Are Laffy Meal’s Worth the Donuts?

laffymealThe Krustyland expansion has brought us another game of chance premium purchase, like Springfield’s Homer Buddha and the Mystery Box, the Laffy Meal.  Instead of bottomless fast food calories, the Laffy Meal gives tappers the opportunity to win tickets or premium items for Krustyland.  The Laffy Meal is available only in Krustyland and will set you back 25 donuts.

Here are the Laffy Meal prizes and odds:

ticket1000 44%
ticket1250 34%
ticket1500 12%
Whack-A-Mole 3%
Itchy Mascot/ticket2000 2%
Scratchy Mascot/ticket2000 2%
Krusty Fountain 1.75%
Eyeballs of Death/ticket4000 0.75%
Mount Krustmore/ticket7000 0.5%

*Note: The Itchy & Scratchy Mascots, Eyeballs of Death & Mount Krustmore are all unique items, so if you’ve already purchased/won them you’ll be awarded with the ticket value noted.

While 25 donuts may sound a little steep, it’s worth it if you can win Mount Krustmore or 7,000 tickets!  Personally I’ve purchased a few Laffy Meals and the best I’ve done was 4,000 tickets (I already had the Eyeballs of Death).  They were useful in the early stages of the game when tickets were hard to accumulate.

Will you be looking for the Laffy Meal prize?

6 responses to “Are Laffy Meal’s Worth the Donuts?

  1. Hmm, the non-ticket prizes available in the chart add up to 510 donuts to just buy directly, based on the prices I see in my game today. At 25 tickets per Laffy Meal, that total buys 20 just chances to get those prizes. So, on average, I would not expect to get very many prizes whose probability is below 5% — and they’re all well below 5% — by getting Laffy Meals.

    So, if you want to get all these prizes, and you have the 510 donuts to spare, it seems pretty clear that buying them all directly is the much better option.

    Thanks TSTOAddicts for this data!

  2. I have 70 donuts but is the tapp ball
    Event what is better??,,

  3. The prizes you’ve set out here differ a bit from what it says on the Tapped Out wiki:

    Specifically the wiki says that if you win one of the Mascots or Mt Krustmore when you already have it in your Krustyland you get donuts, not tickets. Any idea which is correct? Has it changed?

    • Let me put it this way, I went in again just now to test this “theory” and our stats are still as accurate now as they were then. I already have Mt. Krustmore…so after buying a few and getting 1000/1250 a couple times…which is common, I just hit a rarer prize and got 7000 tickets instead of Mt. Krustmore. 2000 instead of mascots (that I already have). Etc. 😉

      We always test and retest the numbers we pull directly from the files to ensure they play out the same as they are coded. Hope that helps.

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