Hey Hey It’s Sideshow…YOU!

sideshow you TSTO Krustyland
Sideshow You is a free to play mini game inside Krustyland that awards tappers with free tickets.  Think of it as Krusty’s way of giving back to the Krustyland patrons, or as he puts it: “Now any jerk — I mean, “respected patron” — can waltz in and get free Tickets.”

Here are some of the basics to Sideshow You:
-Level 22 or higher is required to build.
-Build is prompted by Part 15 of the Krustyland Quest
-Only 1 Sideshow You allowed in Krustyland
-1,000 tickets to build, but it is an instant build.
-Every 8 hours you have the chance to pop 3 balloons, each balloon contains free ticket prizes!
-Unlike the Bonus Level Up! game tickets do accumulate, so your free ticket award is the total amount behind all 3 popped balloons
-Similar to the Kwik-E-Mart Scratch-R, although it’s completely free to play!
-After 299 tries, you will win 5 FREE donuts.
-The maximum amount of tickets you can win is 150 and minimum is 15.
-Behind each balloon is either 5 tickets, 10 tickets, 25 tickets, 50 tickets, or rare 5 donuts (again prices do accumulate, so your total prize amount is the total of all 3 balloons popped).

TSTO sideshow you balloons
Sideshow You Odds (per balloon popped):

  • 5 tickets- 20%
  • 10 tickets- 40%
  • 25 tickets- 30%
  • 50 tickets- 9%
  • 5 Donuts- 1%

The maximum amount of tickets you can win is 150, what was your best Sideshow You ticket haul?

32 responses to “Hey Hey It’s Sideshow…YOU!

  1. Nerfed since destruction of KL. No donuts since, despite regular use, usually lowest payout of tickets possible.

  2. Woo hoo after nearly 4 years I finally got my 5 donuts

  3. MydadlookslikeFlanders

    Dude, I just won 5 donuts! That’s why I came to check this out! I feel lucky with those odds. lol

  4. Holy crap, i was jus reading this, and was like damn, when am I gunna get donuts, so I went ahead and popped em since there’s no trick, jus like Springfield downs.. Anyways, BAMM!!!!!, 5 DONUTS!!!!

    I took A screens hot, dont know how to add it…

  5. Anyone else ever get the “requirements not met” if so, what does it mean?

    • If you get this it means you went into Krustyland just as the balloon pop is ready. Go back to Springfield then back into Krustyland. You’ll be able to pop your balloons.

    • When you get this message it means you entered Krustyland just as the balloon pop is ready. Try going back to Springfield, then back to Krustyland. Your balloon pop will then work properly.

  6. I’ve never had 5 donuts from Sideshow you 🙁

  7. Just received an “item that might not be supported” in Sideshow You. Looked like it might have been a Krusty Ballcap from the glimpse I got before the alert popped up. It immediately tossed me out of Krustyland and into re-load of Krustyland, long delay, and then TSTO reload. What happened? Is this an upgrade or glitch?

  8. Lilacliz / tallulah08 / tiffanytidge

    I’ve been playing since the game was released and I’ve only ever won donuts once? What am I doing wrong? Does it have to be same colour? Please help x x

  9. Is anyone else’s Sideshow You glitched? I no longer get the balloon and don’t get the waiting time when clicking on it.

  10. Woo hoo! Scored 5 donuts today! Awesome that it happened during the Halloween event, too! 😀

  11. dwightshep425

    125 tickets and 5 donuts!

  12. I usually get the 5 donuts when there is an event going on, like christmas, easter, last stonecutters event…..
    But since the stonecutters update i’ve noticed i’m getting a lot less tickets from the stand! when I always got something around 50-80, I’ve been getting usually 15-25… 🙁 me so sad…
    Anyone else noticed that?

    • Not something I’ve noticed, but it could be just a random draw. I’ve always had terrible luck with Sideshow You. Anyone else noticing?

  13. Some questions. How did you figure out it was every 299 pops? In the game files? Still in the game files? I’ve read the probability of getting it before that 299 pop is 1/00. Can you confirm? Is that probability in the files? Thanks much!

    I’ve been getting the 5 donuts every 2.5 months. I do 6 pops a day.

  14. 125 only one time (today)
    110 only two times
    70 – 75 – 80 occasionally
    40 most of the times
    5 donuts 2 times.

    Playing the game since late January, I don’t remember when I build the stand.

    • Hey you got 5 donuts more than me and I’ve had Krustyland since it came out last summer! I’ve yet to get donuts from it…but I also forget to play it a lot. 🙂

  15. I’ve gotten 150 tickets a few times, and 5 donuts once. I usually play sideshow you twice a day, so it takes nearly 5 months to play 299 times.

  16. Finally got 5 donuts the other day behind one of three pink baloons. Does that mean I have to do another 299 games before my next 5 donuts ?

  17. My best is 125 as well, if I remember well, but I never got 5 donuts though I’m playing it 6 months now. I usually pop twice a day, but got nothing.
    Btw I think that usually the dark blue balloons and red balloons hide the 50 tickets. I always pop these colors and I usually never go under 80 tickets this way. But it’s also happened to me that I popped three 5-ticket balloon, and got only 10 tickets! I don’t even know how I did that…
    Oh, and my boyfriend popped two times last week, and got both times 5 – 5 donuts. So I don’t really understand how this works…

  18. 125 is my best

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