Springfield vs. Krustyland: Character Management

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The introduction of the Krustyland expansion in TSTO has required tappers to multitask a bit more than normal. Unlike Squidport, where the quests were all in Springfield, Krustyland requires movement back and forth between Springfield and Krustyland to ensure quests and tasks are moving along. This can feel overwhelming, especially if you’re working on a new level quest in Springfield. The good news? Not all of your characters appear in Krustyland, and the ones that do are not all required at once. In fact only Homer and Krusty are required to get things started.

So what other characters make an appearance in Krustyland? Here’s a complete list of the characters that make an appearance in Krustyland and when:

Cletus and Sideshow Mel– Part 5
Bart, Lisa and Kearney- Part 6
Milhouse- Part 7
Martin, Skinner and Otto- Part 11
Comic Book Guy- Part 15
Wiggum, Hans Moleman, and Squeaky-Voice Teen- Part 18
Nelson- Part 25
Lenny and Carl- Part: 32

Remember: Sideshow Mel, Kearney, Otto, Hans Moleman & SVT are all premium characters  and will only appear in your Krustyland if you’ve purchased them.

Looking for more time management details? Check out our complete Krustyland Walkthrough.

6 responses to “Springfield vs. Krustyland: Character Management

  1. The twins have appeared 🙂

  2. Hello TSTO I have a lot of great info about Tapped Out that you may not know. If you would like to know I would love to join the team as a major fan of TSTO reading your blogs since the start. Please give me a chance to be an amazing addition to the team as have a lot of great ideas!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Agree the overwhelming’ness of KL. I started KL and never thought about ongoing quests back in SP, now I’ve only just realised there are still level 32 quests to finish..but loving it…before all the updates i must admit it was all starting to get a little dull. 🙂

  4. I manage this by setting all characters on tasks of the same time period. Tap everything I can in Springfield, then bus on over to KL and do the same. Now when I transfer back to my town, any speech bubbles starting quests are all there. Hope this helps!

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