You Say Tomato I Say Tomacco

Hello Fellow Addicts!

On Cletus’s Farm one of the plants you can grown and harvest is Tomacco. Such a strange name Tomacco. Just what is Tomacco? How does it relate to The Simpsons? To find the answer we’ll have to travel in Frink’s time machine, and party like it’s 1999! Time to travel back to Season 11 and episode 5, E-I-E-I-D’oh.
In this episode Homer,after watching a Zorro movie, begins challenging everyone around him to a duel. Just about everyone he encounters backs down from the challenge until he meets the Colonel. The Colonel chooses to accept Homer’s challenge and duel. When Homer realizes he can’t get out of it, and fears for his life the Simpsons flee to the county where they become farmers.

When Homer calls Lenny to sent him plutonium, to make the plants grow “real big, real fast” a new breed of plant is born, Tomacco.
As you may have guessed Tomacco is a crossbreed of tomatos and tabacco. Tomacco is disgusting and everyone hates the taste, but they keep eating it because it’s extremely addictive!
Even the farm animals become violently addicted to Tomacco!
Because of the popularity of Tomacco the Laramie Cigarette Company offers the Simpsons 150 million for the plant, but Homer insists on 150 BILLION!  Do the Simpsons become Billionaires?  Does Homer keep all of the addictive plant for himself?  To find out what happens you’ll have to check out E-I-E-I-D’oh!

Until next time Addicts!

Homer J Simpson….World Class Tomacco Farmer!

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