What Happened to My Springfield?!  I was at Level 34 and now it says Level 1!


For true TSTO Addicts if this happens to you it can be quite traumatic, especially if you’ve used real world cash money to buy premium items.  
If this has happened to you, here is a set by step guide from EA to try and set things right: EA Tips
Of course, as is the Addict’s way, here are a few tips for tappers who start to panic when their town disappears:

Consider these three things before you let panic set in my friends!
1. Did your device log you out? It may seem like a ‘duh’ moment, but this happens more often than you think, especially if you’re not paying attention and just start tapping when the game loads.  If you’re not paying attention and just tap where you usually tap to enter the game, from time to time you’ll end up playing anonymously.  Every so often the Origin sever will log you out of the game.  So pay attention and check to see if you’re still logged in.  If not, you’ll have to do a hard close of the game, go back to the start up screen, and login.  
2. Is the Origin logo missing?  Don’t panic – they’re just working on the Origin server.
3. Don’t EVER try to create a new account on the same email – you may really end up losing your Springfield and resetting your game to level 1. EA can probably work it out, but it takes time.
Hope this helps Tappers!  
Until next time…Happy Tapping!

3 responses to “What Happened to My Springfield?!  I was at Level 34 and now it says Level 1!

  1. The worst thing happened to me. I started up my origin account and my town was gone! In its place, there was an older town that got deleted too. Now I have my Halloween stuff, but I lost Mindy and the Snow Monster, not to mention the squeaky voiced teen! What do I do?

    • Sorry that happened. I suggest to contact EA right away. See what they can do to help you restore your game. Let us know how it goes.

  2. My games reset big time is there any way to fix or should I give up

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