Conforming to EA: Breaking Down the Conform-O-Meter

The coverage of the Conform-O-Meter is long overdue here at Addicts, and my apologies for not getting it you addicts sooner!

The Conform-O-Meter is something we’ve been mentioning on Addicts for a while now, yet some newer tappers (and older ones too) might be wondering what the Conform-O-Meter is and why it should matter to you.

2013-09-03 10.31.29
The stars on the bottom left of your main Springfield screen (next to the level) show you the current rating for your Springfield.  These stars are based on your Conform-O-Meter rating, and show your conformity rating.  Your conformity rating can range from 0 to 5 stars (1/2 stars are awarded as well) and indicates how well your playing the game based on EA’s standards for TSTO.  The game will award a bonus percentage for every star, or half star, you earn up to 5 stars.  For example 4 stars equals a 4% bonus.  The bonus is applied whenever you collect money from character tasks or building rent.  The image above is from my Springfield, and as you can see I’m at 4.5 stars. When you tap the stars more information is given about how you’re currently earning your rating.  A new box will appear on your screen that looks like this:

2013-09-03 10.31.36
The top of the box shows your current rating and shows your current conformity bonus.  Note: The conformity bonus is awarded in addition to any bonuses you may earn via premium purchases.  The bonus only applies to Springfield, your conformity bonus does not carry over to Krustyland.

When you tap on each category more information will appear about how you can improve your rating and maximize your bonus.  Here’s what they say:

Indolence: Buy houses for families to fight and sleep in.  Affected by the number of houses you have compared to the number of characters you have. 
Consumerism: Buy stores to get suckers to drop dough. Affected by the number of stores you have for the number of characters you have.  
Tree-hugging: Buy plants to make your town greener. Affected by the number of trees, bushes, and pollution you have in your town.
Vanity: Buy decorations to beautify your town. Affected by the number of decorations in your town.  
Obedience: Buy public buildings to keep society docile.  Affected by the number of government and public service buildings you have for the number of characters you have.
Gluttony: Buy restaurants for people too lazy to cook. Affected by the number of restaurants you have for your Springfield population
Righteousness: Keep criminals and graffiti off the streets. Affected by a combination of criminal population  and their moral behavior, as well as cleaning up graffiti and how long it’s left in your town before you clean it. 
Socialism: Make friends and visit them. Affected by the number of Origin fiends you have and how frequently you visit them.  

Over the next few days I will be breaking down all 8 categories and how you can maximize each to achieve a 5 star Springfield!

Curious about the Krust-O-Meter?  Krustyland’s version of the Conform-O-Meter?  Mark wrote about it a few weeks ago, you can check it out here

7 responses to “Conforming to EA: Breaking Down the Conform-O-Meter

  1. How do you increase ‘Righteousness’?

  2. I’m at 3 stars right now and it says I’m getting 28.45% money and XP. Did it change, because if 5 stars gives me only 5% I don’t want it!

    • 5 stars gives you a 5% bonus…on top of your premium bonuses. Right now you’re getting a 3% bonus for your stars..the rest comes from premium items in your town.

    • It include bonuses from premium stuff. E.g. Tire fire, picket fences or the flower planter. 😀

  3. What non premium things can I buy to max out my gluttony rating? It’s the only one not maxed and stuck at 4 1/2 stars 🙁

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