Tapped Out Walkthrough: Squidport Part 4

We last left off with Homer and Comic Book Guy eating everything in sight at The Frying Dutchman, and the Sea Captain, feeling guilty, went off to pray to the Gods for forgiveness for ruining the Ocean’s Bounty.  We pick our 4th and final Squidport walkthrough up with the Sea Captain finding forgiveness from the Gods in an interesting way….
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Squidport Pt. 13
After tapping the Sea Captain

Sea Captain: Poseidon and Neptune have decided they will only be appeased if we build more random stores on the boardwalk.  I know, I was as surprised as you.  Gods, huh?  Who can figure ‘em out?
Have 21 Boardwalk Sections
Reach Level 16
Build Turban Outfitters- $61,500, 24hrs
Keep Homer free when complete

After tapping Homer

Homer: Hey Apu, they just opened a turban shop! You might want to check it out.
Apu: Mr. Simpson! That is racist! Why should I have more interest in turbans than any other citizen of Springfi-… *gasp. Is that a Marathi Pheta? *bigger gasp In saffron? I’ve been looking for that. OMG! A rack of pagadis! My credit card is going to get a work-out today!
Make Apu Try on Turbans-4hrs
Keep Mr. Burns free when complete

Over There
After tapping Mr. Burns

Mr. Burns: Why, I haven’t worn one of these since my days in Bangladesh when I was dabbling in Colonialism.  That was back when suzerainty meant something!
Make Mr. Burns Try on Turbans- 4hrs
Keep the Sea Captain Free when complete

Squidport Pt. 14
After tapping the Sea Captain

Sea Captain:  Y’arr, salty air and sand have caused me tattoos to fade. That and the obsessive hand washing brought on by me OCD.?  Time I go in for some fresh ink!?
Have 25 Boardwalk Sections
Reach Level 17
Build My First Tattoo- $54,500, 24hrs
Keep Bart and Milhouse free when complete

My First Tattoo
After tapping Bart

Bart: Whoa!  There’s a tattoo shop on the boardwalk now! Kids under 12 get a discount! I’m in!
Milhouse: I want one that says “Peanut Allergy”, so I’ll never have to worry about losing my medic-alert bracelet.
Bart: Okay, we’re gonna do that thing again where we act like we don’t know each other.
Milhouse: Yay! That’s my favorite Best Friend Game!
Make Milhouse Browse for Tattoos- 4hrs
Make Bart Browse for Tattoos-
Keep the Sea Captain free when complete
Bart:  I’ve decided! I want a tattoo of Radioactive Man surfing on a wave of lava covering my entire back.
Whoa, is that a needle?
Bart: I looks like a needle, but I’ sure it doesn’t — Aaaaaah! I’ve changed my mind! I’ll just go with what we’ve got. Just a sqiggly… dot.
Milhouse: That’s gonna look cool, Bart. Especially when the scab falls off.

Squidport Pt. 15
After tapping the Sea Captain

Lisa: Mr. Sea Captain? As much as I love your quaint restaurant, there really aren’t many breakfast options.
Sea Captain: 
What are ye talking about? The swim bladder of a kipper is a breakfast delicacy on Norwegian prison ships.
Lisa: Be that as it may, I think vegetarians would prefer pretty much anything else. How about muffins?
Sea Captain: Vegetarians? Preachy blowhards! But I suppose their money’s green enough. Let’s build your Muffin shop!
Have 27 Boardwalk Sections
Reach Level 18
Build Much Ado About Muffins
– $48,500, 24hrs
Keep Moe free when complete

Much Ado About Muffins
After tapping Moe

Moe: Muffins, eh?   I don’t normally go for fancy-schmancy snacks, but maybe it’s time I started treating myself to the finer things in life.
Make Moe Try a Muffin- 4hrs
Keep the Sea Captain free when complete
Moe: Wait. This is a muffin! It’s just a cupcake with no frosting and a whole lotta attitude.  I don’t like my food acting like it’s too good for me just because it is. Into the trash you go!… Hey look, a muffin from out of the trash – now that I can eat! 

Squidport Pt. 16
After tapping the Sea Captain

Sea Captain: The gods have seen that out hearts are tru and that we are trying to please them.  Still, they want us to build a store whose name doesn’t, in any way, explain what kind of products the store sells. They were that specific.
Have 31 Boardwalk Sections
Reach level 19
Build the Crypto Barn-
$81,000, 24hrs
Keep Martin and Milhouse free when complete

Sea Captain: Y’arr let the bells ring out! The Sea Gods have accepted out offering! The oceans are once again roiling with bountiful sea life. And we are killing it as fast as we can.  : And, best of all, my restaurant is turning a moderate profit, all thanks to my renewed humility and mindfulness. And the sign I put over the door: “No Fatties!”
Homer: D’oh!

Loads of Codes
After tapping on Martin 

Martin: The Crypto Barn: A Place For Codes. This may be my favorite store ever.
Milhouse: A place for codes? what does that even mean?
Martin: Isn’t it obvious? They sell codes and code-related supplies. All kinds of codes: Computer, moral, health…
Milhouse: Wow, this is great!
Martin: I know, I could spend hours and hours here!
Milhouse: No, the store sucks. It’s great that I’ve finally found someone dorkier than me.
Make Martin Go the the Crypto Barn– 4hrs
Make Milhouse Go the the Crypto Barn– 4hrs

And with that the Squidport quest is complete.  However, if you purchased premium items there are two hidden quests that will unlock once Squidport is complete.   You can find the premium Squidport Quests here…

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  1. hmm so i got this last building on this list but i didnt get any new squidport quest !?

  2. I know this event happened a long LONG time ago, but I’m a new player in the TSTO world. I was saving up to buy the Crypto Barn, and was very pleased that it’s now 40,500 and a 4 hour build.

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