters

Haunted Buildings

Gremlins, ghosts and GOO (Oh my!)

A new look to the town and decorations


The return of last year’s premium buildings, decorations and skins

The return of some of last year’s zombies


socialism stalin

D’oh!  Wrong word (now that’s scary).  What I meant was a new social aspect to the game which makes all the previous ones seem as dumb as whacking snakes.  Who’d want to do that?

So much new stuff to play with… so few hours in a day.   What do you mean there’s 24?  Don’t you know this is Wookiee Hibernation Season?   I mean, I know I have A LOT of free time to do “stuff”, but even my loved ones are noticing my absence.

I tried to tell them they don’t see it from my Perspective, but the truth is they probably never will unless they play the game too.  I have never been “addicted” to a game platform before TSTO.  Always kinda teased on those addicted to their consoles or computer games (WOW, any one?).  Now I get it.  EA has found my drug of choice and I’m loving it.  Apologies to any one I ever teased btw.

If you’re feeling misunderstood like me (stupid 14 year old won’t visit her town and then complains about missing the sushi cart, WHY YOU LITTLE!), the easiest fix is to find like minded souls.


How do you do this?  EASY!  Here’s a couple ideas:

First step is just to make sure you have a bunch of active neighborinos… you can find plenty on our friends page.   http://tstoaddicts.com/add-friends/ (324 comments on there as I type this!)

Numero dos, Check out the Addicts NEW Forum page at tstoaddicts.boards.net.  You can chat with other Addicterinos there and maybe even coordinate helping each other out with gaining Halloween goodies!  As a bonus, all you have to do to get there is click on the

Idea # 3… Like us on Facebook (The Simpsons Tapped Out Addicts)… 2,297 other Addicts already have!

Use the fourth…. Go to www.tapped-out.co.uk.  Please note that since the Halloween Update, the site has had possession issue of its own so it may be a couple days before it is back in action and running like it used to.  Most of the authors here frequent that site too!

Lastly, (Dare I say it?) share an e-mail address with another tapper and maybe actually form a “friendship”.  I am so blessed to talk to the other authors of Addicts on a daily basis AND sometimes we actually chat about non-simpsons stuff (GASP!  The horror…. The horror).


Hopefully everyone is going to get a little more social this Halloween season.  Nothing like some SPOOKY stuff to get people closer together.  No one else understands addiction like an Addict.  Who knows?  Maybe you’ll even find a sponsor?

Well, this concludes this bi-monthly meeting.  Take care Addicts and remember that together we can do this… one tap at a time.

Let’s end with the TSTOA Serenity Prayer.

“EA, grant me the serenity to accept the updates I cannot change, the courage to recommend the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”