Bonus Level Up!

So you’ve reached the last level that’s currently out for the game, and I bet you’re thinking “Well, there’s no point in playing until a new level update comes out now”. Well you couldn’t be more wrong!

Once you’ve maxed out the highest level available you’ll notice your XP bar goes from blue to pink and a little gift box appears at the end of the bar:
TSTO Bonus Level XP Bar
This indicates that you have enough XP to move on to the next level (whenever it comes out) but you’re now working on the bonus level! 
Once you fill the XP bar you’re presented with a pop up screen with 3 gift boxes that looks like this:
TSTO Bonus level up
Your bonus is you get to select one of those boxes. Each box contains 1, 2 or 3 donuts, so tap wisely!

The neat thing about the bonus level is if you don’t select 3 donuts on the first tap you can buy another box, additional boxes cost $50,000/ea. Keep in mind however that if you’ve already chosen the box with 2 donuts for free it’s possible your paid choice could only have 1 donut in it, although this does happen you can buy another turn!
TSTO Bonus level up2
Donuts do not accumulate on the individual bonus game. So say on your free tap you chose the box that contains 1 donut and decide to buy another chance,  the second box contained 2 donuts, they don’t accumulate so you’d now have 3 donuts. The total number of donuts awarded is the number is the last box tapped.

Think of the bonus level as a place keeper until the newest level is released. As soon as that level comes out you’ll level up again and start the process all over!

Keep this in mind when playing for the bonus game: Once a new level is released, no matter where you are on the bonus XP bar, it automatically goes back to 0 to start the level. So if you’re really close to the bonus game and an update is expected any day try to max out the bonus XP ASAP! (buying weather stations and volleyball courts is a good way to do this)

Good luck!

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  1. Can you do a section on donut generators like Yahweh and the lard lad factory and what ever others there might be

  2. For those who doesnt have huge amount of money to levelling up some tips..
    KWIK-E-MART price’s is according to the number you have the mart in your start from $ build up in 4 hours and give 2000XP..if you want to get 50000XP in bulk you just need to buy 25 of the mart which cost ONLY $75770 not including the resell money yet..The fact is at initial price of $220 it give 2000XP..the smaller the number of the mart you buy at one time the higher the XP per $$$$…of course it takes longer time to harvest which is 4 hours for completing the building but believe me it takes longer to make millions of $$$ just to do it instantly especially if we not premium user or farming houses..i think this is the cheapest way to get highest value of XP per money..Hope it help anyone..

  3. Does the XP required increase everytime time I fill up the XP bar @ max level and earn my chance at 3 donuts? I have a feeling it just increased from ~800k to just over a million after the last time I filled the xp bar.
    If so, does this inflated or increase in XP carry on into the next game lvl or max lvl? Hope this makes sense =)

    • Yup it increases each time. But once a new level hits you’ll automatically level up and it’ll reset to those standards…

  4. rmwbooking809

    This bonus level should yield more than 3 donuts. That’s a lot XP for 1..2….or 3 donuts. Who should I direct my angst towards? Rrrrrrr

  5. So, at least for me, the cheat where you hold the lower right corner of the screen while the lights cycle through no longer works. I’ve gotten 1 donut the last two times. Anyone else have this experience?

  6. When the bonus level comes can I still look at my cheaters and look around what they doiing?

  7. Blood Mobile gives a lot of XP

  8. this is so confusing.. ok so I got level 40 this morning. It now says level 40 on top of my bar. But my bar is still blue and has a little gift box at the end of it . And it says 160528/296000. So is this normal? or should it have changed back to pink when I got the level 40 ? ( I downloaded it this morning and got the little Ned picture and donuts for leveling up but I haven’t started the storyline yet) … I never understood and still don’t understand this XP bar thing , yet I’ve been playing since day one . All I know is when the little gift box is there I get a chance at 3 donuts when the bar is full, the rest I don’t get . I did read what you wrote but I still don’t understand it since my bar didn’t reset this morning, it didn’t change color and my little gift box is still there , even if I went from level 39 to 40 … Can you tell me if this is normal? and explain it to me again? thanks

    • Because you had previously completed the XP needed to advance to Level 40, you automatically leveled up. Now when you fill the bar again, you’ll get the chance to win 3 donuts. Additionally, after that you’ll also automatically update to Level 41 whenever it is released. Completely normal. Hope that clears up your confusion.

  9. Hii!! =)
    I’m level 39 and I’m in the bonus level up … but the xp bar still blue
    and i have only 4 stars of conform-o-meter..
    Can I receive donuts??? =/

    • You need the XP bar to first turn to the pink color, then as it gets full again…the 3 boxes of donuts will pop up. So just earn the XP. It may take a lil longer without extra multipliers, but you can do it. 🙂

      • Thanks for responding! =)
        I Buy things that helped me increase in Consumerism and obedience rating.. and got the bonus!!!!
        With that recovers lost donuts and now pink bar appears ..
        thanks a lot!!

      • Do you have to fill the bar up and get the first bonus then it will turn pink or does the bar have to be let’s say 50 or 60 percent full towards your first bonus then it turns pink? My bar is about 20% filled towards my first bonus and it’s blue.

        • Once you fill the bar, like you’re about to level up, instead of a level up you’ll get the bonus level up game. After that the bar will turn pink and each time you fill it you’ll get a new game. Hope that answers your question! 🙂

      • Yes thank you. Also correct me if I’m wrong, once my bar is pink, when the next update that increases the max level comes out, I will instantly become level 40, or do I have to keep getting the bonus game until a certain amount, say 5 or 6 games, it won’t let me get anymore bonus games or is it infinite bonus games and I instantly level up to level 40 on the next update as long as my bar is pink when it is released?

  10. Ok. That Makes Sense. Thank You. Are Those The Ones That Give The Most Xp That Are Repeatable? Thank You!

  11. why weather stations and volley ball net?

    • Because weather stations and Volleyball nets award a significant amount of XP when purchased and you can have multiples of them. Weather stations award 1,000xp and Volleyball nets award 500xp…not including any additional bonus multipliers you have. 🙂

  12. I quite often get two lots of these when i level up and get 6 donuts

  13. HI. EA has recently corrected the cap on the Max xp level. I mean by this that until recently, once you had reached the maximum and collected your donuts, the next maximum was say 15% higher. Since v4.4, it stays the same. Mine reads 192k and hasn’t moved after getting 3 donuts this morning.

    • Hi, I haven’t noticed that but I’ll be looking out for it. I maxed out pretty quickly after level 33 hit, and didn’t pay enough attention to the XP Bar. Currently it’s showing 192,816 to reach the bonus level, once it hits I’ll have to see if/what it resets too. Thanks for the info!

    • Well, now that v5.5 is out (Halloween 2013), the bonus appears to be getting further and further away each time again. My last bonus was at 233k xp, but now it’s risen to 279k.

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