Should I Spend Donuts on Lard Lad Donuts?

Wondering if you should add Lard Lad’s to your Springfield?   Well before you hit that confirm button, lets break down the Pros and Cons of adding the donut shop to your Springfield.

tsto lard lad
Building Name: Lard Lard Donuts
Donut Price: 110 Donuts
Dimensions: 10×11
Payout: $125 & 13XP every 4hours
Return on Investment: $1.14 & 0.118XP/Donut Spent
-Unlocks a 5 minute task for Homer, Wiggum, and Comic Book Guy
-Improves your Gluttony rating by 10 points.
-Adds variety to your Springfield’s restaurant choices
-No animation
-A bit pricey for only 3 characters to use for 5 minutes without animation
Final: If you’re looking for ways to boost your Gluttony rating this is a good addition to have. However, if donuts are tight and if you already have a decent Gluttony rating you may want to save your donuts for a building that comes with more.

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12 responses to “Should I Spend Donuts on Lard Lad Donuts?

  1. I have already gotten 4 donut shops from the mystery box (so every time I get a free mystery box from the game, haven’t even bought them myself). Needless to say, spending donuts on this would be silly!

  2. Instead of buying this, try the Mystery Box. I ran through the cycle twice +1. I started with the Itchy and Scratchy Billboard (40 donuts/1%), cart, cart, Channel 6 New Van (40 donuts/2%), fishing pond, 10 donuts, Lard Lad Donuts (110 donuts), Bomb Shelter, then back to billboard. So that was 38 donuts for a cycle (8^6-10), Or in my case 82 (17*6-20) donuts for 7% increase plus 2 income producing buildings.

  3. I have three of these! So exciting to win one, instead of a bush or something else stupid. My second…okay, I guess I’ll put in Springfield Heights. But a third?? And the stupid game won’t let me sell any of them! If it is worth 110 donuts to them, then I should be able to sell it, because after all, I did spend money (donuts) to buy one. Winning is still buying if you spend donuts in my opinion. I think they just put a nice big price tag on it so when Mistery Box people won it they would be super happy to get a deal. Not a great deal now for me. A waste of real estate or a waste leaving in storage. I can’t win.

    • Nothing that costs donuts can be sold anymore; I’m guessing they got too many tickets filed by people who accidentally sold premium items and were upset by it. Definitely not worth spending donuts on this now that they’re fairly common in the mystery box, though. I also have one that’s collecting dust in my inventory.

  4. Finally won this in the mystery box today. Eddie and Lou can both get donuts, and Homer barbarian (not homer) from clash of clones. He eats stale donuts.


  5. I got mine in the mystery box as well!
    wouldn’t spend that kind of donuts on it and it’s a nice break from all those parkingspots.

  6. I got mine via the mystery box. Wouldn’t have spent the donuts on it otherwise, but for 6 donuts? It does suck a lot of real estate though.

  7. I wish I had read this post before spending my hard earned doughnuts on this. What a waste!

  8. I have seen elsewhere that Eddie and Lou also use the building totaling up to 5 characters that go there. If you have an hour to kill you can make $900, not including any multipliers.

  9. Can anyone expand on this or add any comments regarding the “First Church of Lard Lad” modification I see on my friends towns? Was it a special event, or is it an added content quest that came after the writing of this article? I guess the main question is: If I buy this item now (Summer 2014), will I eventually have access to this building mod and/or quests, or was it a limited time thing – the answer would add a bit more value to this building, at the least.

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