‘Are You Sure You Want To Do That?’ Setting the Confirm Donut Spend Button:

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Ever hit a speed up task button by mistake? How about accidentally making a silly donut purchase in the store because you tapped the wrong thing?
No one is perfect, and neither is this game. From time to time you or the game are going to make a mistake. Usually those mistakes are quick fixes, but ones that really hurt are mistakes or errors made with donuts.
As the premium currency in the game errors that occur with donuts can not only cost you time but real world cash as well!
Here’s a way that you can prevent those “D’oh” moments in your game.
There’s a setting in the game now that sends a prompt to you for confirmation that you really want to make that donut purchase. Setting the Confirm Donut Spend button can really save you a lot of time and aggravation (not to mention cash!) when playing the game.

Update: The menus have been changed with the launch of Halloween 2014…below is the NEW way to set your Confirm Donut Spend button.

Here’s how you do it:

-From your Krustyland or Springfield Screen tap the Build Menu Button

2014-10-17 19.11.03

-When the store opens, tap the cog wheel in the top right corner:

2014-10-17 19.11.11

-Change the Confirm Donut Spend option to “Yes” and Close out of it:

2014-10-17 19.11.24

Now every time you make a donut purchase it will prompt you if you’re sure.
Note: If you play across multiple devices you have to change this setting on each device, not just the account. 

22 responses to “‘Are You Sure You Want To Do That?’ Setting the Confirm Donut Spend Button:

  1. I don’t ever buy donuts. A few years ago was the first last and only time I purchased them. What resulted was my game crashing, could no longer open my account on any device. Finally gave up trying after I tried even removing and reinstalling the app. It was over a year before on a whim I tried to use the game again. It loaded but I never got my donuts money gone no donuts received 😡 Will never do that again.

  2. mydadlookslikeFlanders

    This became crucial as I would mis-tap in my haste often while grinding at the Height’s furniture store and spend two donuts accidentally. I googled the problem and that’s how I first found you guys. I’m happy I did too

  3. If ONLY I knew this before!!!

    Thanks anyway 🙂

  4. I wish they put a confirm spend on growing Corn…

  5. Ahhhh, I wish I would have known this before. I have had this happen so many times. Just had it happen again yesterday and lost 25 donuts just to boost something in Krustyland *rage*. I’ve been trying to save up for the crazy cat lady for a long time, but never get there cuz of accidental donut spends >.<
    Very helpful post though, tstoaddicts! Thanks.

    • Oops, meant to say that I accidentally spent donuts on Krustyland tickets. Annoying because I have completed everything in Krustyland and don’t need more tickets, especially for the price they are. I earn the amount of tickets that 25 donuts bought me in about a day!

  6. Second attempt! Lol
    The new update doesn’t show up like the old version, I can’t set confirm donut spend help me! Lol

    Thank you!


  7. With the new update I don’t see how to add confirm but donuts! I’ve already wasted donuts by accident!

  8. Been playing for over a year..had nearly 100 donuts…….then… a accidental tap on 70Dnt Gorgeous Granpa….now..back to 20….. and this was already a thing… oh…..

  9. Didn’t know about that setting. Thanks a bunch. Should be set by default. I have fallen victim to this…..

    • You are welcome. 🙂 This is something we try to give the heads up on after each and every update. It is something I wish was always ON myself. I lost many a precious pink sweeties in the beginning. Around 300 or so at least.
      It is one of those things that people making suggestions to EA would help. 🙂

      • I accidently spent 6 donuts speeding a tasks the other day when I forgot to check my confirm button after a hotfix update. I emailed EA suggesting that confirm ON be the default setting, owning up to my mistake and not asking for anything in return. The rep who responded wrote that she’d pass the suggestion up the food chain, and then gifted me with 10 donuts! I’d only lost 6! Coupled with today’s update of 20 donuts, well, that’s a lot for a freemium player. I feel they really do try to make things right at EA, but if you don’t contact THEM and only write to the forums, they can’t do anything for you.

  10. D’oh, I should have read this post like 30 donuts ago… It came to a point I wouldn’t save up donuts anymore to buy something good but just buy white fences…

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