And Now A Word From EA: Origin IDs for All!

Attention all Tappers!!

This yelling Homer brings you an important announcement direct from EA!

“Starting September 9th, 2013 we will be limited in our ability to recover the accounts of anonymous users in the case of App deletion and device reset. To ensure that your game is saved and recoverable we encourage all of our anonymous users to register/login their game to Origin.
If you want to continue to play anonymously you can minimize your risk by doing the following*:
• Back up your device
o For instructions on how to do so, please consult your devices user manual
• Record your Mayhem ID
o Instructions on how to do so can be found at the following link:
*Please note: If you choose to keep playing anonymously these steps do not guarantee the recoverability of your account. 
For instructions on registering your account with Origin please follow the link below:
Via EA on Facebook

While I’d be shocked if anyone is still playing TSTO anonymously, after all you get FREE DONUTS when you register(!), I’d listen to EA here and sign up.  It would be tragic if you worked so hard on your town, only to lose it to some freak EA glitch!

So Tappers and take this weekend and register your game!  I promise you’ll be glad you did! 

Happy Tapping Friends!

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  1. I’ve been tapping out for a while and want to transfer my anonymous game to a logged in game so I can visit friends and have them visit me. How do I go about this? I’d probably cry if my device died and I lost my wonderful town.

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