Tapped Out Walkthrough: End of Tutorial- Willie’s Shack (Levels 5-10)

Missed the first Part?  Levels 1-5 are Here
When we last left off we had just completed the Tutorial and purchased more land.  The Walkthrough continues with Level 5:

I-Choo-Choo-Choose You Lisa Prompts quest to add a friend (need friends?  Check out our Neighbor-eeno page!)

Getting Benched Place a bench so that Lisa can read a book (Lisa prompts)

Put up a Parking Lot Build a Parking Lot (x2) for the Kwik-E-Mart

Pave Paradise Place some pavement around the Kwik-E-Mart (Apu prompts)

Slack-Jawed Yokel Pt. 1 Build Cletus’ Farm and unlock Cletus (Prompted by Apu – it costs $1,200 and takes 1 hour.)


Character Unlock!


Slack-Jawed Yokel Pt. 2 Plant Tomacco (1hour) – and then, when it’s done, harvest the Tomacco (make sure you harvest within 1 hour or it will die)

Apu Plus Eight Apu feeds the Octuplets (1 hour)

The Mysterious Brown House Pt. 2 Apu relaxes for a while in the Brown House

Chillin’ With the Box The Brown House action continues as Homer uses it to watch TV again

Hey Whittle, Whittle Cletus does some whittling (1 hour)

Crop Share You need to grow and then harvest Silvertongue (8 hours) at Cletus’ Farm

The New Evergreen Terrace Pt. 4 Lisa prompts the building of the Purple House ($1200 and 4 hours)


Book Worm Lisa read a book again

Adventures in Flanders-Sitting Lisa babysits Rod and Todd (8 hours)

A Well-Earned Nap Homer oversleeps for a power nap (6 hours)

Made with U.S.D.A Letter-Grade Beef Pt. 1 Homer and his post-nap appetite prompts the building of Krusty Burger.  Keep Homer free as it finishes.
($2,600 and 12 hours)


Character Unlocked!


Made with U.S.D.A Letter-Grade Beef Pt. 2 Make Homer Eat a Krusty Burger (30 minutes)

The New Evergreen Terrace Pt. 5 Lisa prompts the building of the Blue House ($1800 and 12 hours)


Thrillhouse Pt. 1 Lisa and Homer interact, which prompts you to build the Van Houten House ($3800 and 24 hours)


Character unlock!


Thrillhouse Pt. 2 Send Lisa and Milhouse to shop at the Kwik-E-Mart (1hr)

Workaholics Anonymous Apu work an 8-hour shift at the Kwik-E-Mart

River Run Lisa prompts you to place Rivers (x3)

The New Evergreen Terrace Pt.6  Lisa prompts the building of the Pink House ($3400 and 24 hours)


The Greatest Joke Ever Told Make Ned Hold Emergency Bible Studies (Ned Prompts, 8hrs)

Let Yer Hillbillies be Hillbillies Homer Prompts.  Make Cletus Brew Moonshine (24hrs)

Like Father, Like Son Make Milhouse Find Puppy Goo-Goo (Milhouse Prompts, 10 minutes)

We Do Need Yes Education Pt. 1 Make Lisa Do Next Week’s Homework (Lisa Prompts, 24hrs)

We Do Need Yes Education Pt. 2 Build Springfield Elementary (Lisa Prompts, $10,500 and 24 hours)


New Character Unlock!


The New Evergreen Terrace Pt.7 Lisa Prompts the building of the White House ($7,700 and 24hours)

All Eyes on Krusty Make Krusty Inflate His Own Importance (8hrs)

Back Alley Soufflé Have a Dumpster ($1000) Make Cletus dig through Garbage (Cletus Prompts,12 hours)

Schoolhouse Crock Pt. 1 Make Skinner be a Crossing Guard (Skinner Prompts, 4 hours)

Schoolhouse Crock Pt 2. Tell Lisa and Milhouse to Go to School (6 hours, Skinner Prompts)

Schoolhouse Crock Pt 3. Make Skinner Monitor Halls (Skinner Prompts, 12 hours)

Krusty Burger Heavy User Parts 1-2 Make Homer Eat A Krusty Burger (x2)

Krusty Burger Heavy User Part 3 Homer Prompts you to build Gulp ‘n’ Blow ($13,500 and 24hrs)


Schoolhouse Crock Pt.4 Build Willie’s Shack (Skinner Prompts, $12,000 and 24hrs)


New Character Unlock!


Schoolhouse Crock Pt.5 Make Willie Was the Floors (Willie Prompts, 24 hours)

Looking for Doves in All the Wrong Places Have 3 Trees, Make Skinner go Bird Watching (Skinner Prompts, 24 hours)

Is it Even Autumn Make Willie Rake Leaves (Willie Prompts, 12 hours)

Continue the walkthrough here with levels 11 through 16.

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  1. Update: Schoolhouse Crock Pt. 1 has been reduced to 2 hours

  2. Uhhh…Everything is out of order…Homer ate at the Krusty Burger and Lisa has yet to babysit Rod and Todd…

  3. Sharika Williams

    Need help with casino

  4. Sharika Williams

    I’m having trouble with the burns casino. I don’t know how it operates to obtain the casino prizes… how do I obtain the concierge building? I’m going on level 12 and looked at walkthru and it says I should have it by now

  5. Hi,
    i have a question concerning the task Slack – Jawed Yokel 2. i can plant the tomaccos but when i harvest them it still says that i havent finished the task. Do you know if there is a known issue? Thank you

  6. I need help on getting gulp n blow it won’t prompt me to get it what can I do I’m going to b on level 12

    • Where are you in the questline? It can skip a bit here n there, just try to follow it as close as you can, if it skips… it usually catches back up.

  7. I am on level 11 and had homer eat at krustys 2x and he did prompt me to build gulp n blow and Im in the process of building willies shack can anyone help me please

  8. Do characters need to be free for new quests to pop up, because so far I’m level 7 and just got Krusty but the only quests now open are Crop Share making moonshine and reach level ten to get Willie? Is this normal or should I just leave people doing nothing for awhile.

  9. My gulp n blow costs 19400 the walkthrough says 13500 anybody know why?

  10. posted on the EA forum http://forum.ea.com/eaforum/posts/list/9626421.page

    Gulp-N-Blow – $13,500 (24 hour build)
    1. Homer eat at Krusty Burger (30 mins) (Krusty Burger Heavy User Pt. 1)
    2. Homer eat at Krusty Burger (30 mins) (Krusty Burger Heavy User Pt. 2)
    3. Homer prompts the building of the Gulp’N’Blow (24 hours)(Krusty Burger Heavy User Pt. 3)

    Required Level: 10
    Required Quests:
    1. [i] The New Evergreen Terrace Pt. 7
    2. Is it even Autumn? – Willie Rake Leaves

    after I had both the required Quests listed above completed, I was able to proceed through the Krusty Burger Heavy User Pt 3 and buy the Gulp’n’Blow

  11. Hey guys, I love your site. I’ve been been playing TSTO since mid December and I’m having the same issue with Gulp ‘n’ Blow not starting. My XP puts me on level 28 but I’m not nearly that far along in quests. I’ve built the church, power plant, Android’s Dungeon, Library, Java Server, Moe’s, Springfield Downs and Luigi’s. I’m currently building Jake’s Unisex Hair Palace, Squidport and Springfield Penitentiary but for some reason, Gulp ‘n’ Blow is still locked. I remember starting the Heavy User quests, but then got the Mr Plow quests. I’ve completed all of the Mr Plow quests except the one where he attends church but it’s not even listed within my Mr Plow tasks.
    Do you have any ideas for me? I’m not sure what to do. Homer doesn’t have any open tasks and I’ve tried sending him to Krusty’s multiple times a day. I’ve even tried storing Krusty Burger a few times to get it going. All was for naught. Cheers, Lee

    • Sorry you’re having such issues getting Gulp n’ Blow to start. Homer should have eaten a Krusty Burger 2 times (Heavy User Quest) then he’ll prompt Gulp n’ Blow. If it’s not starting for you, check Homer’s main skin (not Mr. Plow) to make sure nothing is highlighted in yellow on his task list. This would show he has a pending task that may not appear (For whatever reason) in your task book. If not, it will eventually appear. It’s not critical to the game proceeding, and sometimes when you’re so far ahead of game play in XP it causes a lag in quests starting up. I know that’s not the answer you were hoping for, but TSTO (like a small child) can be very fussy at times. So just keep playing the quests as the appear and eventually Gulp n’ Blow will appear. I remember when I started Tapping it took FOREVER for me to get the Java Server build task to start up. It was just a lag in the game because my XP was so far ahead of the game play.

      • Thanks for the advice. I think I’ll make a game of it to see if I can get to level 38 before it prompts the build. 🙂

  12. Hi, I know was probably ages ago for you guys but I’m getting really frustrated with the krusty burger heavy user quest – it won’t start for me. My xp level is 15 and I have built willys shack, barts tree house and am currently building the library. I have no idea why homer is not prompting for this quest. I have left homer free all morning to see if he gets the ! As reading the dialogue for the quest he needs to get there before 10.29 but nothing! Am wondering if it’s because snow plow homer has a quest in the task bar but I can’t complete it as I don’t have the church… any thoughts?

    • The Mr. Plow quest shouldn’t be impacting it. Has Krusty already inflated his own importance? And you’re just having issues getting Homer to eat at Krusty Burger? Just check in your build menu first to make sure the Gulp n’ Blow is not unlocked yet (if the task isn’t triggering it shouldn’t be unlocked). If it is locked try storing your Krusty Burger (it will also store Krusty) then replace it. Sometimes that tricks the next task into happening. However, there are also just times in the game where tasks take a little while to come up you can check out this post for some other tips and tricks when the next task won’t appear. Let us know if it helps! 🙂

      • Thanks, yes the gulp n blow is still locked and homer hasn’t been sent to krusty burger. I really can’t remember if krusty has inflated his importance, but the more I think about it the more I think maybe not. Will try storing my krusty burgers in a few hours, will let you know thanks!

      • For those with this problem it was the Mr plow task that stopped the krusty burger heavy user quest starting. I finally built the church and finished the Mr plow quests, then had to get through the drink at moes as I had also built that whilst waiting and lo and behold the heavy user quest started this morning!

  13. Yes I think they may have as I really want to get free donuts and hope that there is someway of getting them. I know what you mean about XP levels and Game Play level. The way I mean cheats is ways to get free things. Your website has been the most helpful of all the ones that I have tried. Thank you TSTO and your amazing blogs.

    • We here at Addicts really do not dive into the realm of “cheats”. We prefer to keep our methods in standards with EA. We do however offer any and all information we can find to locate and utilize the EA hidden easter eggs they place all over the game to acquire more prizes and donuts as they come available.

      A good example of this, Once you hit the Spooktacular Bonus rounds after reaching the 10,000 Goo(every extra 2000 after)…try this method (it may not work for all).

      As the 3 boxes appear for your selection, select and hold the center box. Keep holding and holding as you see the lights circulate around the boxes for a minute. Let go. For me, it has helped me to acquire 3 donuts in the center square each and every time. I’m on like the 10th time doing this. 🙂

  14. Very very helpful. Am currently on Level 19 but still have a quest from Level 13 to build the Orange House. Amazing. I would like to ask if the cheat for kwik e Mart and Springfield downs cause it happens for most people but not me could you explore!!!!!

    • If you are referring to the free donut cheat with those two buildings, I had heard about it in March, but am certain EA closed that loophole.

    • I am glad we are able to help you out with your tapping. It is our pleasure. 🙂

      There is a difference between the XP level and the Game Play levels in the game. XP levels just show you how much XP you have collected and the items you have unlocked for purchase. Game Play level more refers to the amount of tasks you have completed. It is very common for a lot of players to be several levels ahead on the XP level and behind on the Game Play. Sometimes earning XP goes faster than sending each character to finish the tasks. As far as any “cheats”, I am not sure I am aware of what you are asking. Can you please be more specific? I can tell you the information we do provide is only for playing the game properly, as EA intended.

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