Ticket to Ride: Breaking Down the Krustyland Attractions

So by now most Tapped Out players should be well into the Krustyland expansion, but you may be noticing that the higher you go the more expensive the attractions cost.  So for those who like to prepare and budget their tickets here’s a complete break down of the Krustyland Attractions.
TSTO Krustyland attractions
So fasten your seat belt, keep your arms and legs inside the ride at all times because away we go! 

         TSTO Krustyland krustyland entrance
                        Attraction: Krustyland Entrance
                       Ticket Cost: 20 tickets
                      Build  Time: 6 Seconds
               Tickets Earned: 18tix/ 2hrs
                         Task Line: Searching Bags for Outside Food
Krust-O-Meter Impact: Merch +10
                   Build When?: Part 3

TSTO Krustyland Death_Drop
                        Attraction: Death Drop
                       Ticket Cost: 300 tickets
                      Build  Time: 12hrs
               Tickets Earned: 18tix/ 2hrs
                         Task Line: Scattering Pocket Change
Krust-O-Meter Impact: Nausea +10
                   Build When?: Part 7

TSTO Krustyland Krustyland_Krusty_Burger
                        Attraction: Krustyland Krustyburger 
                       Ticket Cost: 650 tickets
                      Build  Time: 12hrs
               Tickets Earned: 40tix/ 8hrs
                         Task Line: Thawing Meat Patties
Krust-O-Meter Impact: Grub +10
                   Build When?: Part 10

TSTO Krustyland Sleeping itchy's castle
                        Attraction: Sleeping Itchy’s Castle
                       Ticket Cost: 1,000 tickets
                      Build  Time: 24hrs
               Tickets Earned: 52tix/ 10hrs
                         Task Line: Losing Track of Children
Krust-O-Meter Impact: Merch +10
                   Build When?: Part 13 (Requires Level 22 or higher)

TSTO Krustyland Itchy_and_Scratchy_Gift_Shop_
                        Attraction: Itchy & Scratchy Gift Shop
                       Ticket Cost: 1750 tickets
                      Build  Time: 24hrs
               Tickets Earned: 60tix/ 12hrs
                         Task Line: Removing Made In China Tags
Krust-O-Meter Impact: Merch +10
                   Build When?: Part 16 (Requires Level 23 or higher)

TSTO Krustyland Radioactive_Man_the_Ride
                        Attraction: Radioactive Man: The Ride
                       Ticket Cost: 2,500 tickets
                      Build  Time: 24hrs
               Tickets Earned: 36tix/ 6hrs
                         Task Line: Emitting Real Gamma Radiation
Krust-O-Meter Impact: Nausea +10
                   Build When?: Part 21 (Requires Level 24 or higher)

TSTO Krustyland food needle
                        Attraction: Food Needle
                       Ticket Cost: 5,000 tickets
                      Build  Time: 36hrs
               Tickets Earned: 27tix/ 4hrs
                         Task Line: Making Plain Food Seem Fancy
Krust-O-Meter Impact: Grub +10
                   Build When?: Part 24 (Requires Level 25 or higher)

TSTO Krustyland wet wild stunt show
                        Attraction: Wet and Smokey Stunt Show
                       Ticket Cost: 7,500 tickets
                      Build  Time: 36hrs
               Tickets Earned: 60tix/ 12hrs
                         Task Line: Disinfecting the Splash Zone
Krust-O-Meter Impact: Nausea +10
                   Build When?: Part 26 (Requires Level 26 or higher)

TSTO Krustyland haunted condo
                        Attraction: Haunted Condo
                       Ticket Cost: 10,000 tickets
                      Build  Time: 24hrs
               Tickets Earned: 18tix/ 2hrs
                         Task Line: De-greasing Door Hinges
Krust-O-Meter Impact: Nausea +10
                   Build When?: Part 29

TSTO Krustyland scratchys flea dipper
                        Attraction: Scratcy’s Flea Dipper
                       Ticket Cost: 12,000 tickets
                      Build  Time: 36hrs
               Tickets Earned: 36tix/ 6hrs
                         Task Line: Underpaying Teenage Staff
Krust-O-Meter Impact: Nausea +10
                   Build When?: Part 31 (Requires Level 27 or higher)

TSTO Krustyland viking boat
                        Attraction: Viking Board Ride
                       Ticket Cost: 16,000 tickets
                      Build  Time: 24hrs
               Tickets Earned: 40tix/ 8hrs
                         Task Line: Inducing Air-Sea-Sickness
Krust-O-Meter Impact: Nausea +10
                   Build When?: Part 33 (Requires Level 28 or higher)

TSTO Krustyland krustyland hotel
                        Attraction: Krustyland Hotel
                       Ticket Cost: 20,000 tickets
                      Build  Time: 48hrs
               Tickets Earned: 120tix/ 36hrs
                         Task Line: Siccing Cockroaches After Bedbugs
Krust-O-Meter Impact: Merch +10
                   Build When?: Part 36

TSTO Krustyland Duff_Pavilion
                        Attraction: Duff Pavillion
                       Ticket Cost: 25,000 tickets
                      Build  Time: 36hrs
               Tickets Earned: 52tix/ 10hrs
                         Task Line: Getting Dads Through the Day
Krust-O-Meter Impact: Grub +10
                   Build When?: Part 38 (Requires Level 29 or higher)

TSTO Krustyland Toothchipper
                        Attraction: Tooth Chipper
                       Ticket Cost: 32,000 tickets
                      Build  Time: 5 days (currently the longest build time)
               Tickets Earned: 80tix/ 24hrs
                         Task Line: Keeping Dentists in Business
Krust-O-Meter Impact: Grub +10
                   Build When?: Part 10

Looking for Premium Rides?  Mount Krustmore and Eyeballs of Death

Note: You can purchase addition Krustyland Burgers and Gift Shops, they’ll cost the same amount of tickets as the first one, but they will not generate any new tickets.  In other words any additional Krustyland Burger Stands or Gift Shops become decorations, they just add to your Merch and Grub rating, but do not generate ticket income.

So there you have the complete Krustyland Attractions Guide.  Currently it’ll cost you 133,720 tickets to purchase all of the non-premium attractions in Krustyland, so make sure you keep those tapping fingers busy!
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