Friday Evening Simpsons Fun: Springfield in Florida!

Hello Fellow Tapped Out Addicts!

A little lighthearted post for a Friday night: Springfield is now in Orlando Florida! Check out this video tour of the new Springfield in Universal Orlando:

Another great overview video can be found here, via USA Today

So fellow Addicts, what do you think?  Would you like to check out Springfield in Florida?

Happy Friday Addicts!  Enjoy your weekend and don’t tap too hard!

2 responses to “Friday Evening Simpsons Fun: Springfield in Florida!

  1. I’m going in September and I can’t wait (34 years old) 🙂

    • Haven’t been to the Florida version (yet!) but I can tell you the ride is soooo awesome from going to Hollywood! I really want to go to Florida just to have a Flaming Moe or Duff Beer!

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