Tapped Out Walkthrough: Squidport Part 1

Note: If you are just starting out in the game, the Squidport build kicks off at game level 15 (not XP level 15), once you’ve completed all the tasks that follow the Moe’s Tavern build. By the time you get to building Springfield Downs, you should be able to get underway – although buying that water expansion may be a bit of an obstacle

Homer kicks off the building of Squidport

Squidport Pt. 1
After tapping Homer

Homer: D’oh!
Lisa: What’s wrong, Dad?
Homer: Oh, that wasn’t an annoyed “d’oh” – I was thinking about “dough”. Like the delicious fried dough they used to sell down at the waterfront. Get in the car, kids! We’re going to the Squidport!
Lisa: Dad, remember? You blew up the town. There is no Squidport.
Homer: D’oh! That one was an annoyed d’oh.
Lisa: I suppose we could rebuild the Squidport. It’s be nice to see our town finally stretch down to the water.
Homer: Get in the car, kids! We’re going to rebuild the Squidport!
Lisa: Nobody “gets in cars” anymore. We all just walk aimlessly on the streets.
Homer: D’oh!
Lisa: Which kind was that?
Homer: Little of both.
Buy Beach Expansion
Buy Water Expansion

Squidport Pt. 2
After tapping Homer

Homer: Okay, water expansion bought! …and it was surprisingly easy considering it’s prime oceanfront property and all my money is fake.
Lisa: Great! Now we can build the Squidport Entrance.
Homer: You know what they say: “Every great building begins with the door!”
Lisa: Who says that?
Homer: I dunno. Building builders, I assume.
Place the Squidport Entrance- $4,500, instant

Squidport Pt. 3
After tapping Homer

Homer: Mmm, fried dough. A plate-sized glob of wet flour, deep fried and covered with whipped cream… Ow! Chest pains! I need to exercise. By walking a short distance along the boardwalk to get to the Fried Dough Stand.
You now enter the Tutorial Phase of Squidport.  It will show you how to place the 4 boardwalk sections that came (for free) with the Squidport Entrance.  Note: It won’t  always be this easy to get Boardwalk tiles.

Squidport Pt. 4
After tapping Homer

Homer: Ah, the Squidport! Full of charming junkies and colorful runaways, attracted by the smell of carnival food and shady merchants… Wait a minute! My Squidport doesn’t have any of that!
Lisa: Dad? Is something wrong?
Homer: No, sweetie. Daddy just has to have a talk with his real estate partners. STUPID WATERFRONT! EMBARRASS ME IN FRONT OF JUNKIES AND RUNAWAYS!
Make Homer Swear at the Ocean12hrs

The Old Man and the Sea Pt.1
After tapping Homer

Homer: Uh-oh, did I blow another brain vessel?  I think I’m hallucinating a house out there…in the ocean.  , it’s real! It’s some kind of house/boat hybrid! Hmmm, I wonder what you call that?
, it’s real! It’s some kind of house/boat hybrid! Hmmm, I wonder what you call that?
Build the Houseboat- $15,000, instant

New Character Unlock!
new character unlock message sea captain

The Old Man and the Sea Pt. 2
After tapping Sea Captain

Sea Captain: Y’arr, who be doing all that squalling and cussing at the sea? Ye made me sailors blush. Seriously, some of them cried.
Homer: Sorry, sometimes I have a potty mouth. Anyhoo, who the F@#& are you?
Sea Captain: Captain McCallister. Just let in from a long haul at sea. Been at Madagascar and Malabar and spent half a hundred days floating ’round the giant garrrbage patch in the Pacific. Y’arr, that last one tweren’t intentional. But sit ye down and have a yarn with the Captain. I’ll tell of a ship that near went under, her belly laden with counterfeit Kindle Fires.
Homer: Eh, I’m really not much for listening to people.
Sea Captain: Did I mention there’s be rum by the bucketfull?
Homer: Yarn away! Don’t leave anything out!
Make the Sea Captain Tell Tall Tales-4hrs

Squidport Pt. 5
After tapping the Sea Captain

Sea Captain: Ya’rr, the Squidport! This old seadog has spent many a silver here, having me caricature made and eating Dipping Dots. Tho something’s different now, can’t lay a finger to it. Wait, I have it – it’s become totally lame.
Homer: I know, right? You can’t buy a fried anything or squoosh a penny into a worthless flat oval.
Sea Captain: Me men’ll get this place into ship-shape. The finest builders what sailed the seas!
Lisa: It makes sense that sailors would know carpentry. They have to constantly repair the ship.
Sea Captain: Aye. We’ll start by building a logo store to increase footfalls and up the spill-over effect.
Lisa: Okay, now it’s making less sense.
Sea Captain: Sailors must also be well-versed in mall-science and neuromarketing.
Build The Itchy and Scratchy Store- $32,000, 24hrs
Note: This is your first Squidport build.  This store, and all Squidport stores & buildings can only be placed on the Boardwalk.
Keep Bart and Milhouse free when complete

To be continued…..Part 2

18 responses to “Tapped Out Walkthrough: Squidport Part 1

  1. Newbie question from my fiancée that I can answer. What do you mean level 15 not XP Level 15?

    • Level 15 would be game play level 15..you achieve that by following the initial part of the questlines (at least unlocking the character and placing the building). Basically follow the questlines and ignore your XP meter if it shows you way ahead 🙂

  2. I currently have two primary tasks, which are to build the Springfield Downs and to expand into the ocean for the Squidport. Which should I go with?

  3. When you build four new Boardwalk tiles, do NOT place them….leave them in your storage. After you collect the fourth tile, this should set the quest in motion. This is the only thing that worked for me. Just don’t place any tiles until the quest kicks off!

  4. I am level 50, have a huge Springfield. I built the Squidport entrance loooong ago, my boardwalk is huge and I dont remember ever even being offered the houseboat to start the quest. I would even be willing to spend donuts to get it at this point! There is nothing unfinished in my task list except for Data to go to the CryptoBarn, which I cant build yet(see above, haha) And Homers personal list has nothing about staring at the sea… HELP!!

  5. Level 50 and still can’t get it.

  6. I’m having the same issue. Nothing left for Homer to do. He’s free, along with Lisa and Bart. Squidport is built. I have 3 beach expansions, 12 boardwalk pieces done. Not getting a prompt for Homer to swear at the sea. Just finished building unemployment office. I’m at level 40.

    • If you tried all troubleshooting including uninstall and reinstall the game, but still no trigger…you need to reach out to EA for further help. SOrry.

  7. My son is on level 37 and we still haven’t been prompted yet to have Homer stare at the ocean. We have the squidport sign and everything. I have followed the walk through but can’t figure out how to get that first step started. If u cld please help us I would greatly appreciate it!!!! Thanks Jody

  8. I never got the prompt for the start of the old man and the sea. I’m on level 39 :/any suggestions?

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