Hey hidey ho Addicts. So, Halloween is fast approaching and this Wookiee is jumping in anticipation. As I’m not sure my current residence can withstand the stress said jumping is placing upon it, I had to take drastic action!

Previously, I wrote about Halloween items that could be coming. If you haven’t enjoyed these yet or just would like to reread my ramblings, you can find them here and here.

What this Wookiee really, really, really wants is Killer Dolphins this Halloween.

killer dolphins

My hatred of dolphins started with a National Geographic documentary called Dolphins: The Wild Side and a small piece of my young Wookiee innocence was stolen away.

wild side

I’ve disliked them ever since and will often tell people how EVIL dolphins truly are. I own this documentary on VHS and really enjoy telling people about the bigotted, sexist, murdering fornicators of the sea lol. Imagine my sheer joy when I first encountered Snorky and his minions in my Favorite. Cartoon. Ever.? I must admit The Simpsons made me like dolphins a little bit again. In case you were wondering, this is what I looked like innocent lol.


Alright, I’m a rambling Wookiee as usual. I promise I’m getting to the point of this post. So with Halloween approaching and this furry resident of Kashyyyk really wanting Snorky in his town, I decided my next 2D had to be the killer dolphin. Bunny and I both decided we would make Halloween 2Ds to show off to coincide with the TSTO Addicts Halloween Challenge and initially I had zombies on the brain (lol), but Snorky beat them out. An added bonus of the 2D is now I can’t be disappointed lol.

All 2Ds start out with an image and here is the one I chose. This image is a print from Aguvagu. I love Snorky as JAWS!!! You can see more of his stuff here. I must admit this comes as an iPhone case which I am seriously considering buying.


With my image chosen, I was off to the races. Since I have shown semi-detailed step by step pics of my 2D madness previously, I decided to not go this route for the post. My first task as always was the outline. I used my computer to blow up the image (not literally sillys, jeesh) and used my phone for the 2D. I tried using the silver trash cans for the outline but quickly gave up… just wasn’t working.

Decided to do Snorky’s outline with the small green bushes which always work nice. With the bushes in place, I bordered the bushes with trash cans.


Although the bushes helped, I decided I didn’t like the look and went about replacing all of them with the black snapdragons one by one. I’ve never done this before but it actually worked nicely. Had to tweak the outline a little because different decorations look different but it went pretty quick.


I liked this more. Didn’t mention it yet but you can see that I lined the top of what would become water with phone booths, used mailboxes for the mouth and propane tanks for Snorky’s teeth. As an added bonus, Duffman got a dye job! Bye bye white hair, hello Blondie!


With the outline done, it was time to fill in my evil dolphin buddy. You’d think over 600 trash cans would be enough to fill in this bottlenose member of the delphinidae family and initially I would have agreed. Unfortunately for my in game bank account, we’d both be wrong.


This Wookiee does not like gaps so off I went to buy trash cans and blue dumpsters and beach chairs to finish my Snorky. Got a few warnings as I placed decorations but as usual paid them no mind.


Kept on plugging away and was finishing using the chairs as water when this happened…


What do you mean there’s no more room for buildings or decorations EA? Don’t you know who I am? Ugh and froin laven, now I gotta rob Peter to pay Paul I suppose. Goodbye phone booths in the 2D and some of my beachside palm trees got the boot too!


Thankfully I axed enough to finish my water and the loss of the booths wasn’t too bad. I did try to recreate the SNORKY lettering from the image with red mailboxes but EA got mad again when I started the “N” so that didn’t happen either. Here is my finished design as well as the original image I used/


One of my ideas that didn’t quite work during this process was making Snorky’s eye a skoshi more evil with a red dot. The Wookiee no likey so the idea went where all bad ones do when they die.


Well, there you have it. My very own favorite guy from Treehouse of Horror XI: Night of the Dolphin.

night of the dolphin

So I really was kinda bummed that I knew I couldn’t do justice to the Moleman in the image due to size constraints. Instead, I decided to put all my characters in mortal peril (and they don’t even know it!) All it took was uprooting all my roads to make them all hang out together (minus Willie, he’s playing the bagpipes at the open air stage).

Here they are enjoying themselves…




Ok, Willie felt left out!

willy and snorky

TTFN Tapperinos! Wookiee out!


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