Just Who Is Gil and Why Does Everyone Keep Talking About Him?

TSTO Gil Gunderson
“Hot damn, a customer!  Alright Gil.  You can maybe do it this time”  

While we all anxiously await the arrival of the next Tapped Out update (we’re all flying in the dark here, what’s it going to be?! An event?! A level?! Krustyland content?!) let’s take a stroll through Tapped Out History and talk about someone we haven’t see much around Springfield lately Gil Gunderson.

Gil Gunderson (or as he calls himself, Ol’Gil) is Springfield’s most unsuccessful and unlucky salesman.  In the Simpsons Tapped Out Ol’ Gil is a temporary character (at least as of now) in the game and only ever appears for a few days to offer special deals on promotional items that will help him feed his kids and prevent his wife from leaving. His first appearance in TSTO was December of 2012 and, since then, he’s only been back 3 more times (he was around in December for two offers over 9 days.  I’m counting both offers as the first appearance).  There is, however, speculation from those that read the game files that Gil is scheduled to make an appearance in TSTO with another offer soon.

Curious about Gil’s Deals?  Well here’s a list of when he popped up in Springfield and what he offered:
Chrismas Special:  December 19th-22nd, 2012
Gil’s first appearance in Springfield.  He offered Santa’s Village and Santa Homer for 200 donuts (the selling price) but (if you act now) he threw in the Holiday Tree (worth 75 donuts) for free!

TSTO Gil 2
Day-Old Donut Offer: December 23rd-28th, 2012
Gil must have gotten fired from his first gig, because he was back again the next day with a Day-Old donut deal!  He was offering 25% more donuts to all Donuts purchased in the store (ie 12 donuts became 15)

A Sign and Doom: January 11th-14th, 2013

Ol’ Gil was back in January of 2013 with, perhaps his best, offer…The Volcano Lair (and Hank Scorpio) with the Springfield Sign for only 250 Donuts!  Normal price on those two combined would have set you back 370 donuts!

TSTO Gil 4
Nerd Farm (Called The Science Fund for some Tappers):
February 22nd-25th, 2013
Gil was back in February peddling a new deal….Frink’s Lab and a Homer Buddha for 250 donuts and if you acted immediately he threw in an extra $50,000!

Day Old Donuts: May 24th-27th, 2013

Gil was back again after Whacking Day with a new donut offer!  This time Gil was offering 25% off all donuts purchased, because “They don’t taste good, but they purchase premium content just fine.”

While all Day Old Donut offers will appear to all Tappers, if one of Gil’s offers contains unique items that you already have, like the Springfield Sign and Frink’s Lab, Gil will not show up in your town.

Twice Gil has offered a special on donuts.  For Christmas 2012 Gil offered 25% more donuts when you purchased a donut package from the store.  Here were the break downs for the Christmas Donut Deal:




Price per Donut

A Dozen Donuts




A Stack of Donuts




A Tray of Donuts




A Truckload of Donuts




A Store Full of Donuts




A Boatload of Donuts




And in May of 2013 Gil was back with another Day Old Donut Special.  This time he was offering 25% off of Donut packages (all packages except for a dozen donuts, those remained $1.99).  Here were the break downs for the post Whacking Day Gil offer:


Original Price

Gil’s Price

# of Donuts

Gil’s Price
per Donut

A Stack of Donuts





A Tray of Donuts





A Truckload of Donuts





A Store Full of Donuts





A Boatload of Donuts





So will Gil be making another appearance soon?  There was talk about a Gil offer for August 2013, back before Krustyland was released, that was in the data files of the game.  This offer would have been for the Duff Brewery (and Duffman) with $50,000.  However, since the release of Krustyland and Level 33 the date for Gil’s offer has been pushed back, and we’re not quite sure till when.  I do think we’ll see Gil again soon, after all he needs to keep his kids fed and his wife happy!

Update 8.10.2015:
Above were deals that Gil offered before TSTO Addicts was started.  He’s since been in Springfield A LOT more.  Here’s a list of Gil Deals (and their links) that we’ve covered since starting TSTO Addicts:

-11.29.2013-12.03.2013.  Gil’s Duff Deal.  Duff Brewery, Springfield Sign & Cash.

-12-24.2013-12.31.2013.  Gil’s Holiday Donut Offer. 30% bonus Donuts.

– 2.20.2014-2.25.2014. Gil’s Krusty Premium Package. Krustylu, Sideshow Mel, the Cannon..and for some reason Dr. Nick.

-6.26.2014-7.1.2014. Gil’s Mansion of Solid Gold Deal
gil gold

-8.4.2014-8.12.2014. Gil’s Summer Donut Deal.

-8.13.2014-8.19.2014.  Gil’s Back to School Deal.  Otto/School Bus, Monkey Bars, Teatherball & See Saw.
2014-08-13 17.37.41

-10.2.2014-10.7.2014. Technically not a Gil Deal, but the Shadow Knight Deal.  Shadow Knight Thrown and Skin for Bart.
2014-10-02 14.03.57

-11.28.2014-12.01.2014.  Gil’s Black Friday Deal.  A Complicated deal where every hour items were offered at discounted prices.
2014-11-28 09.26.00

-12.01.2014-12.02.201. Gil’s Cyber Monday Deal. Truckasaurus.
2014-12-01 03.06.39

-12.24.2014-12.27.2014. Gil’s Holiday Donut Deal. 30% More Donuts.

-1.15.2015-1.20.2015. Gil’s Princess Deal. Castle of Equalia and Queen Helvetica outfit for Lisa.
TSTO Gil Princess Helvetica

-3.11.2015-3.16.2015. Gil’s The Homer Deal. Buy the Homer car (first time it was offered. Was offered again with Level 55 release)
2015-03-11 14.16.27

-3.16.2015-3.23.2015. Gil’s Blarney Castle Deal.

-4.01.2015-4.07.2015. Gil’s Easter Deal.  Easter Island God.

-6.03.2015-6.10.2015. Gil’s Pride Month Deal. Roscoe and the Ajax Steel Mill.
2015-06-03 16.36.10
-6.12.2015-6.15.2015. Gil’s End of School Deal. Premium characters with Donut Rebates. (kind of like Black Friday 2014)
2015-06-12 14.38.41

-7.30.2015-8.04.2015. Gil’s Summer Deal. Ice Cream Homer and Ice Cream Truck. Gil Deal Ice Cream Homer

-8.26.2015-9.02.2015. Gil’s Muscular Marge and Shapes Deal.

Gil Deal Muscle Marge & Shapes
-9.30.2015-10.06.2015.  Gil’s Oktoberfest Deal

2015-09-30 18.20.06

-10.28.2015-11.04.2015. Gil’s Halloween Deal
2015-10-28 14.28.09

-02.04.2016-02.09.2016. Gil’s Tailgate Deal
2016-02-04 19.56.00

-02.10.2016-02.17.2016. Gil’s Valentine’s Deal (Becky & Der Krazy Kraut)
2016-02-10 20.20.35

-03.16.2016-03.20.2016. Gil’s St. Patrick’s Day, Notre Dame of Springfield Deal.
2016-03-16 10.56.53

-04.13.2016-04.19.2016. Gil’s Spring Cleaning Deal.
2016-04-13 15.23.13

-04.27.2016-05.04.2016. Gil’s “El Serpiente” Deal (Bandit Fort)
image (11)

-05.18.2016-05.25.2016. Gil’s Duff Gardens Deal. This deal had a major glitch and was lost for many tappers.  It returned to the stores, for all tappers, on June 7th 2016…for 7 days.

2016-05-18 11.27.23

-06.03.2016-06.06.2016. Gil’s Donut Day Donut Bundle Deal.
2016-06-03 04.06.04

-06.03.2016-06.10.2016. Gil’s Donut Day Items. (Donut boat, store & truck)
2016-06-03 04.08.43

-06.22.2016-6.29.2016. Gil’s Asylum Deal.
2016-06-22 09.55.13
-07.20.2016-7.26.2016. Gil’s Radioactive Man Film Set.
-08.23.2016-8.30.2016. Gil’s Rockstar Maggie Deal
2016-08-23 11.03.15
– 09.28.2016- 10.04.2016. Gil’s Fall Rebate Deals.
-10.24.2016-11.01.2016. Gil’s Blinky Monster Deal.
-11.25.2016-11.30.2016. Gil’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals.
Gil Cyber Monday Chum Yardwork
-12.13.2016-12.22.2016. Gil’s Pagan Deal.
-1.18.2017-1.24.2017. Gil’s Jay G Bundle Deal.
-2.08.2017-2.15.2017. Dia-Betty.

-3.21.2017-3.28.2017. Hellfish

-4.04.2017-4.14.2017 Springfield University Nerds.

-06.21.2017-06.28.2017. Mozart and the Concert Hall

-08.23.2017-08.29.2017. Praiseland and Rachel Jordan

-10.09.2017-10.16.2017. Dragon Burns

-12.20.2017-12.26.2017. Jesus.

-1.31.2018-02.07.2018. Moe’s Express, Larry & Sam.

-04.10.2018-04.15.2018. Scotland Yard and Jack the Ripper

-06.19.2018-06.26.2018. J. Edgar Hoover.

-08.17.2018-08.26.2018. Sarah Wiggum.

-10.11.2018-10.18.2018. the Devil.

-12.13.2018-12.19.2018. Young Marge.

-01.23.2019-01.30.2019. Vicki Valentine

Last updated 4-2-19

Have you purchased anything from Gil?  If so what? And did you think it was a good deal?

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  1. I got Blarny Castle as my first prem item. Had to think a lot about this…and i never regret that. its a cool thing. looks great. and of course, 100% irish…digital…EA mental property 😀

  2. Gil needs to bring a doughnut sale. It’s been over a year. 😐 Come on EA.

    • i think ea follows the policy, that donuts are almost too easy to get. so i do not think that we see much of the sales that often again in the future…
      sad but true

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