Should I Spend Donuts On the Aztec Theater?

Wondering if you should spend donuts on the Aztec Theater?   Well before you hit that confirm button, lets break down the Pros and Cons of adding the Aztec to your Springfield.

tsto aztec
Building Name: Aztec Theater
Donut Price: 80 Donuts
Dimensions: 7×4
Payout: $200 & 20XP every 8hours
Return on Investment: $2.50 & 0.250XP/Donut Spent
-Small enough to make a great addition to a downtown area
-Boosts your Consumerism Obedience Rating by 10points.
-Several Characters use this building regularly (Bart, Comic Book Guy, and Squeaky Voice Teen (if you have him purchased) all have a task tied to this building).
There really are no cons against this building.
Final: It’s a good addition to your town at a reasonably low donut cost, and allows for several characters to have regular tasks there.

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14 responses to “Should I Spend Donuts On the Aztec Theater?

  1. Curious what building has the most character interactions
    Premium wise just curious
    Anyway had to get this it’s such an iconic Simpsons building

  2. And it lights up! (You guys missed that part). 🙂

  3. Hi! You mentioned Bart, CBG, and SVT having tasks at the Aztec. Who are the other characters, and if there are too many, more importantly, what are the task times? Just knowing if most are 1, 2, 4, 8, or 12 will help me decide between this or holding out for Kamp Krusty tomorrow, since that’s a pretty sweet Gil deal. 🙂 Money’s super-tight lately, so I’ve switched to freemium status for a few months. It’s how I played for the first few months, and boy, have I gotten spoiled by premium these last couple of months! I forgot how hard it is to make these donut decisions. Oy.

    • Honestly I’m on my cell in a hotel room down by my sister’s house, so I can’t look it up right now. But I’ll push this so the community can answer (hopfully)and help you out 🙂

    • Bart – Sneaks Into R-Rated Movie / 3 hrs / $200
      Squeaky Voiced Teen – Ushers / 4 hrs / $260
      Comic Book Guy – Watch & Despise A Movie / 6 hrs / $350

      The task times and the way it looks lit up during a task are what made it worth the purchase for me!

  4. I bought the aztec theater thinking it would raise my consumerism level,
    like it is written on several websites, including, wiki. Now I found out it raises
    your obedience level. Not too happy about being misinformed.

    • EA can and WILL change aspects of the game. We updated the information here when it happened. Others may not have.

      • I’m pretty ticked to find this out, actually. It’s like, if I order a steak at a restaurant and then the waiter brings fish and says, “Yeah, the chef decided he felt like making fish instead.” It’s just weird. Any ideas as to why EA pulls this stunt?

  5. Hi there!

    Just a quick question. In the post you mention that the aztec theater gives you 10points for consumerism. Is that still correct? I just sold one Quicke-mart and bought the theater with some of my holiday donuts but the star rating still shows half a star missing for consumerism. I dont mind, it’s still a cool building but if it’s no longer impacting the conform-o-meter thats something people might wanna know.

    • It actually impacts Obedience now. This post was written in 2013, there has been some info on other posts reflecting its change since then. 🙂

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