Tapped Out Walkthrough: Squidport Part 3

When we last left off more stores had been build, Bart set off flares in the Brown House, some decorations had been purchased for Squidport, and Lisa was browsing the Just Rainsticks store.  We continue the walkthrough with the Sea Captain trying to learn a new skill….
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The Old Man and the Sea Pt. 4

After tapping the Sea Captain

Sea Captain: When ye’re crossing a great ocean and ye got miles of time ahead of ye, it’s the perfect opportunity to hone new skills.‎
Homer: Like what? Knot tying, knife throwing, shark punching?
Sea Captain: Nay! I was able to work up a solid stand up set. Here’s my opener: We all know the difference between a Quartermaster and a Boatswain, right? ‘Bout 20K a year! Ba-dum-bump!
Homer: What language are you speaking?
Sea Captain: Y’arr, I’m still workshoppin’ a lot of this.
Make Sea Captain Practice Standup Routine- 1hr 

Squidport Pt. 10
After Tapping the Sea Captain

Sea Captain: ….and I said, “That’s as useful as a tall powder monkey!”
Homer: I don’t get it.
Sea Captain: If he was tall, he couldn’t fit in the gunwale, which would be hilarious… aw, forget it! My quality sea-comedy’s too good for the likes of you. Ye can amuse yourself with the low-rent antics of boardwalk street performers.
Have a Street Performer– You just need 1 street performer here.  There is 1 that will cost you game dollars rather than donuts. (which is what I would recommend doing) If you already have one, though, you’ll just be told that your task is complete.
TSTO Squidport Boardwalk_performers

Keep the Sea Captain free when finished

Squidport Pt. 11
After tapping the Sea Captain

Sea Captain:  Now this is a boardwalk on which Ahab himself would be proud to play skeeball.  The Squidport is finally ready for the placement of its crowning jewel.
Homer: Jewels? You’re going to share your ill-gotten treasure booty with us!
Sea Captain: Stop calling me a pirate! I meant a metaphorical jewel. Something that will really make the Squidport shine.
Homer: A fried dough stand?
Sea Captain: Better than that.
Lisa: An antique book store?
Sea Captain: Better than that!
Bart: A hundred foot tall climbing wall that you parachute down from?
Sea Captain: Well okay, not as good as that.
Have 16 Boardwalk sections
Build the Frying Dutchman– $43,000, 24hrs
Keep the Sea Captain free when complete 

The Frying Dutchman Pt. 1
After tapping the Sea Captain

Sea Captain: Y’arr, to use an old nautical term: Ta-dah!!
Bart: That’s our “jewel”? A crappy food shack?
Sea Captain: The Frying Dutchman is a charming seafood restaurant!
Bart: You sell fish sticks. That’s not seafood. It’s barely food-food.
Homer: *chomp* I gotta say, *gulp* the boy’s right, Sea captain. This food is… *chew*… just okay. *gulp*
Sea Captain: Did I mention it was “All-You-Can-Eat?”
Homer: Out of my way people, or risk being eaten!
Make the Sea Captain Work at the Frying Dutchman- 8hrs
Make Springfield Residents Eat at the Frying Dutchman (x20)- 
8hrs each you’ll need to send 20 of your characters to spend 8 hours at the all-you-can-eat buffet (or one character 20 times – your choice). I chose to send all of my characters there, as it’s unfortunately another one-time only task.
Keep the Sea Captain, Homer and Comic Book Guy free when complete

The Frying Dutchman Pt. 2
After tapping the Sea Captain

Sea Captain: Yarr!  Business is booming! Booming footsteps? Why is the ground shaking? What’s that shadow falling over the threshold? Neptune help us – there’s two o’ them!
Comic Book Guy: I’m here for you “All-You-Can-Eat” buffet. I have bought my own plate… which is actually a catering pan!
Homer: Well, I bought my kids inflatable swimming pool. It’s a giant bowl you can sit in. (Note: EA makes typos as well – it’s spelt “inflatible” in the game.)
Comic Book Guy: Said pool looks like it deflated. You are currently just sitting and eating off the floor.
Homer: At least I’m eating.
Comic Book Guy: Touche. Make room for me.
Sea Captain: The horror. The horror…
Make the Sea Captain Work at Frying Dutchman (x2)- 8hrs
Make Homer Pig Out at the Frying Dutchman- 36hrs
Make Comic Book Guy Pig Out at the Frying Dutchman- 36hrs
Keep the Sea Captain free when complete

Sea Captain: Everything.  They ate everything.  All the food… even the Naugahyde off the booth.  T’aren’t men, tha’re remorseless eatin’ machines.
Comic Book Guy: Passable. I’ll give it 2.5 out of 5 on my blog. By the way, I’ll be paying with a Groupon.
Homer: Can I have more of these mints?
Sea Captain: Those are pebbles from the potted plant next to you.
Homer: I repeat, can I have more?

Squidport Pt. 12
After tapping the Sea Captain 

Sea Captain: Homer, I’m beggin’ ye.  What can I do to have you turn your mighty eatin’ power elsewhere?
Homer: Well, the only reason I even came down to the waterfront was to get some fried dough.
Sea Captain: That’s it? That’s all we have ta do? Yee-haw! I mean… I don’t know, whatever sailors say when they’re happy.
Have 17 Boardwalk Sections
Build a Fried Dough Stand– $945, instant
Sea Captain: There, take it! Eat ye vast yellow whale! Eat yer fried dough! Eat like the great sucking whirlpool you are!
Homer: Hmm, you know what’s funny? I’m not hungry anymore. I’m feeling kind of nappish.

The Old Man and the Sea Pt. 5
After tapping the Sea Captain

Sea Captain: Y’arr, I have depleted the ocean of her delicious sea life.  What Homer did to my restaurant, I did to Poseidon’s endless wonderland. So, I can see how he’s be sore at me. It’s going ta take a bit o’ sweet talkin’ to get the bounty of the sea flowing again.
Make the Sea Captain Pray to Poseidon- 12hrs

To be continued with our final, non-premium, Squidport Walkthrough….Part 4

16 responses to “Tapped Out Walkthrough: Squidport Part 3

  1. I can’t seem to find the performer that cost game money instead of donuts does that still exist?

    • Yes, the mime Human Statue. Should be in there.

    • Me too. What are we supposed to do ?

      • Let me ask you this, are you to the part in Squidport to unlock him for the questline? If so, did you check the different menus like decorations (I know it seems an odd one, but still).?

      • Im also at the squidport quest that requires a performer to continue. Checked all deco and ppl, even buildings, on the new menu, and the only ones i find are mime, fire eater, fiddler, and juggler for donuts. Also checked the locked items, Human statue is MIA. Though I remember seeing it on the old purchase menu before the Halloween update. Anyone able to find it and point me in the right direction to buy it?

        • Have you tried to see if they gave you one? Check your lil brown cardboard inventory storage box. If not, contact EA. We are seeing more reports of him gone missing.

      • It’s not in my inventory, there’s only some castle walls, hay carts, and a mutated peacock that kept making me think it was an alien, with its smallness and greenness. I also see several ppl reporting him missing on EA forum. So I’ll just try contacting EA. Thanks for trying bunny ^__^

        • No problem I’m running a test game now through the dialog to see if he pops up. Playing it as a freemium in that game. So far he hasn’t showed yet. Will update what I find.

      • Wellp, I contacted EA and chatted live. After a few misunderstandings, and re-explanations xD he finally came to the conclusion that EA is aware of this ongoing issue reported by many players and currently working on a fix.

      • Not often you get a chat tech with personality. Sort of like chatting with a robot.
        I actually got this one to say “hehe” though.
        However it was in response to asking if he could manually place the statue in my town and remove the money it costed
        Obviously the answer was no. xD

  2. Regarding The Frying Dutchman Part 1, I wholeheartedly recommend sending the Yes Guy to eat there if you have him – he actually says “Oh no!” which I’ve never heard him say once, even when I’ve sent him to run away in shame. Hearing everyone else protest over going there is a hoot too. Poor Homer is stuck collecting eggs, otherwise he would’ve been first in line, lol – I haven’t read the rest of the walkthrough (I’m not good at skipping the dialogue), but something tells me he won’t be missing out on this culinary experience at some point.

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