Should I Spend Donuts On Sherri and Terri

Level 34 is here and with it comes two of the most requested characters, Sherri and Terri! I’m sure you’re asking “Should I Spend Donuts On This?” Well before you hit that confirm button, let’s break down the Pros and Cons of adding Sherri and Terri to your Springfield.


Character(s): Sherri and Terri
Donut Price: 150 donuts

-Comes with a quest line
-Two new characters for the game (in appearance only)
-Premium tasks that earn 50% 200% more than regular characters
-First female character additions to the game since Agnes Skinner (way back in Level 29!)
-Earn DOUBLE the premium rate!
-Most of their tasks are outdoors
-No Real level requirement, so if you’re a new player it’s a good way to earn extra money to save up for the more expensive buildings at higher levels.

-Despite being two characters they’re treated as one in the game
-At 150 donuts, they’re the most expensive premium character(s) with out a building
-They aren’t independent of each other. All tasks are done together.
-Not voiced (check out this post to find out why)

Final Thought: 

Personally I think the twins are a great purchase to make, if you’re a regular premium buyer. They’re characters a lot of tappers have been requesting for a long time and they’re finally here! However, if you’re a newer player, or not a regular premium player, I would say to save your donuts and spend them on a character that costs less (like Arnie Pye or Dr. Nick). They’ll earn you the same amount of cash on tasks, and save you a lot of donuts!  

Sherry and Terri using their secret language in Level 34

Sherry and Terri using their secret language in Level 34

Sherri and Terri’s Tasks:

Sherri & Terri      
Task Length Payout Building
Mock Others 60m $210/52xp Springfield Elem
Play a Duet 2hours $350/80xp  
Use Their Secret Language 4hours $520/140xp  
Torment Bart 8hours $840/210xp Springfield Elem
Do the Creepy Twin Stare 12hours $1200/300xp  
Cry to Get What They Want 16hours $1500/400xp  
Text in Twin-Speak 24hours $2000/450xp  

14 responses to “Should I Spend Donuts On Sherri and Terri

  1. Just a comment on Sherri&Terri on THOH. EA should of double up their Trick-Or-Treat rewards per task for the event. At 150 donuts cost, it would weight in the pros sections of this character.

  2. Everywhere I’ve read says sherri and terri have no level requirement, but I’m level 30 and they don’t show up in the store. Anyone have any help for this?

  3. In your conclusion you say that they pay out the same might need to change that 😉

    • The info is correct. You have to look at the twins…as…well…twins. They payout as two. So if you look at them as one, the payout is the same as one Arnie or one Dr. Nick. That is what was meant in the post. Info is accurate. 😉

      • It really isn’t accurate. You give examples of Arnie Pye & Dr. Nick as “characters that cost less”, but if you are truly looking at them as two characters (as you imply by the payout), then they would be only 75 donuts each bought in a bundle, which is cheaper than 85 & 90, respectively.

        Relative to Arnie Pye & Dr. Nick, they can’t both “cost less” & ” earn the same amount of cash”. They either cost more & have a bigger payout (treating them as one character) or they cost less & have the same payout (treating them as two).

  4. I never bought Sherri and Terri but when I press the info button it says that they increase jobs by 200% for cash and xp. is this a glitch? If I buy it do you think they will do 200% or glitch back go the normal 50%?

    • It is correct. You are getting TWINS. I think it is EAs way of trying to make up for their cost. 😉

      • Okay, so Sherri and Terri DO make more than other premium characters (like their task chart indicates)? I’m just confused because the last part of the post implies that cheaper characters like Arnie Pye or Dr. Nick “will earn you the same amount of cash on tasks” as S & T – so is that just a typo?

  5. Con – no tasks in Krustyland

  6. Alissa, your “to buy or not to buy” posts are comprehensive & complete. The most helpful anywhere! Thanks!

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