What in the world is a Jub Jub?

jub jub2

With all the spoiler buzz yesterday, you may find yourself asking this very question. Well, before we all end up neck deep in a new update, I figured I’d try to answer it for you.

This question probably shouldn’t be answered by of an avid Star Wars fan but it is so oh well.

First and foremost, Jub Jub is synonymous with Ewoks. In Episode VI, Jub Jub seems to be practically one of the only things Wicket says!


Rude little Ewok! Anywho, Fanboys aka Veterans of The Wars claim that Jub Jub was not a term created by Ben Burtt (the developer of Ewokese). Whether it’s a real term doesn’t matter to this Wookiee as long as it is not confused with other Ewok words like yubnub (hooray!), yub nub (freedom) and yub yub (let’s go). Some folks say the name of the dead Ewok in The Battle of Endor was named Jub Jub. The original song at the end of Episode VI is often called the Ewok JubJub Song too!

Another answer is the Jubjub bird from two of Lewis Carroll’s poems. This bird has also appeared in the 2010 version of Alice in Wonderland amongst other things.

JubJub Bird

Neither of those is the appropriate one for today’s post but according to Urban Dictionary, A Jub Jub is someone who eats rabbit hairs. It is also the phonetic form of “kiss kiss” in Thai but I digress…

The specific Jub Jub in question is Selma’s pet iguana. Originally owned by her Aunt Gladys (Thanks Em!) and bequeathed to Selma’s mother, Selma received the iguana after her mom tried to kill him with a hat pin. Jacqueline Bouvier was so unattached to the poor lizard, she even claimed she would rather have received her sister’s “fatal bowel obstruction”. Ouch! Poor Jub Jub.

jub jub3

Jub Jub first appeared in Season Four, Episode Thirteen (Selma’s Choice) and has appeared in four other episodes. One of my favorite moments of his is when he tried to eat Selma’s foot because it fell asleep.

jub jub1

The term Jub Jub is also a popular term coined by Conan O’Brien. He loves to say silly things and seems to love this one. (NERD ALERT: Rumor has it he even got J.J. Abrams to say it would be in the new Star Wars movie in 2015!) As an uber nerd of the Best. Show. Ever., I think it’s fair to let you know that O’Brien was once a writer on The Simpsons (1991-1993) and most of what I’ve ever heard states he named the iguana.


I’m pretty stoked to see this addition to the game, especially because it will mark the first time that a pet comes with a building and may actually have its own task! The only images I could find other than Spanser’s awesome image (which I feel is his until the update), I found on my usual google image search but have to give credit to the Simpsons Wiki which had both images. This site is always a great place for info/images about just about everything Simpsons related!

Here is the sign for the shop as well as its owner.

Springfield Pet Shop

Pet Shop Owner

This business only appeared in one episode that I know of (Season 6, Episode 20) but actually involved Santa’s Little Helper, not Jub Jub. Maybe the family dog can finally be involved with a building? This episode though is probably best remembered for Mr. Burns singing See My Vest.

“See my vest, see my vest, made from real gorilla chest…”

In case all my rambling has made you already forget the answer to this post’s question, this is Jub Jub.

jub jub

Hopefully this was all informative even if it was a skoshi random. Trust me though when I say I could have been even more random by saying I’d rather have Stampy or Mr. Pinchy as pets but that’s a post for another day/site. Wookiee out!



P.S. Ewoks are not miniature Wookiees!!!

7 responses to “What in the world is a Jub Jub?

  1. Yeah jub jub has a 12hour task n gives Selma a extra task. Which I yhink it’s cool. But I think it’s bull that u got a building n a lizard w a task for 9o donuts n Santa lil helper was120 if u didnt get him before n y shouldnt he have atleast one task like the iguana like chase his tail. Or give him a dog house to generate money! I purchased him for 120 n worse purchase ever. I hope they add him a task or two like dig a hole. He’ll give him a task w the characters. Lisa take him for a walk. Homer throw him a bone. Dig a hole for fat tony. Lol

    • Hopefully this is on EA’s agenda. When they add Maggie, she could ride SLH!

      • I hope soo. I really really think it’s bull jub jub has his own task n a task w a character n SLH has nothing. Other character walk dogs or a lion. U can’t have someone walk him atleast. Or perhaps race at the Springfield downs. Great task for him!

  2. Hmmm tasks with jubjub could be cool.

    Ewoks aren’t miniature wookies.

  3. The Dead Great Aunt was named Gladys. Jackie is the mother of Patty, Selma and Marge 😉

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