Another 2D Journey from Wookieecorp (Emperor Moe)

My latest 2D happened quite by accident.  My friend and 2D admirer, Em Cha from and TopiX posted some requests for 2Ds on the site to the resident artists (Shelfcleaner, Bunny and myself).  We all agreed on the images we wanted to do and I chose Moe.

I am a big fan of The Simpsons Movie and really loved the scenes under the dome with Emperor Moe!  I also found some humor in thinking of this next piece of art as being the “Em”peror.  I chose two images to make this piece mainly because of detail in Moe’s traffic cone crown that were blocked out in the first image.

I used the top pic for Moe’s face and the bottom to help me with the cone.

So to start off, of course I had to pic a point.  Can’t tell you why but I chose Moe’s ear.

With this in place, it seemed natural to use the garbage cans for Moe’s hair.

From there… I decided to start on the cone.  The angle on my first attempt wasn’t to my liking so I tweaked it a bit.

With my line the way I wanted it, it was time to go across the screen for the bottom portion of the traffic cone.  Since I didn’t have a cache of snapdragons, I decided to show the difficulty of placing as you buy them.  It is much easier to buy previously, store and then use them.

Deciding where to end this line was interesting.  I just played it by ear and got lucky.  With the base done, I placed the lines to connect to Moe’s head and another line to add a pseudo-3D effect to the image.  I made sure to leave gaps to fill in with orange so you’d have no doubt what was on Moe’s head.

With the black outline done (snapdragons=black in 2D), started on Moe’s forehead.  I was so happy with this image above because it’s already starting to look like Emperor Moe!

Moved on to Moe’s eyes and nose with more 25 dollar bushes which wasn’t too hard.  Don’t know if you noticed, but based on the eye/nose dimensions, had to tweak Moe’s ear and hair at this point.

Continued with Moe’s face creating his mouth and of course wanted to fill in his mouth with more black.

With the face all done it was time to fill in the hair and traffic cone.  Had enough grey garbage cans for the hair but once again did not have enough cones for the orange.  If this image doesn’t convince you of the merits of pre-purchasing your palette items, nothing will.

Got it all filled in and added some text for the inspiration behind the post.

At this point Sideshow Bob showed up to critique my art so I decided I wanted the mouth to have more black and this was the result.

I added a little detail to Moe’s forehead which looked nice.  Tried to do the bag under his right eye but didn’t like how it looked so opted to not have it in my image.  Once “complete”, I posted this pic on the Tapped-Out community (beat Shelfcleaner’s pic of Dr. Nick by 16 or so minutes lol) but still had an eye for future tweaking.

I originally didn’t know what I wanted to use for the stripes on the traffic cone but fortuitously, the volleyball courts worked perfectly!

So my image was posted but I still wanted to work on it.  Decided to continue the traffic cone up to my KL bus stop which was being eaten by my Chewbacca 2D.


Started by tweaking the shape of the cone (NOTE: the angle of your design can make this easier or harder.)   Next, made the decision to move my Krusty Burger to keep going.

I left the gaps in the screenshots above so hopefully you can see the differences in my traffic cone’s outlines.  My last step was to completely relocate the KL bus stop so I could complete my cone.  Gotta say I love how this ended up.  This 2D will probably be in my neighborhood for quite a while.  Of course the lettering changed for a shameless plug for this site!  I have reattached the original images from the front of this post so you can make your own opinion about how I did.  Happy tapa-tapa-tapping fellow tapaholics aka Addicts!

As a last note, I’m sure one or two of you wanted to know what the other artists came up with.  Well… here you go!  Shelfcleaner chose Dr. Nick.

Bunny chose Maggie… you can see her reference image in this as well…

Well, that seems to be enough for this round of 2D Instructionals.  Stay tuned for a How-To from Bunny on her Maggie creation!  TTFN, Wookiee out!

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  1. I can not even describe how happy this made me 😀 I grinned ’till my cheeks hurt and could not stop! THANK YOU Wookiee, Shelfcleaner and Bunny!

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