What a Wookiee wants… MORE CARS!

So it’s been a slow weekend but I figured I’d post one more thing before heading off to my work week.  Ever since EA’s dialogue tease about cars on the road… I can’t stop thinking about this whenever I go to my Springfield.  To help quiet the mind of this ADHD Resident of Kashyyyk, I went episode perusing to compile a list of cars…  Please buckle up for this installment of WAWW…


We all know Homer’s car is #1 on the list.  I mean, without The Simpsons family we’d all be playing (and obsessing over) a silly game that made no sense.

Right behind their car is the next obvious choice.
12 yards long, 2 lanes wide,
65 tons of American Pride!

Canyonero! Canyonero!

Next… #3 is The Homer

One of my favorite vehicles has always been Moleman’s Gremlin.

While I fear we’ll never get Troy McClure in the game because of the late (and amazing) Phil Hartman, his car brings out the complete nerd in this Wookiee!

Christmas is right around the corner so how about Homer’s Mr. Plow truck?

Even Super Nintendo Chalmer’s has his own car!

As a big and tall man who loves VW Beetles…  the really tall man’s car seems like a must for me….

I’m sure we all agree that more vehicles would be amay-za-zing and I would certainly pay donuts for any of the above.  If I had to pick it would be the Gremlin only because of this old Wookiee’s nostalgia for older vehicles.

I leave this post with my personal heroes.  Some folks that IRL have their very own Simpsons vehicle.  Happy tapa-tapa-tapping tapperinos!

10 responses to “What a Wookiee wants… MORE CARS!

  1. I don’t see another category where this would fit, and this one is the closest. I’d like a bus stop. Maybe even have characters wait at the bus stop. Of course, a bus is the next thing they’d need to add.

  2. What I would love is for EA to add the ability to orient the cars in all 4 directions just like the fences. I also agree with Wookie I would enjoy having more vee-hickles added to the game and while you’re at it throw in UNCLE HERB along with the HOMER.

  3. Looking at the cars in krustyland surely EA could provide some as decorations to fill all the parking spaces I ‘win’ in the mystery boxes. I would lie to park some on the roads but they are all single track.

    • Definitely would be awesome! Or maybe just offer different parking spaces with cars already in them to make the programming easier. There was the tease about cars a couple levels back so hopefully EA has this and more like it on their radar.

      • Erika Fournier (BraveElfgirl1994)

        I agree, either having little cars that fit in the parking spaces or parking lots with cars already in them would be amazing!! I don’t like seeing all the empty parking lots around my town. Let’s hope this is one of the things that will come this new year!! Fingers crossed!!!! 🙂

  4. Canyonero. For me but I would also like chance to get Fat Tony’s Cadillac again

  5. Random cars like random people in Krustyland just driving around the road…that’s what I want

  6. Oh yeah. I’m resisting adding too many police cars or burns limos in the game. Although I enjoy the 2% multiplier they provide, I’d like to vary cars. Come on EA, you know we’ll buy tem

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