Should I Spend Donuts On Try-N-Save?

Wondering if you should spend donuts on Try-N-Save?   Well before you hit that confirm button, lets break down the Pros and Cons of adding the Try-N-Save to your Springfield.

tsto trynsave premium
Building Name: Try-N-Save
Donut Price: 70 Donuts
Dimensions: 7×5
Payout: $60 & 6XP every 2 hours
Return on Investment: $0.86 & 0.085XP/Donut Spent
-The least expensive building that can be purchased for Donuts
-Boosts your Consumerism Rating by 10 points
-Not an overwhelming large building, and fits nicely into a downtown area.
-Not the best return for the donuts spent
-No characters use this building on a regular basis.
Final: If you’re on a tight donut budget save your precious frosted treats for another item. However, if you have some extra donuts to spend this would make a nice addition to your downtown area, as well as provide a consumerism boost in your Conform-o-meter, which is hard to come by.

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2 responses to “Should I Spend Donuts On Try-N-Save?

  1. went ahead and bought it. It is unique

  2. I can’t believe i’m the first question in this post’s three years of existance…. is the building unique?

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