Hide the kids and lock the doors… it’s time for HALLOWEEN!!!


So… I had this post scheduled to appear on Sunday but due to a recent post from another TSTO site, decided to post it early before y’all think I’m a Wookiee tracer… Here you go…

Halloween is coming and I am so stoked! Just went to a Halloween store yesterday and got to see a couple different Simpsons costumes and masks. While I ran around like a 10 year old in a Homer Simpson mask, I couldn’t help but be excited and found myself wondering about the upcoming Halloween update for TSTO.


If you haven’t heard the rumors and speculation yet, I’ll fill you in. Supposed additions to the game will be the return of Kang and the addition of Kodos. Also rumored a while ago was Maude Flanders’ ghost. These would be exciting but I decided to show a couple other things that would be really cool to see.


Let me preface all this by stating that EA has probably already finished everything that they are gonna do for the Halloween Update so all of this is pure speculation. For that reason this is less of a WAWW post and more of a cool ideas post. Who knows, if these ideas aren’t in this year’s update, maybe EA can use them for next year?

I’d like to start off just by restating that I think this Halloween would be an epic time for killer dolphins to roam Springfield. You can find my rambling on this topic here.

Tried to break this down by buildings, characters, character skins, decorations and then a quest I’d really like to see.


This is probably the hardest thing to find ideas for. Last year’s buildings pretty much took up all the good ideas. My best guess is this years buildings will have to do with Treehouse of Horror (TOH) XXIV (aka twenty-four for non-Romans) which for the uninitiated is the new one we’ll get this year.


I did manage to think of one. How about the Re-Neducation Center from TOH V: Time & Punishment? Not quite sure how this would fit into Springfield but it makes as much sense as Abe Lincoln’s cabin to this Wookiee. If the building is a no-go, a funny billboard would be rad too.



Nightmare Cafeteria

Why not bring in Lunchlady Doris with Halloween. Also from the fifth TOH, she was a main part of Nightmare Cafeteria. With such lunchroom delicacies as Sloppy Jimbos and Uter-braten, how could this not be awesome? Other teachers could get in on the action too!


Another very cool character would be the Gremlin from TOH IV: Terror at 5 1/2 feet. Alas, this character would probably end up being like the Funzos or Burns Monster but it still would be cool. I like to think it would run around like Sideshow Bob and maybe come with a new task for Bart. If it was to have tasks…. this would be my favorite…


Although I really dig both of these ideas, the character I would most like to see would be Bart’s “evil” twin Hugo from TOH XII. This could be a skin for Bart like in The Simpsons Hit & Run video game but I’d like to see him as his own character.



Count Burns (TOH IV: Bart Simpson’s Dracula)… this could possibly also come with a skin for Burns’ Manor!


Cyborg Bart (TOH XVI: B.I. Bartificial Intelligence).


Just a really cool idea for another Bart Skin. Maybe this could include a mini-quest and also include the Spinster City Apartments! (one guess who lives there? Here’s a hint… it rhymes with Splatty and Velma!)

Spinster City Apartments

Werewolf Flanders (TOH X: I Know What You Diddily-Iddly-Did) Just the fact that Flanders still says Diddly after growls would make this hilarious.


Not really a skin but last year all the Springfield kiddos got costumes when they went trick or treating. I hope EA keeps this for this year’s update.



Grade F Meat Boxes (also from Nightmare Cafeteria)

Grade F Meat

Tombstones. These were always one of my favorite gags from the TOH series. They could either proclaim the death of anything ironic or actually be for dead characters from the show. Perhaps this is how we could memorialize the late and great Phil Hartman in TSTO? Here are some examples….


The Monkey’s Paw (TOH II)


Homer Jack in the Box (TOH II: The Bart Zone)



To finish off this post, what I really wish to see would be THE COLLECTOR from TOH X: Desperately Xeeking Xena.


This quest would revolve around Comic Book Guy as The Collector as well as Bart and Lisa as Stretch Dude and Clobber Girl.


Of course, CBG would kidnap Xena and a great decoration would be her in the PET film bag.


I just love CBG period so this is an easy choice. This episode cracked me up because of his turn as a super villain as well as the cameo by Lucy Lawless (NERD CRUSH ALERT).


Well Tapperinos, that’s what I’ve come up with as far as Halloween Update Speculating goes. No matter what comes our way, I’m sure it’ll be fantastic. I started playing last Halloween and have been biting at the bit for it ever since. Based on last year’s update, we could see some ghoulies and goblins as early as mid-September!!! What would you like to see this Halloween? A million Homers? More Presidents? Bloodshed? Please drop your comments below. TTFN Addicts! Gookie out!!! (misspelling intended in prep for the Halloween amazingness)


8 responses to “Hide the kids and lock the doors… it’s time for HALLOWEEN!!!

  1. What was last years Halloween like?

    • We got the two graveyards, the Mayan god, the particle accelerator with black hole, the bad dream house, some costumes and a Halloween skin for the church. It was a social event with zombies in your town and when they but your characters they became zombies. Someone correct me if I’m wron but the only premium item I remember was the ray gun to shoot down Kang. All I this described in one word. Awesome.

      • Thanks Wookiee, it will be my first Halloween so I wonder if I’ll get all that cool stuff too? Started b4 St. Pats so I missed alot of holidays, love the site.

      • Also the cauldron for marge’s witch costume

        • Thanks! Knew I missed something… Probably didn’t mention the Devil Flanders skin either. So looking forward to Halloween this year and hoping some old content comes back for every one!

  2. Hi kodos has also been rumored to appear in an episode tie-in update 🙂

    • Yeah… Pretty stoked for that especially because it means all the Tapperinos I know that started after Halloween last year may get the chance to get Kang as well.

  3. I can’t wait for the Halloween update now! The dolphins would work really well with the squidport, maybe that could be their entry point. They could also give skins to some rides to make them “spooky”, most people are in the latter stages of their KL if they haven’t already finished so some tasks there would be great!

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