Should I Spend Donuts On Duff Stadium?

Wondering if you should spend donuts on Duff Stadium?   Well before you hit that confirm button, lets break down the Pros and Cons of adding the ballpark to your Springfield.

tsto duff stadium
Building Name: Duff Stadium
Donut Price: 90 Donuts
Dimensions: 12×12
Payout: $500 & 45XP every 24hours
Return on Investment: $5.55 & 0..500XP/Donut Spent
-Unlocks a 2hour task for Duffman.
-Has a temporary task for Homer linked to it
-The BEST return on the donut investment
-Unique addition to your town
-After Homer’s temporary task only Duffman has a regular task to use the stadium.
-Takes 24hours for the income to generate on the building.
– One of the larger buildings, and if space is limited may not fit right in your town.
Final: If you’re looking for a unique building to add to your town, and you have the space for it, this certainly is one of the better ones to add. It’s got a great in game cash return for the donuts spent and also unlocks a task for Duffman.

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17 responses to “Should I Spend Donuts On Duff Stadium?

  1. Why isnt this in my store

  2. I have this in my town. I have no idea how it got there.

  3. kimberlyah794

    *frustrated sigh* I left my game open when dealing with an emergency with one of my kids. I came back to see my three-year old son happily tapping stuff in move mode. It appears he sold Duff Stadium for me. *grumble* I hope EA can restore it or roll back my game a bit for me. 🙁

    • kimberlyah794

      *phew* I did live chat on EA’s help page and they were able to give it back to me. YAY!

      • Bellaslullaby419

        Lol I similar experience with my friend’s 4 year old, she was helping me collect my money and then all of a sudden goes “Ooo donuts what does that do? I like donuts!” And rushes one of my tasks before I can hit the cancel button. Ah well, she’s lucky she’s so cute.

    • I’ve always wondered why do we even have the sell option on this kind of buildings?! 😕

      On the other hand, one time I was sleepy and accidentally tapped the ‘rush option’ spending ALL of my donuts AT ONCE!! 💔

      I didn’t even notice it at the moment until the next morning… it was a time ago so I would never think of contacting EA or activating the ‘checking mode’ before spending donuts so, lesson learned! 😂

      • I did the exact same thing and accidentally spent over 600 donuts (I have a lot of characters). I was horrified. Contacted EA and there was no help for it. I was just sick about it. What a waste of money. I learned my lesson that day, for sure!

  4. bellaslullaby419

    Does the stadium have any affect on conform-o-meter?

  5. Free electron

    I just got the stadium…no duff man…any help

  6. Does this come with duff man? If it doesn’t would it be worth getting?

  7. Was it free for a time? I have it but i cant remember that i payed donuts for it!

  8. Thanks for your insights for this building!

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