Should I Spend Donuts On Arnie Pye?

Level 33 is here (woohoo!) and with it comes the much anticipated Arnie Pye.  I’m sure you’re asking “Should I Spend Donuts On This?”  Well before you hit that confirm button, lets break down the Pros and Cons of adding Arnie to your Springfield.

Arnie Pye Tapped Out Unlock Message

Character: Arnie Pye
Donut Price: 85 donuts
Before you can purchase Arnie Pye you must be Level 23 or higher and you’ll have to have completed the Western Civilization 101 Quest.
-Reasonably priced.  At 85 donuts he’s the same price as the Rich Texan and less than Dr. Nick.
-Premium tasks that earn 50% more than regular characters
-Comes with a quest line
-Great outdoor quests, in fact all but 1 of his tasks are outdoor tasks.
-Unlocks a 2 day task at Channel 6
-Introduces the first ‘live action; mode of transportation in the game with his helicopter flying around your Springfield.  (Perhaps a sign of things to come for TSTO in the future?)

– Doesn’t come with a building, and his helicopter only appears during tasks.
-At 85 donuts he’s at the higher end of the premium characters that don’t come with a building.
-After his quest line he has no other interactions with other characters in Springfield.

Final Thought: Personally I think this is a great purchase to make if you’re looking at adding premium characters in the game. He adds an exciting new element to the game (with the helicopter flying) and comes with 5 tasks (4 of which are outside).  Arnie is a character worth the donuts!

Arnie Pye Live Traffic Report Helicopter

Arnie Pye doing a Traffic Report over Springfield

Arnie Pye’s Tasks:

Task Task Length Payout Building
Do a Sky Harness Interview 1hr $105, 26XP Outside
Take Over as News Anchor 4hrs $260, 70XP Channel 6
Walk Newshound 8hrs $420, 105XP Outside
Do a Traffic Report 12hrs $600, 150XP Outside
Do an Investigative Report 24hrs $1,000 225XP Outside

19 responses to “Should I Spend Donuts On Arnie Pye?

  1. I’ve unlocked him via the year book and I’m stuck on the task sky harness as it’s not an option in his tasks. How do I unlock it? I have channel 6.

  2. Also opens a quest with Declan Desmond if you have him.

  3. How can I purchase Arnie?

  4. now that accidentally tapping the copter doesn’t do anything, it may be a buy

  5. Got Arnie pye in my vault 85 donuts and a 20 donut discount, a stonecutter as well, will need to buy this week, that would leave disco stu to complete all the stonecutters, 😁

  6. i dont care what everybody says about this character i need him

  7. Really wish I hadn’t bought him. Have to send him on 24 hour investigative report all the time, but occasionally miss and send him on 1 hour weather report which means he’s constantly flying through everything.

  8. I can’t find Arnie anywhere…
    How can I spend donuts on this character (he does not appear in the store).
    Could you help me please ?

  9. I cannot play the game anymore because every 20 seconds he flies across the screen for 10 seconds. How can I get rid of him?

  10. I have Arnie on one of my games and it drives me crazy how often he moves across the screen in the helicopter. I play quickly and I accidentally tap him all the time. He’s more annoying than he’s worth.

  11. Which task(s) involve the helicopter?

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