Should I Spend Donuts on Kearney?

Wondering if you should spend donuts on Kearney?   Well before you hit that confirm button, lets break down the Pros and Cons of adding Kearney to your Springfield.
Tapped_Out_Kearney_unlock message
Character: Kearney
Donut Price: 60 donuts
-He’s one of the more inexpensive premium characters
-Earns 50% more than regular characters on all tasks
-Comes with 7 tasks in Springfield and 7 tasks in Krustyland. One of the few premium characters to have tasks in both Springfield and Krustyland.
-Only has 1 outdoor task
-Does not come with a building
-Although he’s unlocked right away, you do still need to complete certain builds in the game in order for all of his tasks to be unlocked (Springfield Elementary, Kwik-E-Mart, Moe’s Tavern, Brown House, First Church of Springfield, and the Van Houten House)
Final Thought: Is a nice addition to your town, at a reasonable price. He comes with a lot of jobs in both Springfield and Krustyland.

kearney the simpsons tapped out in krustyland
Kearney’s Task List:

Task Length Payout Building
Dump Spoiled Coleslaw in Van Houten House 10m $26/7xp Van Houten House
Shoplift from the Kwik-E-Mart 30m $60/15xp Kwik-E-Mart
Give a Pink Belly 60m $105/26xp Springfield Elem
Dance a Jig 4hours $260/70xp Outside
Use Fake ID at Moe’s 8hours $420/105xp Moe’s Tavern
Couseling with the Ex 12hours $600/150xp First Church of Springfield
Take Son for the Night 24hours $1000/225xp Brown House

Kearney’s Krustyland Tasks:

Task Length Payout Building
Ride the Death Drop 30m 18tix/15xp Death Drop
Visit Duff Pavilion 60m 31tix/26xp Duff Pavilion
Ride Radioactice Man Ride 4hours 78tix/70xp Radioactive Man
Tour the Haunted Condo 8hours 126tix/100xp Haunted Condo
Ride Scratchy’s Flea Dipper 12hours 180tix/150xp Flea Dipper
Ride the Tooth Chipper 24hours 300tix/225xp The Tooth Chipper
Ride Mount Krustmore 24hours 300tix/225xp Mt. Krustmore

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7 responses to “Should I Spend Donuts on Kearney?

  1. Thanks for share post

  2. MydadlookslikeFlanders

    One of my first character purchases. I use the four hour task often and like when he dances a jig 🙂 I’ve seen a few of my neighborino’s have his son in their town. He seems cooler than Kerney even

  3. You should get Kearney for free – eventually – so don’t buy him. Just be patient and keep playing.

  4. I got him in Mr. Burns mystery box, so it’s possible to get him for free, he is fun to have but I wouldn’t pay 60 donuts for him.

  5. Kearney is the one in the joker costume right? I’ve been debating whether I want him or not. 60 donuts seems like a lot just for a cool costume. I usually prefer characters that come with buildings. I guess I will continue to not get him right now.

  6. Only one outdoor task? That is disappointing. Especially so for a character you spend donuts to get. I may hold off on him for a bit. A good ‘workhorse’ though for building up in-game funds and KL tickets though. Thanks for the insights.

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