Free Donuts: Everybody wants em’ but how do I get em’:

Update 9/29/2016….Since the writing of this post there have been LOADS of ways to add free donuts to your game from within the game.  Here are some quick ways to add them, with the breakdowns of how:
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Where’s Maggie Game, Maggie will unlock for you at Level 26 with the Play-Annoyed Grunt questline.  You’ll have a shot at 1,2 or 3 free donuts after you find Maggie 3 times.  Game resets every 16hrs.

Daily Challenges. Each day you’ll be given a challenge to complete, frequently these challenges award free donuts!

Rail Yard.  The Monorail will unlock for you once you’ve reached Level 20.  Each week at the Monorail you’ll be able to earn tracks and other prizes..and the fifth prize (with the exception of a couple of times) will award free donuts! (typically five free donuts.  But some of the initial rounds will award 20 free donuts)

XP/Donut Farming. This is a method of building/placing some items in your game to build up your XP quickly and level up rapidly.  Each time you level up you’ll be awarded at least 1 free donut! This method usually involves turning on the XP Collider.

Friend Visits. After you’ve unlocked all of the social prizes there’s a chance to earn donuts from tapping in a neighbor’s town.

-There’s also often opportunities to earn free donuts during various events.

-Oh and one thing I forgot to mention in the post below is the 10 free donuts from the Easter Egg in the Jeb StatueEaster Egg in the Jeb Statue
“There’s got to be a way to get free donuts!” Well, unfortunately, because the fried deliciousness treat is the premium content for the game (i.e. the only thing in the game that costs real world cash money) freebies don’t come easy. And anyone who tells you they can get you donuts for free (or discounted) is most likely using a hacked version of the game…

-First and foremost sign up for an origin account…you get 2 FREE donuts just for creating an account.

-The best way to get donuts is by leveling up in the game. So far every level increase comes with a bit of sarcastic humor and free donuts. From levels 1-7 you receive a 1 donut bonus for leveling up and once you hit level 8 2 donut bonuses for leveling up start to appear but you don’t get 2 donuts for every level.

Here’s the breakdown (as of the Krustyland Update, levels 1-32):
Levels 1-7, 9-10, 12, 14-16, 18-19, 21-23, 25-26, 28-30 & 32 all have a 1 donut bonus for leveling up
Levels 8, 11, 13, 17, 20, 24, 27 & 31 all have a 2 donut bonus for leveling up.

So that’s 40 donuts right there, just for leveling up! That’s pretty easy right?

-There is also a 3 donut bonus once you complete all of the level 30 quests, a little present from EA since the level 30 update was not exactly their best.

-If you haven’t already done so, do the Jebediah Springfield Statue bonus (see the “I saw _______ in my neighbor’s town, but I can’t figure out how to add it to mine” post for details in how to complete it). That little trick comes with 10 free donuts, plus you get a free statue of Jebediah Springfield for your town!

So we’re at a total of 55 donuts guaranteed in this game, JUST FOR PLAYING, not too bad. 

There are some other ways to get donuts in this game, but the quantities are not guaranteed:
-You usually find a few donuts when you clean up your Springfield. Personally, I’ve found a total of 8 donuts while doing this but it does take a while.

-Sometimes EA will run a promotion that comes with free donuts (they did this at Christmas and Halloween). So be on the lookout for those!

-In Krustyland you earn 5 donuts for every 299 games of Sideshow You that you play…playing this game perfectly every 8 hours would result in 5 donuts every 100 days.

-Bonus Level Up, between 1-3 donuts. Bonus level appears when you’ve maxed out available levels and you continue to fill you XP bar. More details on this later.

Aside from going behind a bakery when they close to dig out the donuts that have been trashed for the day, those are all the, non-hacked, free ways (that I know of) to get donuts.

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  1. I found the only quest that rewards me with donuts is the Mutant quest which is 10 parts. The monorail , daily quests, Maggie game and costmo are where I get my donuts usually.

  2. How do I exchange free land squares for donuts. I have bought all available land that can be paid for. I only have land left that be unlocked. I do not see the option in the store.

    • Wait…you said you bought all land that can be paid for and you have land left to be unlocked. Not sure what you’re saying. Do you mean you still have land to buy with tokens?

  3. I heard if you send all Simpsonsto church at once you get free donuts?

  4. I received 5 donuts on the balloon game

  5. What I miss here is that you get 100 donuts for finishing the tutorial.

  6. I need help:

    1) Is it normal to get just one daily challenge instead of all three?

    2) I don’t understand how the XP collider could help. It needs donuts to activate it, but the goal is to gain, not reduce donuts.

    Many thanks in advance.

    • 1) You get one Daily Challenge daily. But you can have up to 3 Daily Challenges pending if you don’t complete it that day or the next day either.

      2) The XP collider allows you to earn 5 times the amount of XP. And the more XP you get, the more times you can earn donuts for filling the XP bar. So if you earn more donuts than you invest to activate it, it is often worth it. Especially true for those who KEM farm.

  7. You can use​ “Google Rewards” on your Android devices. Just download the app from the App store and start filling the surveys​ they send you! I use to do it from 3 different​ devices (you will also need a different account for each device. I have earn $17.32 in one of my accounts so far! So what I do is wait until I have earn enough to buy a “gold scratch” and try my luck. Lol.

  8. There is a very easy way to make donuts if you have amassed a large fortune of money. I had over 130 million dollars and was wondering what to do with it. The idea is to level quickly by gaining experience rapidly. If you have a large amount of land, spend it on Tiki bars (or anything that gains xp in arge amounts) and buy many. Select them and sell them. Buy and sell until you have 10 donuts. Then buy the multiplier and repeat the above process. This will multiply the experience even quicker. By doing this, you advance your levels so quickly that you keep getting donuts. I am now over level 700 in about an hour or two.

  9. Not necessarily free …..If your looking to save $ on donuts I noticed Google is charging tax on them!!!!! So I was browsing this site and someone said Amazon fire has a 10 $ gift card deal. So I fired up my I could not find the deal that was mentioned..but I found that Amazon offers donuts for at least 30% cheaper than Google! Plus no tax…..Needless to say I bought 2400 for 119$ rather than Google’s 150$….So now I use my fire to make my purchases.

  10. You missed the 5 monorail donuts we are getting by finishing the monorail task every week.

  11. Nice update! I remember when donuts were scarce and earning them was a luxury! Now I get 6+ average per day 😛

  12. No matter how many doughnuts they offer, they’ll never get me to Krustyland.

  13. Unless I overlooked it (very possible, with my history track record), I don’t believe Friends List visits were mentioned, that’s another possibility.

  14. Hey i found a secret the other day that is not cheating… I have never seen anywhere on here about it. I may have missed it but I was wondering if anyone knows about the secret jebidiah statue and the free ten donuts that comes with it? Tap on homer to bring up his actions and then tap homer himself ten times ( i had to do it a few more times then ten ) and youve unlocked it!

  15. Hey, so my sister has android and I have apple. On android she has the Google Survey something. I have Quick Thoughts. Been using it about two weeks because I really wanted the 300 donuts so I could get Barney with the 130 back. So those two apps, you take surveys whenever you can, earn apple or google credits. In a little over a week I got the 20$ to buy the 300 donuts. But I know for Quick Thoughts it’s increments of 10$. So I had to spend the 1.40$ on tax. But I spent a little time and 1.40$ and got 300 doughnuts. Quick Thoughts is a free app and I believe Google Survey is too. So go do surveys in your downtime and earn iTunes gift cards so you don’t spend real money on donuts!

  16. I hardly ever get donuts wish there were easier ways sometimes or ways to double your money and xp. even harder to get fp because nobody plays this game that I know of need neighbors (annayricar70)

  17. There are a few other ones that weren’t listed in the article. During events, once you’ve completed all the event tasks, there is usually the ability to earn donuts by collecting more event currency. Many times you can do this multiple times during an events if it has multiple acts/episodes/ect.

    Also, once you max out your friend points, you can occasionally get donuts that are randomly awarded while you are visiting friends and performing friend actions (tapping on buildings, or characters/event creatures during events).

  18. There were two different Cletus corn tricks. Neither work. One is mentioned by Nick, the other is supposed to be a player immediately planting a tree after harvesting the corn crop, then that tree becomes a mystical billion-donut tree which you plant and get infinite donuts. It isn’t real, it also isn’t a legend EA will ever allow to exist, it is the result of a hacker who liked to gain viewers on their youtube videos, then delete their account when spammed for their misleading misdemeanor.

  19. ArkhamKnight55

    I got ten thousand donuts from the Reddit free donuts thing. Dream come true, I had previously put in hundreds of dollars into this app, way more than I had intended, and now I finally get a break from those ridiculous prices of greedy EA.

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