Can I Place Anything on the Road?

Wondering if any of your TSTO decorations can be placed on any roads?  Well the answer is yes, but only 1 of them.  Currently the barrier is the only TSTO decoration that can be placed on the road.

You can purchase it once you reach Level 16 for $760.  At this point it’s the only decoration that can be placed on roads in TSTO.  

I’m hopeful future updates might bring more road decorations (like cars, sewer grates or how about the giant sink hole Homer caused?)  but for now you’ll have to stick with the barrier for your road decorating needs.

3 responses to “Can I Place Anything on the Road?

  1. Hey i want to know how i can put sewers in the roads i saw a guy who has them!


    Thats he’s name take a look please and tell me how to do it 😃

    • Can you send a Screenshot of this? I don’t have access to players accounts to “look”

    • The manhole covers are “unreleased content” and require a mod/hack to place them on roads, but if you’ve reached Level 54 you can build a road under Mr. Powers’ car.

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