Are You A Homer Simpson or A Ned Flanders Kinda Neighbor?

The more you play TSTO the more you start to realize that visiting your neighbors and tapping their buildings doesn’t just earn you Cash/Tickets and XP it also helps (or hurts) your neighbor as well.

So You Wanna Be A Flanders Huh?
If you really want to help your friends the most you should tap on the buildings that take the longest time to generate income (ie: Burns Manor, Duff Stadium, Mt. Krustmore etc). Why you ask? Because tapping on these buildings restarts the earning clock on that building. So now when they get back to their own town they can collect the previous cash on the building AND have the clock already progressed into the next income cycle!

Also, if you see any dead crops in your friend’s town you might want to show them your green thumb and tap away. Tapping dead crops not only brings them back to life for your friend, but it also generates cash and XP for you!

To Homer or Not to Homer?
Some of the buildings in TSTO do not generate income (Town Hall, MOE’s Tavern, Police Station & Springfield Elementary). When you visit your neighbors town these will either have a Spray Can Over them or a Mop. While either action generates cash & XP for you, think before you vandalize. Vandalizing your neighbor’s buildings can negatively change their righteousness rating, it can also impact yours! However, cleaning graffiti off of a building will positively change both yours and your neighbor’s righteousness rating.

Whomever you decide to be, put a little thought into it and choose wisely!

33 responses to “Are You A Homer Simpson or A Ned Flanders Kinda Neighbor?

  1. I never knew the spray cans had a negative effect! Thanks.

    • They have a positive effect too – those buildings earn nothing until you clean the grafitti – and you can add Training Walls to protect the Righteousness rating

    • It’s effect is minimal and temporary. If you put enough training walls (or other items that earn Righteousness), it becomes a non-issue. But, yeah – that’s why there’s a separate thread for those who want to ask for neighbors who won’t “vandalize.” But, once you’ve been playing a long time and have the right items, it becomes a total non-issue. And some folks actually like having their town vandalized, because they think it’s fun. However, I would avoid vandalizing the towns of new, low-level players, because it can make a real difference to them.

  2. Hi. This website is a lifesaver! I can’t thank you enough. Now that I understand the strategy for being a good neighbor, it would be great to have some more info on how long it takes for various buildings to generate income. You mentioned a few at the top (like Burns mansion) and a few at the bottom (like the Simpsons house), but I’m clueless about the hierarchy for the rest. Any other biggies to target or avoid?

  3. This thread was so helpful. I have a better understanding of what it means to be a neighbor. I always click all of my buildings, too. I didn’t realize I didn’t leave anything for my neighbors to help me with. Thanks!!


  4. For this event I maxed the number of friends which I had never done before so please excuse the “newbie” question, but…

    How many FP points do my neighbours get when I tap in their towns? The number of FP decreases for me the more towns I visit in a day. Is this also true for my neighbors? In other words, to be the best neighbor should I rotate the order I visit towns each day so that different neighbors get the reduced number of FP or is it all the same to them?

    Thanks for the awesome site!

  5. I just started adding friends yesterday and now have 40+ so thought I was doing great, but having read this post I’m not so sure. I am currently level 19, quests about level 15 or 16 as I am finding it difficult to get enough cash to buy the land I need to build on (looking at my neighbours, I think I spend too much cash on decorations). Anyway I am on tsto all day long lol so keep tapping to get as much cash as I can. I thought collect the cash and within 5 mins, brown houses will be available for neighbours hence more cash and vice versa.
    This post suggests that leave the long ones, however there is no guarantee that my neighbours will actually click my long buildings and therefore making it longer to regenerate money, is that not correct? Or should I leave until its clicked?

    I’m unsure whether the rules apply to new towns or just developed towns. Thanks for all help so far on the forum.

    • My suggestion is leave them for at least 2-4 hrs depending how active you and your neighbors are. If you notice they go for the quick regeneration only ones… then just go ahead and clear the others.

      • Thanks for your reply bunny.

        I have noticed that the high level players click on the long buildings and low levels is mostly short buildings or tagging.

        Obviously being newbies we are all still learning. I find myself looking over my neighbours towns trying to click the best building but sometimes it’s just not available. Will continue to listen to the advise on here.

        Thanks for the help and advise on this.

  6. Question on the boardwalk tiles, Channel 6, and KBBL radio. Do tapping these restart a clock or not? They are a lot like the farm in many other ways, except the “crops” don’t rot, so tapping them won’t revitalize them, right? Basically, are these worse to tap than brown houses, even though the times are longer?

    • It doesn’t restart the clock since those are initiated by the player. Doesn’t hurt anything if there’s nothing else to tap though.

      • Thanks! That’s what I thought, but wasn’t sure. Now I know they’re below the Brown houses and Kwik-E-Marts on the neighborly tapping priority list.

  7. A couple questions-
    how is your landing site determined
    curious about where your “other Springfield” comes from? Is it someone’s or is it an abandoned Springfield or just an EA generated SF?


    • Your landing site is basically the very middle of your town. It can be off when your land isn’t a complete square. Moves around when you get new land too. I didn’t really worry about it until I had all the land. The other Springfield is set by the designers. I’m sure it’s made the same way we build our towns. Some programmer does it.

  8. I think I understand how this works. Please correct me if I’m wrong (I spent my first 40 levels without friends, except for the original “other Springfield”. BTW, whose town is that?)
    I should only tap: my characters and fast regenerating buildings (brown house and buildings vandals can attack if I don’t want them vandalized, etc) and leave all the rest for neighbors/friends to tap (that’s really hard to leave those $ floating!) If I tap everything, I leave nothing for my neighbors to tap.
    When I go to my neighbors’ towns and I tap, I make fp, XP and $ and they make $, XP, and have their clocks reset on their buildings.
    Do I understand how this works?
    And to all the neighbors I added in the prior two months, OMG, I am so sorry I left you slim pickings during the day! You’re the best for hanging with me. Mwah!

  9. I’ve been tapping for awhile and it just occurred to me… If I collect all of the money in my Springfield will there be any left when my friends visit? There have been times when I visit other Springfields and there is no tapping to be done, at first I thought they must have a lot of friends who visited right before me, but now I’m realizing they may have cleaned out their own town. Is this true?

    • If you aren’t leaving any money on any building, then you are correct…you are leaving nothing for them to tap. try to clear only those that regenerate fast. Like within an hour. Leave the rest for your neighbors. You will still get the payout when you clear their handshake.

  10. Hi! Not sure if this guide is still up-to-date since we got the whole FP thing going on … I want to be a good neighbour! Anything else I should know about? (I know the tile glitches, etc. are unfortunately gone)

    • We left it as is mainly due to there are still come that do NOT want to be vandalized. So it is essentially what your neighbors like on whether or not the vandalism will work.

      The Glitches are gone, true. Right now it is mainly once you get Stampy and hit FP Level 6, you will start to accumulate free donuts. It is really random, but a cool incentive. 😉

  11. Leaving graffiti gives your friend extra FP’s so I guess it’s the most Flandersy thing to do nowadays regardless of temp obedience star drop.

  12. Is there any difference for tapping on buildings on the boardwalk?

  13. I tapped on someone’s boardwalk section that had completed and got 600+ XP…did I steal their xp ??? Soon after they had vanished from my list…

  14. PS, i am mostly a Flanders….but sometimes i get evil burns tapping fingers and go homer

  15. I read somewhere that tapping on wilted plants at the farm will revive them for your neighbour, but it doesn’t seem to work if i do this between my two accounts? Is it meant to I play on android.

    • It depends on what you are trying to revive and how long you are taking to harvest again too. Here is a list of how long you have to collect them after they complete growing and also after reviving.

      Weeds 45 seconds
      Perfections 3 seconds
      Tomacco 24hrs
      Silvertongue 24hrs
      Triffids 24hrs
      Moonshine 24hrs
      Corn. Actual Corn 7 days

      So if you are just planting the first two, it would be near impossible to revive and collect. If it is any of the others and you are IMMEDIATELY going back and forth between the two accounts, there may be another issue. Try storing then putting back Cletus’ farm. Last resort is always to uninstall the app from your device and reinstall it. I would only suggest this after all else has failed. Also, make sure your current game is synched with your Origin account before doing the uninstall. (If you are already logged into your account, this could be simple as just going to your “neighbor” screen and logging out of game from there. You will see it say “Synchronizing” before it logs you out.)

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