How Many Neighbor-eenos Can I Have?

100 friends is the most the game will allow you to have.

Your friends get an error message if they try to add you when you’ve already reached the limit – and the same thing happens if you try to add someone who already has 100 friends.

Most likely the limit is due to server capacity. The Origin social servers sometimes have problems keeping things running smoothly.  And don’t worry you’ll probably find that 100 friends is more than enough, even during special events.

DO NOT ADD YOUR FRIEND REQUESTS HERE.  Friends can be found and added on these threads:

Any friend requests on this post will be deleted.  I promise you’ll make LOADS more friends on the Add Friends feed than anywhere else on this site! 

19 responses to “How Many Neighbor-eenos Can I Have?

  1. is it a neccessity to have 100 nieghbors? what are the pros and cons of lets say just having 30 neighbors?

  2. I only have 26 friends on origin when I try to accept more I get a notice that I have too many friends.

  3. uh oh… I got 101 “friends”

  4. Bernhard Riemann

    I noticed that once I reached 64 friends the game won’t allow me to have more.. How come?

  5. hi guys! I’m maxed out at 100 friends but I keep getting new friend requests.. which means, they are not getting the error message? I cannot add them and unfortunately the list keeps growing by the day. I can’t post a “thanks I’m full” thingy on my original add-me post since that thread is now closed. (part 1 of the add friends for Super Heros event) Oh well, I just feel bad for ignoring or declining all these people:(

  6. How about “Other Springfield”? Does it count towards the limit of 100?

  7. I only have 95 neighbors, but keep getting the full you need to delete friends/neighbors message…. I did delete one and still get the same message. Am I doing something wrong or is there something wrong with my game? I also have two stampy the pachyderm in my game seems odd since one just lives in storage? Thanks for any help or advice on what to do.

    • There is an issue that at times will mess with your counts, so check this…

      Is it YOU that is full or is it the neighbor? The message is a default and will pop up for both.

      Do you have a lot of pending requests? Either to accept or ones you sent? If so, clear them out as they sometimes count to your totals.

      As for an extra Stampy, you can alert EA on that one if you like.

      • Thanks I will try deleting some of my requests as I tried many user names to add and got the same message for all of them. And I will also get I touch with EA about Stampy, just glad to know I didn’t miss something and it was normal to get two at some point for some odd reason. 😉

      • That worked great! Thank you, on my way to filling my list and revising my neighbor list to include more active players. 🙂 appreciate your help. Now to get through to EA about theses pachys.

  8. I have 99 Neighbors (a combination of Facebook and Origin), however I also noticed a [FB] Neighbor who visited me but when I look on my list of neighbors; he’s not listed (with his real FB first and last name–which is how it shows when he visited my town).

    When I click on his name in the add friends; it prompts me to make the request via a post to his FB wall. Is he counted as one of my 99 or is he the last 100th (even though I’m not able to visit his town). Thanks for any info you can provide.

  9. **** add me as a friend

  10. Ok I feel like an idiot sorry to the 30 ppl I just added I didn’t know u could only have 100 and I already had 98 my bad but the neighbors I do have are awesome they haunt me all the time 🙂

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