Tapped Out Walkthrough: Level 33 Part 2

Hey Tappers!
Back with Part II of the Level 33 main questline. Missed the first part of the Level 33 Walkthrough?  You can find it here Part I
When we last left Eddie and Lou were back in Springfield (via the S.W.A.T Van) and in an effort to “crack down on crime” Chief Wiggum drank a little too much of Cletus’s Moonshine while questioning him.  We pick the walkthrough back up with Eddie, Lou and Chief Wiggum trying to find “big crime”…and it not working out so well…

Homer triggers the next quest.
Code Brown
level33 main task dialogue
level 33 main quest dialogue
Homer: Marge! Flanders’ WiFi is out again, so I can’t watch Neftlix!
Marge: Well I’m not asking him to turn his modem on and off again – it’s embarrassing.  Have you seen Bart?
Homer: I saw him with Milhouse.  They were unsupervised, so I’m sure they’re fine.
Marge: Go find him.  I don’t want him to get in trouble with the authorities again.  He’s already got two strikes against him…and God knows how many foul balls.
Homer: Fine, I’ll go look for him…as far as you know.
Marge: What was that?
Homer: Nothing.  Love you, sweetie.
Make Homer Break into the Brown House and Watch TV- 3m
Making Bart Paintball in the Brown House-2hrs
Make Cletus Harvest Copper Wire in the Brown House-3hrs
Make Wiggum Nap in the S.W.A.T. Van-6hrs
Keep Eddie free at the completion of this quest.

Unusual SuspectsPt.1
After Tapping Eddie

Eddie: Mr. Simpson?  We’d like to question you about a local “brown house” which seems to be the center of some minor felonies.
Homer: It certainly has!  That’s why I came over to investigate.  The door was wide open, the TV was already on, and the WiFi was streaming real smooth.
Eddie: What about the fridge being raided, the beer cans strewn all over, and the wall-to-wall carpeting you pulled off the floor to use as a blanket.
Homer: I get cold when I watch TV drunk.
Make Homer Go in for Questioning- 8hrs
Make sure Lou is free at the completion of this quest.

Auto-started at the completion of Homer being questioned
Lou: So after thirty seconds, Homer not only implicated himself, but just about everyone else in town. That brown house is a locus of break-ins, vandalism, and theft.
Wiggum: File it under “boring,” Lou…just like your use of the word “locus.”  We won’t have to do all the other arrests if we can just solve some big, flashy crimes.  And that’ll still placate Quimby.
Lou: You get to use “placate,” but I can’t use “locus”?
Wiggum: I have the gravitas to pull it off.  Now catch me a “Dexter” so we can “Shawshank” him!

Unusual SuspectsPt.2
After tapping on Lou

Lou: Everyone in Springfield is involved in some kind of petty crime.
Eddie: Yeah, but Chief says we need to find something big – some super-dangerous criminal.
Lou: Uh…my gun’s been jammed for a couple of years.
Eddie: I don’t even know where mine is.  Let’s go get a jaywalker or two.
Make Lou Pursue Criminals-4hrs
Make Eddie Track Down Criminals-4hrs
Make sure Kent Brockman is free at the completion of this quest. 

Unusual SuspectsPt.3
After tapping on Brockman

Kent Brockman: This is Kent Brockman, reporting on the dramatic surge in police action in Springfield.
Wiggum: There’s no “dramatic surge” Kent.  What happened is I switched our coffee from decaf to regular.  It gave some of our officers the jitters, but they’re moving a lot faster.
Kent Brockman: But what about all the law-abiding citizens being arrested for seemingly meaningless violations?
Wiggum: Kent, you can’t call any law meaningless!  We don’t rank laws.  A kidnapping is no more important than a broken taillight. Actually, can I change that last thing I said?
Kent Brockman: We’re live.
Wiggum: Nuts.  I’m very tired, Kent.  I think my coffee high wore off.
Make Wiggum Nap in the S.W.A.T. Van-6hrs
Make sure Moe is free at the completion of this quest.

Moe Town
After tapping on Moe
Moe: Alright, ya bums, last call!
Barney: But it’s only ten o’clock, which means I can still read the clock, which means I’ve only begun to get drunk.
Moe: I got a date, if you must know.
Barney: Ooooh.  Is it serious?
Moe: No, she don’t know nothin’ about it.  I’m scooping her out for when she does become available.  Then I’ll be able to tell her that I spied on her for years.  Love is best when done as a long con, Barn.
Make Moe Spy on Midge-12hrs
Make sure Wiggum is free at the completion of this quest.

Auto-started At the completion of Moe Spying at Midge
moe spying on midge
Lou: Hey, Chief, what’s Moe doing there in the bushes?  He looks pretty suspicious.
Wiggum: Oh, he’s just spying on Marge.  That’s his hobby.  It’s good for him – keeps him out of trouble. Now when Eddie gets back from his date I want you and him to look for big crime!
Lou: Who’s Eddie on a date with?
Wiggum: Not your ex-wife Amy!  And even if it were, she definitely wouldn’t be wearing that red dress you got her for Valentine’s Day.
Lou: I feel like I’m going to be sick.
Wiggum: Not on your uniform, please.  We only get reimbursed for getting blood stains out.

Unusual SuspectsPt.4
After tapping on Wiggum

Wiggum:  Well, well, well.  If it isn’t our old pal Snake, aka Jailbird.  Or Jailbird, aka Snake. Search him, Eddie!  Got a stack of papers on you, huh, Snake?  What are they, rolling papers, or contracts to take out hits?
Snake: Dude, no.  They’re just blank insurance policies.  I’m a legitimate life insurance salesman now.
level 33 unusualsuspects dialogue part4
Wiggum: I’ve never been able to pass a life insurance physical.  I’ve got a touch of diabetes.  And gout. Oh, and I’m a policeman who’s been shot five times.  All right, on your way!
Snake: Later, dude.  Excuse me, old man…I can get you a primo deal on a life insurance policy. Just write, “Snake,” on that beneficiary line and I’ll make sure your family gets the money.
Make Snake Con Money from old People8hrs
Make sure Wiggum is free at the completion of this quest.

Unusual SuspectsPt.5
After tapping on Wiggum

Wiggum: Nice job hitting your arrest numbers, boys.  I love quotas – keeping the city safe by hitting meaningless statistical targets.
Lou: If it’s all the same, Chief, I’d like to follow up on some old witness reports.  I think some of these cases are low-hanging fruit.
Wiggum: Oh, don’t you love when it hangs low?  You don’t have to get up on your tippy-toes or raise your arms.  God I hate raising my arms.
Make Lou Interview Suspects-12hrs
Make sure Fat Tony is free at the completion of this quest.

To be continued….

There’s still a lot more to this main quest line.  I’ll be back with Part III tomorrow…
In the meantime happy tapping my friends!

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