If I Plant Triffids, Will They End My Game?

TSTO triffids
A common question comes up among new TSTO players whenever they see the grow list on Cletus’s Farm, and that’s ‘What happens when you grow Triffids?  Why does it say End of Humanity?  Will it end my game?’ (ok so that’s 3 questions)

Don’t worry, Triffids are not going to wipe out villages like the plague, and I promise it won’t even end your game!  Humanity will be just fine, well for one more day anyway.  If you decide to be brave and grow Triffids all that will happen is you’ll gain a lotta xp after the 12 hours are up, however they do not yield cash.  To prove to you it’s safe to grow them, here’s a screen shot from my town just this morning after my Triffids were ready to be harvested:
TSTO Triffids ready to harvest
So if you’re thinking growing Triffids be brave, take a deep breath and push the button!  Then relax and while you gain xp!

7 responses to “If I Plant Triffids, Will They End My Game?

  1. I was going for money… oh well.

  2. Is there a base amount of Xp? I figured with being at level 50 and having 15.45% bonus I would earn more than 250 xp. But oh well.

  3. I’m still a sceptic as you did not post a picture of your town after harvesting the Triffids. Just saying…

  4. Triffids are a reference to the novel “Day of the Triffids” by I forget who. Google it.

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