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Let’s face it. TSTO (The Simpsons Tapped Out) is a technical game with lots of technical stuff and technical words. Technical, huh? Lol. Some of us, we know just what it all means. For the rest of us, we just nod our heads, smile, and pretend we know exactly what the heck all those words mean, while secretly…WE HAVE NO CLUE!!! No worries, that is why we are here. No question is too dumb or asked too many times. I was clueless on MANY things until I asked, so I am happy to share all the help I can.

In this post, I will break down a few items, things, and stuff. Lol. I basically will try and explain in the simplest terms some of the technical items that are being asked about in the blogs, chat rooms, and comments. Since more information is needed, I made this post to go more in detail on the answers.


One of our readers named “mummie“, asked a question, “What is Blue stacks?” Some may wonder if it is a stack of blue items in the game? Or if it is smoke stacks, like at the Power Plant, puffing out blue smoke? Neither one of those, though blue smoke would be cool. πŸ™‚

bluestacks 4Blue Stacks is just another way of playing games, like TSTO. Right now most of us are playing the game on our cellular phones. Some may even have other devices like the iPad or the Google Tablets to play the game on. These type of items allow us to go to the “App Store” for either Apple or for Android and download games to those devices to play. Well there is another fun way to play the game, and for most people, on a much bigger screen. Simply put, Bluestacks is a way for you to play those same mobile apps on your home computer or laptop. Imagine going from a little 3″ or 4″ screen to a 19″ or larger one. WOOHOO TSTO REALLY BIG!!! (…and lots more other popular apps). As with any program you can download online, I suggest to research it thoroughly to see if it will fit your wants, needs, and your current desktop/laptop capabilities. This program is fairly new and is currently free.

Here is the main site for the program. You can go through the different areas at the top of their home page to find more details:

bluestacks 3

Here is some really nerdy talk about it:


And here is some blue stacks of stuff, because I’m being a Smart Aleck and/or a Nerd. πŸ™‚
blue stacks

Next up, what is Jailbreak? NO NO NO NO…wait…come back, don’t call the cops, settle down, have a donut…shhhh shhhh…it’s ok. I promise. πŸ™‚ Jailbreak in this case does not have anything to do with a bunch of fugitives running loose in your Springfield, hiding from the law, and causing chaos. It is actually something to do mainly with cell phones. (iPhone users seem to talk about it a lot).

homersimpsonWhen you get your cell phone, it comes preset with a lot of basic programs that make it run and function in a pre-determined way by the company/manufacturer that made it (like Samsung, Apple, HTC, etc) or the provider that sold it to you (like Sprint, Verizon, Tmobile, ect). This means you can only use programs and apps pre-approved for that phone. “In essence, jailbreaking your iPhone means freeing it from the limitations imposed on it by your carrier, whether that’s AT&T or Verizon, and Apple.” This means it is blocking you/prohibiting you from using any other outside programs, apps, ringtones, and so on. (For instance you can’t use Apple products with Android phones). No other options allowed. To jailbreak a phone means that you remove these blocks through downloading a specific program. After the phone is broken into, it allows you to install basically whatever you want on your phone. Customizing it to what YOU want to have. You can get apps, games, music, or other items from anywhere and anyone you want. Sky is the limit. Downside to this, since you just changed the phone from the way it was made, you probably just voided any warranty on it. You are on your own.

Here is a site that goes into jailbreaking a cell phone a little further…

A different side on jailbreaking…


Jailbreak in relation to TSTO can also mean to “hack” a game. Hacking is kind of the same concept as jailbreak, only you are doing it to a specific game. In most games, this is not allowed by the creator. “To gain access to (a computer file or network) illegally or without authorization”. Those with enough information and experience can get into the game, find out information of the game in its hidden files/codes, and change the game to be the way they want. This is why you see some neighbor’s with thousands upon thousands of donuts, limited items from last year even though they just joined, and a LOT items that don’t seem to belong there. (Not all players do this. Some really do spend 100’s of dollars to buy them). Hacking is considered illegal to EA, the company that made TSTO. It is like stealing from them. (Also there is rumors they are starting to lock out/shut down any hacked games & users. I would cry if I lost all the hard work I put into mine).


The following is MY OWN personal opinion on the matter.Β Each individual can make their own decisions and choices. Just PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE RESEARCH THOROUGHLY on the subject, persons, company, etc. This is not something you want to learn the hard way.

I look at my game account the same as my bank account. It is full of personal information, emails, contacts, etc. I do not want anyone to get a hold of this info, so I won’t give out my log in or passwords to anyone offering to “make my game better”. Free or charged for (…and if it is out there for free, why give some stranger my credit card/bank information to access my account and do it? What else are they doing while they are in there?). Also, I do not think games should be hacked in a way that it ruins the fun. I understand it is cool to find upcoming spoilers and details hidden in the game code files, but to go in and physically change the game…I just don’t see the point in that. If I could go in tomorrow and have anything I wanted from the time of release and all the donuts I wanted for future release, speeding up tasks, playing the entire game in a matter of minutes… then what is the point of playing? No need for tasks, got all the money I need. No need for walk-throughs, I have all the items I want. Nothing to look forward to. It would just lose all fun and excitement for me that I go through reading all the thought and effort put into making funny dialog between characters. I don’t mind waiting that day or two to see what happens next after I build something new. I could go on for days, but this subject gets too involved on so many levels and is not something needed to be continued further within this discussion.

230px-Database…and breathe. πŸ™‚

I hope this helped to clear up some things. If anymore questions on the subjects, please feel free to keep asking and we will answer them as best as we can.

Feel free to use this link to ask any other questions outside of the topics discussed here. Some have simple answers, others we may need to add a post like this one.


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  1. Sorry, wrong place for an add me. Make sure to put your name in our add friends area to make sure people see your request. It’d get lost here.

  2. I uninstalled Bluestacks because it wasn’t loading TSTO, beyond the first screen, then just sat there with a black screen no matter how long I waited, that was yesterday. Today I reinstalled it, and TSTO isn’t in the list any more, & when I did a search for it, it took me to Googleplay & wanted all my stupid Google info?? It didn’t do that the first time I d/l it, so I’m a bit confused.

    • Sorry you are having trouble with it. I myself could not get it to function on my systems so I stopped using it a while back. My best suggestion is to contact Blue Stacks and see if they can help out. They may have upgraded and changed to now pull from the Google Play market to make the games play better. Not sure though.

      • Thank you dear Furry one πŸ™‚ Good to know I wasn’t the only one having prob’s. I did send in a report to them with my email addy, so hopefully they’ll get back to me soon. I’ll let you know what I hear πŸ™‚

    • Josephine Kick@$$

      Just ended up back at this, and realized Bluestacks never did get back to me πŸ™ Maybe I’ll try it again, since it’s been a few months.

  3. Has anyone here used Blue stacks on their desktop to play TSTO?

  4. Yep, that helps…now I can feel all tech and nerdy when I read these terms and nod …thanks πŸ™‚

  5. Just another quick question, when people used to say they looked in the files of tsto, was that only possible using a jail broken device.

    Not that i want to do it just curious….

    • It was a form of “hacking”.

      The game is full of programs and codes that make it function.

      I’ll use this blog as kinda a way to explain. In order to make this blog look the way it does, I had to insert photos, tell it what items I wanted bold and underlined, let it know where I wanted a section broken off to make page 2, etc. So if someone looked into the “files” of my blog they would see links to the site I store my photos on (much like a web address), icons/codes to show where I have bold words (looks kinda like ), underlined, etc.

      It’s basically all the really detailed storage area where game info sits. Hundreds of different people are working on the game at same time, so there needs to be a giant file somewhere to save all this work.

      They would set up codes/files to be used at a later time and store those in there too, so file hackers sneaking into that stored info could see details and pics to leak what was coming.

      Just think of your personal computer and/or cell phone and all the letters, pics, random things you have on it. Now imagine someone outside looking through all that. Lol

      Did that help?

    • Lol tried to show icon for bold and it made the words bold.

      And a lil bit is missing…

      There are programs floating around the internet that allowed them to “hack” into the game and see the codes/files

  6. Aha…now all those comments making sense thanking you

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