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Tonight kicks off the NFL Football season with the Thursday Night Game between the Superbowl Champion Baltimore Ravens and the Denver Broncos!  But this Sunday is when Football season really gets crazy and into full swing with 13 games!  I thought in honor of the NFL kickoff it’d be fun to take a look back at the history of the Simpsons and Football…

Football and the Simpsons actually have a pretty deep history, dating all the way back to the show’s Tracey Ullman Show roots!  Back in 1987 the 11th Simpsons short to air on The Tracey Ullman Show was titled “Football”.  In the short Homer promises chocolate Milkshakes if Bart catches the football he throws!  Of course ultimately Bart catches the ball, with his mouth!   You can check out the whole short here:

Of course there was an actual episode of the Simpsons dedicated to Football.  The year was 1997, November, I was a little 5 year old playing with my Nerf football when episode 6 of The Simpsons 9th season came on entitled “Bart Star”.   In the episode it’s decided that the kids in Springfield are getting too fat, so in order to keep them in shape they should play Pee Wee Football.  Initially Flanders was the coach (and the team was undefeated), but lets Homer take over after Homer heckles him from the stands.
Initially Homer is tough on Bart, but is reminded how mean Grampa was to him as a child.  So he decides to favor Bart, replacing star Quarterback Nelson with Bart.  Of course Bart is terrible at Quarterback, but Homer refuses to see that.  It’s actually a fairly neat episode, there is even a celebrity appearance by Joe Namath (who promises to help Bart, but then leaves with out helping him at all).  Check it out to find out what happens!
Football makes another appearance in the Simpsons during the 21st season in an episode entitled “O Brother, Where Bart Thou?”.  While the episode itself isn’t about Football, Bart does have a dream about famous brothers, and in his dream Eli, Peyton, and their lesser known brother, Cooper Manning make an appearance playing football…cooper-eli-and-peyton-manning-on-simpsons
And of course The Simpsons wouldn’t be The Simpsons with out Moleman getting hit with a football…..
You can even add a football field to your Tapped Out Game…

2D/3D by Addicts very own BunnyDud

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Oh and here’s a little something you may not have seen from 1995….a little Simpsons pregame

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