A 2D Challenge from Wookieecorp with the winners

Hey hidey ho Tapperinos! It’s 2D Tuesday here at Addicts so I’m back with a 2D Challenge.

Last week was a little Maggie heavy on my end so I decided to keep to this theme and provide a challenge to any aspiring 2D artists out there. Now, the definition of art is very personal to each of us but I think all the cool images created by other tapaholics is one of the coolest I’ve seen recently.


So… although it’s not my favorite way to create 2D, one of the methods is to chart out your designs on graph paper and then transfer them to your game.  This can be done using an image or by actually finding a pre-graphed image. I found one of Maggie and decided to use it for today’s challenge.


Basically all I did was open the image on my computer, zoom in some so I could see the squares and then placed my 25 dollar bushes exactly as I saw them on my iPhone. Here are screenshots of the process.


I purposely did not change anything from the original image nor did I add any color. My challenge to you is to recreate this image and add color. Please feel free to tweak the shape as you move along. As you can see, the angle of the game screen can change the image slightly. Below is the finished image with some decorations you could use for color. You could even use something different like snapdragons for the outline if you wanted.


I can’t wait to see what some people come up with. The winner of the challenge will get to pick the next 2D I do. Like I said above, I prefer to not graph out my images but must admit that I started out 2D by copying some of Bunny’s Star Wars designs so I know how much it can help with learning the process. The winner will be announced next 2D Tuesday and for fairness sake, will be judged by Mark and Alissa. Happy tapping Addicts! Wookiee out!


To add your 2D creations follow the instructions below and upload your links right to TSTOAddicts!  2D Creations can be added anytime from now, until 11:59pm EST Monday, September 9th 2013.

UPDATE: So this little challenge only had two entries but I am happy to say that The Addicts Team decided to let our first two challenge entries both win! Congratulations Laura Mac and Mags!!! Here are their Maggies…

Laura Mac kept her design simple but showed a very clean outline and excellent color additions. I wish my beginning 2Ds had looked this good.

Laura Mac Maggie 2D

Mags went for the gusto using the burning bush to make Maggie yellow (something I’d contemplated but never put in to practice because of cost) and her use of the ice sculptures for the eyes was also really cool.

Mags Maggie 2D

Hopefully both of these ladies learned a thing or two! Both get to pick a 2D Design to be done by Bunny or I. These images will be accomplished and posted about in the future! Happy tapa-tapa-tapping Addicts!

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  1. Thank you so much! I love our communities and our 2-D tapperinos. I still have much to learn and plan on keeping my tapping hand busy with designs.

  2. I finished my Maggie as soon as I figure out to post her, I will.

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