Crash Test Dummies

TSTO Game Crashing
Yesterday Alissa looked at what happens when Bart unplugs your game, and you can’t connect to the servers.  But what happens when you’re in the middle of collecting money from your Springfield and your game suddenly freezes and completely crashes?  Or worse yet, what do you do when it happens constantly after only a few minutes of playing? 

If this happens to you (often) the good news is there are some simple things you can take to try and see if it helps solve the crashing problem.   So if you’re one of the Tappers who constantly have their Springfield crashing try these solutions first to see if the crashing is solved:-Delete the game off of your device and download it again from the App Store or Play Store, try visiting a friend’s Springfield first and then come back to yours to ensure the game is synced and saved.
-Do a hard reset of the game on your device (basically shut down the active apps from your devices task manager)
-Log in on another device.
-Free up some memory on your device by deleting any inactive or unused apps.
-Try deleting some neighbors, especially if you have more than 10.
-Remove some decorations.  If you have too many decorations (3000+) it could cause your game to crash, so try removing a few of those excess bushes and trees and see if that helps!
-Try playing the game over WiFi instead of your 3G/4G phone data, this could help the reliability in your game since the signal is more stable.

If all else fails, and you’ve tried EVERYTHING listed above to try and prevent your game from crashing there is 1 more DRASTIC measure you can take to get your game to stop crashing.  It’s possible you may have some corrupt game files.  If this is the case you can try the following (again only do this if everything else fails):

  1.  Delete Tapped Out from your Device (again try visiting a friend’s Springfield first and then come back to yours to ensure the game is synced and saved).
  2. Back up your device.  If using iOS backup to iCloud, if Android use your SD Card or other Cloud service (I use an SD card as well as the Gmail backup).
  3. Reset all of your content and settings on your device (found in the settings)
  4. Restore your device to factory, like new, settings.
  5. Download and install Tapped Out from the App Store or Play Store
  6. Log back in to your Tapped Out Origin Account

It’s really important if you’re doing the phone reset to delete the app before you backup your device.  If you don’t delete the app first, it’s possible the data from the app (that’s corrupt) is cached locally on your device is still there, and it’s possible that issues such as constant crashing and an inability to add friends are due to improperly cached data on the device. If you reset and restore your device without deleting the app first, you are potentially restoring this bad data right back to your device.

Hope this information helps you out Tappers!  I know how frustrating it can be when your game constantly crashes within a few minutes of logging in!

Happy Tapping Friends!

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  1. I never saw this post before (probably because it was from before I started playing). One suggestion though… if you’re going to recommend deleting neighbors, I’d make the threshold 30, instead of 10, since it’s pretty comment for events to allow for 90 friend sections for event-currency earning.

  2. HIGH FIVE EVERYBODY ! Sorry couldn’t help it. I play on a kindle fire hd and the game crashes when I try to visit my neighbors. This has been going on for the past couple of days now, any ideas ? This site rocks!

  3. Hi, Since using TSTO I’ve had endless problems with the programming crashing until I noticed one day that if I didn’t zoom in or out I only had a few crashes mostly due to server connection problems. After testing this theory a few times I noticed a huge difference in the amount of crashes. Eg if I zoomed it would normally crash not long after. If I didn’t zoom I could play the game for hours with outt problems. Though I did still have problems with crashing when moving between checking trends towns and coming back to mine.
    I hope this helps some one as I nearly gave up playing because of the constant crashing.
    I play the ga!m mainly on a version 1 Google Nexus 7 and sometimes on the Nexus 5. In both cases it helped.

    • Ooo that’s good advice! It’s funny I don’t have too many crash problems with my game, but I almost never zoom in. That could explain it! Thanks for the tip! 🙂

      • Thanks. It will be interesting just to see what others think and if it does help anyone and if it does, is it hardware specific etc, then EA can look at the zoom code and fix the problem 🙂
        The biggest problem I found, is when using two fingers on screen, how easy it is to do a zoom without realising.

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