Chalmers’ _onda and much more

Hello again fellow Tapperinos. I had every intention of being lazy this holiday weekend but found myself wired on caffeine after midnight and figured I’d use my quiet time in the house to share some more info with you.


A little more than a week ago I talked about how I’d like more cars in the game. One of the vehicles I mentioned was Superintendent Chalmers’ Honda. Imagine my surprise when shortly after this, EA released the car AND kept it freemium so every one can enjoy it. I wish I could claim that I have some sway over EA but alas, the Wookiee is at the mercy of the programmers just like every other Tapperino.

But I digress… My whole purpose for boring you… I mean enlightening you tonight was to talk about Super Nintendo Chalmers’ car.


If you’re not an expert on all things The Simpsons (present furry company included), you may be wondering why the new decoration is missing the H. Well, in Season 8 Episode 7 (Lisa’s Date with Density), Superintendent Chalmers arrives at Springfield Elementary to show off his new 1979 Honda Accord to Skinner only to discover that someone has stolen his hood ornament (hence the missing “H”). The culprit ends up being Nelson. Here are some quotes from the episode about this hilarity.

Skinner: I’ve always admired car owners and I hope to be one myself as soon as I finish paying off mother. She insists I pay her retroactively for the food I ate as a child.

Superintendent Chalmers: My H has been stolen! Awww, that’s how people know it’s a Honda. Why would you drive a Honda if you can’t show it off?

Skinner: Oh, you think this stolen “H” is a laugh riot, don’t you? Well, I’ll tell you something that’s not so funny. Right now, Superintendent Chalmers is at home crying like a little girl. (Students laugh) Well, I guess it is a little funny.

This scene brings me joy because it is nice to see Chalmers get his since he is so mean to every one. I’d recommend this episode to any one. Additionally, EA must like this episode since it brought us the Nelson & Lisa romance (KL tasks inspired by this?), Nelson playing guitar, and the spoiled coleslaw tasks for the bullies.

Any who, as the title of this post suggests, I’m not done yet. Since my Cars post, Topix has added even more awesome info about this topic. Check out the 3 part post at While searching Google for more images of Chalmers’ _onda, I found a plethora of cars from the show that haven’t been covered yet. Figured I’d share these with all of you. Welcome to the Springfield Car Show… Brought to you by Wookieecorp!


First off, in honor of Seymour Skinner. We have his very cool Toyota. Love this quote from him…

“Mmmm, 1995, a great year for the camry. No one will ever know you spent 3 months in a lake.”


Next up… Moe’s 1964 Mustang… Can you say awesome?


If that’s not cool enough for you, do you remember Homer’s 1967 Pontiac Firebird he bought on sale?


Not every car Homer has bought has been as cool. He bought this one because of Stupid Flanders…


This next one came when Homer became part of the mafia… A Dodge Ram.


Speaking of the Mafia… Here’s Fat Tony’s Lincoln Navigator


All of the above vehicles were found on an awesome blog I found in my search for Chalmers’ car. It’s a good read and has even more cars.

It’s safe to say all bloggers find inspiration from others. I did find some other images though so the car show continues…

Who wouldn’t love to see this pickup in their town?  Better yet…who wouldn’t love to see Moleman driving it down the ROAD?!!


And who wouldn’t want to see this tiny British gem in their Springfield?



And I know this isn’t a car…but who wouldn’t love to see this sight?


Well, this post has been long and my caffeine has worn off in the time it’s taken me to type this so I will leave you with the car I found that I would love to see the most, The Lamborgotti Fasterossa!!!

Well, TTFN Addicts… Wookiee out!

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