Should I Spend Donuts on Miss. Springfield?

Wondering if you should spend donuts on Miss. Springfield?   Well before you hit that confirm button, lets break down the Pros and Cons of adding Miss. Springfield to your Springfield.
Tapped_Out_Miss_Springfield_character unlock message
Character: Miss. Springfield
Donut Price: 225
-Comes with the Sleep-Eazy Motel
-Interacts with Mayor Quimby
-Comes with a Quest Line
-One of the few female characters in the game
-Earns at a premium rate on tasks and XP
-Very Expensive Addition
-Minimal outdoor task and not exactly the most creative.
Final Thought: If you can swing it, I say go for it. But it’s really going to be up to you to decide if it’s worth the 225 donuts.

Miss. Springfield TSTO
Miss.Springfield’s Task List:

Task Length Payout Building
Enjoy an Evening with The Mayor 3m $9/3xp Sleep-Eazy Motel
Open an Event 60m $105/26xp Town hall
Go for Waxing 4hours $260/70xp Jake’s Hair Palace
Take Reading Lessons 8hours $420/105xp Library
Stay in & Wash Hair 12hours $600/150xp Sleep-Eazy Motel
Work It 24hours $1,000/225xp Outside

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15 responses to “Should I Spend Donuts on Miss. Springfield?

  1. Can anyone explain me “commencerate”? I couldn’t find it in any doctionary. It occurs in questline when Mayor tells to Miss Springfield “Sweetheart, don’t you, er, um, have an official occasionig to commencerate?”. Is it kind of ceremonial opening? If I’m right, is “commencerate” a kind of pun?

  2. Reatwater9726

    I know that lucius sweet has had problems with awarding club card points for unlocking him, so does anyone know if hostess miss Springfield have this problem as well? I want to store the skin in my inventory until monday when act two begins because I will unlock the club card reward 1250 chips and I have already unlocked lucius sweet.

  3. This new deal got me to make my yearly purchase of donuts. So happy with it!

  4. Been sitting on donuts for a while. Worth it with discount?

  5. As a player who sometimes spends real money to buy things in the game. Would you reckon this is a worthwhile spend give the donut return. I know 225 seems a little pricey but at 110 it seems more attractive but is it worth the spend?

    What’s everyone’s thoughts?
    I don’t have many premium items I tend to just buy things as they go on special.

  6. I just bought this package and received bonuts. I thought I was also supposed to receive card points and the new skin. Maybe it kicks in later?

  7. Is she voiced? (didn’t wanna go off topic in one of the event threads)

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