Tapped Out Walkthrough: Krustyland…The Krusty-est Place On Earth Pt. 1

TSTO Krustyland Splash Screen
Krusty himself gets things started for Krustyland in Springfield.  

The Krusty-est Place On Earth Pt. 1
After tapping Krusty

Krusty: Ugh. Can someone tell me why the same dogs run every race at our track?  And why, given that, a TV clown would blow his entire fortune betting on said races?
Lisa: Krusty? You’re Broke?
Krusty:No, broke means you have zero. I am millions in debt. If I was only broke, I’d be the richest jerk on earth.
Bart: Why don’t you just re-open Krustyland and make your money back?
Krusty: Krustyland is a mess. They never tell you how expensive the “maintenance” part of a theme park is.  Or how when you don’t pay “maintenance” and one ride topples onto another ride and careens into a crowded midway, it can also be expensive.
TSTO Krustyland
Bart: Then again, rebuilding Krustyland would be a great way to kill time, and keep people from focusing on more important tasks like work and school.
Krusty: Anything I can do to harm America’s productivity. Let’s do it!
Lisa: Isn’t Krustyland way out of town? How will we get there?
TSTO Krustyland
Krusty: Leave that to me! By which I mean, the Sky Finger. Get to it, chump!
Place the Krustyland Shuttle– $50000, instant build
TSTO Krustyland shuttlebus
Tap the Shuttle and go to Krustyland 

The Krusty-est Place On Earth Pt. 2
After tapping Krusty 

Krusty: The old Krustyland is a dump. Where am I gonna find a schmuck fakakta enough to clean up this mess.
Homer: Ohh, Yiddish — that often leads to Latkes.
Krusty: Hey hey! Welcome to Krustyland!  Step-right-up to our newest attraction: Grab That Girder Over There and Drag It, Then Every Other Girder, to Somewhere the Truck Can Get to Them More Easily!
Homer:  Long name. Sounds fun!
Make Homer Cleanup Krustyand- 6secs

The Krusty-est Place On Earth Pt. 3
After tapping Homer

Homer: I gotta say, Krusty, th girder-dragging ride at Disneyland is better.  And why reward me with these stupid tickets? A guy like me is used to getting paid in cold, hard pretend money.
Krusty: Those are Krustyland Tikets! They’re like money but more… fun! Hoo Hoo Ha Ha!  Also, you’re going to need those tickets to rebuild the Krustyland Entrance. So hand ‘em over!
Build the Krustyland Entrance-6 secs
TSTO Krustyland krustyland entrance

The Krusty-est Place On Earth Pt. 4
After tapping Krusty

Krusty:  The harder it is for people to find their way around a theme park, the less time they spend on its fragile, deadly rides.  I need a boneheaded, twisting, counterintuitive layout for this place. Where’s that guy from before?
Homer: Hi, Mr The Klown — I’m that guy from before. I want to once again lodge a complaint about being paid in your personal scrip instead of money.
Krusty: And I look forward to that conversation. Right after you try our latest attraction: Build A Path!
Place Krustyland PathsFree(4x)

The Krusty-est Place On Earth Pt. 5
After tapping Homer

Homer: You know, this theme park is starting to feel a lot like work.
Krusty: But, if I may finish that thought, it’s all worth it when you get your payout of Krustyland Tickets.
Homer: Is that how that thought finishes? Well, I guess I can’t tell my throughts what to think. Okay, what’s next?
Krusty: Now comes the important stuff.  The rides are just a way to bring customers — or, as we call them in the industry, “Fat Dummies Deserving of What They Get” — into the park.
Homer: I didn’t know we had a nickname! Pretty sweet.
Krusty: But it’s the rigged, unwinnable midway games where you make the real dough.
Place the Ring Toss Game- 35tickets, instant build
Keep Cletus free in Springfield, you’ll need him for the next part

The Krusty-est Place On Earth Pt. 6
Cletus and Sideshow Mel will now appear in Krustyland when they’re not doing jobs in Springfield!
After tapping Krusty

Krusty: Okay, Homer, are you ready to run the Ring Toss stall?
Homer: Run it? I want to play!
Krusty: Don’t waste your time… the rings aren’t big enough to land on any of the prizes.
Homer: Looks easy enough. Just watch. *clink* Whoops. Okay, just one more. *click* One more. *click* One more…
TSTO Krustyland Ring toss
Krusty: Ugh. Looks like I’m going to need someone else to run the stall.
Make Cletus Run the Ring Toss Stall – 12h
Make Homer Play at the Ring Toss Game – 4h
Keep Bart & Lisa free in Springfield, you’ll need them for the next part.

The Krusty-est Place On Earth Pt. 7
Bart, Lisa and Kearney will now appear in Krustyland when they’re not doing jobs in Springfield!
After tapping Bart

Bart:  Krusty, you haven’t rebuilt my favorite ride yet. Where’s the infamous Death Drop?  You didn’t shut it down just because of one tiny little class action lawsuit filed by five thousand hospitalized children?
Lisa: Ugh. Maybe that one’s better left unbuilt.
Krusty: Actually, it’s our safest ride.
Build the Death Drop- 300tickets, 12 hours
TSTO Krustyland Death_Drop
Keep Bart & Lisa free when complete.  Keep Milhouse free in Springfield, you’ll need him for the next part. 

The Krusty-est Place On Earth Pt. 8
Milhouse will now appear in Krustyland when he’s not doing jobs in Springfield!
After tapping Bart

Bart: The Death Drop is ready! Just look at all that beautiful rust. Race you to it!
Milhouse: I don’t know, Bart. It looks like a big kids ride.  Well I suppose I could try it once… if Lisa holds my hand.
Lisa: On the off chance that we survive this ride, no way.  I’d never respect my hand again.
Make Bart Ride the Death Drop– 30mins
Make Lisa Ride the Death Drop– 30mins
Make Milhouse Ride the Death Drop -30mins
Keep Homer free when complete
Bart:  Woooo! That was awesome. I’m going to ride it again!
Lisa:  I think I’m done for now… what about you, Milhouse? Milhouse?
Milhouse: *vomiting*

The Krusty-est Place On Earth Pt. 9
After tapping Homer

Homer: We’ve run out of room to build.  Guess I’ll go back to my regular jobs, of which there are now so many it’s a real pain to scroll down the list and find the one you want.
Krusty: Krustyland is out of room? Then you’re in luck — there’s a job for that!
Buy a Krustyland Expansion- Price varies depending on where you buy

The Krusty-est Place On Earth Pt. 10
After tapping Homer

Homer:  All this work is making me hungry. Where can I get some food?
Krusty: We could probably scrape together a decent Krusty Burger from what’s in the freezer.  Yup, there’s still some “meat” in there.
Homer: Mmmmm… scraped, quotation-marks meat.
Reach Level 21 and Build Krustyland Burger– 650 tickets, 24 hr build
TSTO Krustyland Krustyland_Krusty_Burger
Homer:  Hey! Who are all these people?
Krusty: The dregs of humanity… or as we call them here at Krustyland, customers.  As we rebuild Krustyland there’s gonna be more and more of these losers streaming in.
Homer:  I don’t follow…
Krusty: As you improved Krustyland, the park’s rating on the Krust-O-Meter goes up.  A higher Krust-O-Meter rating means more paying customers!
Lisa: So you’re saying as the Krust-O-Meter increases, more people will show up at the park?
Krusty: Yep, and when they use the rides they’ll accumulate tickets. Just tap on them to collect!
Homer:  Free tickets? What a meaningless enticement. Count me in!

The Krusty-est Place on Earth Pt. 11
After tapping Homer

Homer: Woo Hoo! Krusty Burger, here I come!
Milhouse: Hey, Bart! Let’s grab a Laffy Meal! It comes with a toy from the movie Green Lantern 2: Seriously, a Second Green Lantern?
Bart: I’ll go on the Death Drop, while you eat a Laffy Meal. We’ll see who barfs first!
Make Homer Eat at Krustyland Burger –30 min
Make Bart Ride the Death Drop –30 min
Make Milhouse Eat at Krustyland Burger –30 min
Keep Martin free in Springfield when complete, you’ll need him for the next part. 

The Krusty-est Place on Earth Pt. 12
Martin, Skinner & Otto will now appear in Krustyland when they’re not doing jobs in Springfield!
After tapping Bart

Bart: Hey, what gives? People have been on these rides all day and nobody’s dead. We’ve come to expect  good deal more maiming from our beloved Krustyland.  I don’t want to grow up to be one of those guys who doesn’t have a childhood story about the kid he knew who died at an amusement park.
Martin: Hello, Bartholomew! Fancy a go on the ol’ Death Drop with yours truly?
Bart: Come on, Krusty — if Martin’s having fun in your park, you KNOW you’re doing something wrong!
Krusty: Everybody chill out.  If you want excitement, if you want hair-raising peril, just wait ’til you see my next attraction… the Knock Over the Fuzzy Guy Stall!
Bart: Oy vey.
Place the Knock Over the Fuzzy Guy Stall –500 tickets, instant build
Make Martin Try Knock Over the Fuzzy Guy  – 60
Keep Bart free when complete
Martin: Take THAT!… and THAT!
Cletus: Ow! Hey! You’re only allowed to throw balls at the little men!
Martin: I’m sorry, Mr. Carny. I have a lot of pent-up anger due to my unpopularity and constant targeting by bullies at school.
Bart:  Maybe you should look for a doctor, Martin.
Martin: Thank you, Bart. That’s excellent advice.
Hibbert:  Ow! Hey! Who’s throwing balls at me?

The Krusty-est Place on Earth Pt. 13
After tapping Bart

Bart:  Krusty, you’ve lost your edge.
Krusty: Don’t say that, kid! I’m an afternoon TV Clown.  If I’m not making my living on the bleeding edge, my audience of six-year-olds will find someone who is!  Here, you want danger? You want risk? How about…
Reach Level 22 and Build Sleeping Itchy’s Castle – 1000 tickets, 24 hours
TSTO Krustyland Sleeping itchy's castle
Keep Krusty free when complete 

The Krusty-est Place on Earth Pt. 14
After tapping Krusty

Krusty: Okay, I admit it! The new Krustyland is safe, family-friendly, and all the other horrible things you say!  The guy I suckered into building it just did too good a job. And now I have to find a way to live with the excellent results.  I never wanted to be in the business of pleasing people, but that’s the hand I was dealt.  So I’m going with it — Krustyland is going to be the People-Pleasing-est Place on Earth!  I’m going to be the first clown in history to make people happy!
Make Krusty Get Serious –8 hrs
Keep Homer free when complete

The Krusty-est Place on Earth Pt. 15
After tapping Homer

Homer: Hey, I think this Ring Toss game is RIGGED!
Krusty: I’ve told you that a hundred times! Look, forget it. From now on, no more cheating our schmucks. I mean, our “valued customers.”  Though it makes my pancake makeup-caked skin crawl to say it, let’s build a game that isn’t rigged. A real people-pleaser.
Place Sideshow You –1000 tickets, instant
sideshow you TSTO Krustyland
Keep Comic Book Guy free in Springfield, you’ll need him for the next part
Krusty: Now any jerk — I mean, “respected patron” — can waltz in and get free Tickets.
Homer:  Don’t mind if I do!
You can now play the Balloon Pop game for free Tickets!
Just tap on Sideshow You and get popping!

To be continued….

Part 2

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  1. I am at level 48 and have purposely avoided KrustyLand but now it has forced me onto the Princess Penelope quest. If I complete the PP stuff will it then let me continue with normal Springfield game levels, or am I stuck now with having to do the other Krust Quests and all the KrustyLand rubbish including characters disappearing over there when they are free ?

    • Just the Level requirements to complete her Level. Then you can go back to Springfield.

      • Thank you, though I think it might take a while to build up the 4000+ tickets to buy the wheel and balloons needed to get PP, so looks like you have to play quite a bit of it before you can stop anyway.

  2. I’m at this stage in the game now, I just noticed something that may be of help to others ……. the ring toss game and wheel of chance give you the same result….10 merch on your crusty meter but look at the price difference …ring toss is 35 tickets …wheel of chance is hundreds ….

  3. KS is nice although it has a few flawes.
    – Only regain the $50000 when you finish the main quest and can trade your tickets in.
    – Unless you buy donuts it’s hard to progress through as A LOT of things are premium, the buildings also get pricey.
    – Laffy Meal??! 25 Donuts??! The Buddha is 15 donuts and has better rewards – To be honest one is KS and other Springfield.
    – You can’t move the entrance.
    – Tickets are hard to accumulate without sending Springfielders on jobs. Not good when it is a holiday.
    – A lot of decorations are 100+ tickets. Not easy if you are a lone level 20.
    – To progress you need to level up.
    Rant over. Sorry I put this hear, there really isnt a better page

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