Awesome title right? Now don’t I wish this gift was for everyone. For some, happiness all around. For others, they wish their game glitched all over. (Secretly had this been foreseen…I would’ve done EVERYTHING to make it glitch just to get such an amazing prize.)

Now that I got your attention, let me breakdown exactly what happened. Around the time Krustyland was launched, many players that anxiously were awaiting its arrival started to play at quick speed. As with any new launch in a game, this one came with a very cruel glitch. For me & my neighbor (that I will be using to demonstrate) we used multiple devices to play the game. Depending on what location we were at, would determine the device. iPod, Galaxy Tab, Cell phones, etc. While switching play from my iPod back to his cell phone (GS2), my neighbor got the “evil glitch”. It placed his entire Krustyland, buildings, garbage, booths right into his Springfield. I noticed more and more players experiencing this through the various blogs and chat boards. Here is an example of what people were seeing.

As you can see in the pictures, Krustyland garbage and items were everywhere in Springfield. Under buildings, on roads (oh how I wish this was something we could do), both the shuttle to AND from Krustyland were there as well. (Notice the doughnut count.) As many others were doing, we sat back and patiently awaited the glitch to fix itself. We played around with the ability to design in Springfield with the broken down carts.

Then on August 14th, 2013 my friend contacted me in shock. Not only was the glitch gone a few days by now, but in its place there were…500 FREE DOUGHNUTS!!. Afraid this was some mistake, he quickly wanted to spend them before EA “figured it out and changed their mind”.

I went to my usual chat/blog areas and didn’t see anything else on this. I thought maybe his Sideshow You game had a massive payout. But didn’t give it much thought. Until I was checking the forums on EA and stumbled across this…

We hadn’t thought to check his inventory as he didn’t stock up on anything yet. So we checked. Sure enough…5 KrustyLand Laffy Meals. As each one was opened, a LOT of tickets were inside. 1,000/1,500/ 3x 1,250. That’s 6,250 free tickets. All this just for a glitch. It makes me happy to think that EA is starting to pay attention to the inconvenience of these major glitches and then compensating its players. He did have to re-buy the entrance and buildings stuck in Krustyland to keep playing during the glitch. (FYI, neither myself or him EVER reported the glitch…just waited).

So if you noticed some extra doughnuts and/or Laffy Meals, you now know why. If you have not, be patient. From what I can see…the payout of Free stuff started right around launch of Krustyland and continues to today. 🙂



  1. Great posst thankyou

  2. My glitch is still there. It hasn’t gone away yet. 🙁

  3. If only….i made the mistake with Squidport and lost my 4 start up tiles…was not happy 🙁 my first building sat on water for a bit

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