Level 35 Rumors: 9-11 and the Springfield Fire Department

Rumors have been floating around various Tapped Out forums over the weekend about a possible level 35 update. This Wednesday, September 11th, marks the 12th anniversary of the attacks on the US, and it appears as though, at least via rumors, that EA plans to mark the occasion with the introduction of the Springfield Fire Department into Tapped Out!

Keep in mind these are all just rumors, and as of now nothing has been confirmed. Here are some of the items that are rumored to be making an appearance in the next update:

Springfield_Fire_Department fire department 2
Springfield fire department
Springfield Fire Trucks
Fire hydrants
fireman low shot
And new fireman costumes for Homer, Apu and Moe. Now, several other forums and blogs are saying Barney will also be included in the costumes, however that doesn’t make sense to this blogger. In the episode most of these items seem to come from, Crooks and Ladder, Principal Skinner rounds out the 4 replacement volunteer fireman, not Barney. So not sure if the costume would be for Barney or Skinner.

Some other items that are pure speculation on my part…I wonder if they’ll include the following:

Shelbyville Yellow Firehydrants
gold clock
Grandfather Clock Made of Gold
The Sharper Markup
soup kitchen
Springfield Soup Kitchen
springsonian museum
Springsonian Museum
rock n'roll wax museum
Rock n’ Roll Wax Museum

Whatever the next update may bring we’ll know soon enough if EA sticks to their recent update pattern of every other week!  If it is a Fire Department update I personally think it would be a fabulous update, perfect meaning and timing at least for this Tapper!

What do you guys think?  Would you enjoy a Fire Department update?  Any items you’d like to see in the next update?

8 responses to “Level 35 Rumors: 9-11 and the Springfield Fire Department

  1. I’m from the future and I can tell you that you’ll have to wait two and a half years for this update.
    (The internet does function multi-temporally, right?)

  2. At this point, I can’t wait to see what is being released, no matter what it is. I don’t think there has been so much speculation since the spoilers can’t be seen.

  3. If EA doesn’t release this tomorrow I would be bummed. If they wait until Thursday to avoid any outcry though it’d be just as good.

  4. I think it would be a nice tribute release

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