Disco WHO??!!

Level 35 just dropped on us and brought with it a few new characters. This brings the question… why Patty & Selma with Disco Stu and Popsicle Stick People? What’s the connection? In this post, I will be focusing more on Disco Stu and his connection with it all. Well…kinda. 🙂

disco stu 2

Let’s start at…kinda…the beginning with a lil back story on Disco Stu. Grab a nice cozy pillow and blanky, maybe a cool/hot drink of your choice, and you gotta have some snacks. Get comfy because I am about to bore you to sleep…..errr…tell you things with words and stuff.

Once upon a time (all stories start that way, right?), a young impressionable Nautical Stu was getting his picture taken for his Sea Captain License by none other than a young Marge Simpson. She wanted to put on some music while taking his portrait. NO! Not THAT kind of music, she IS a married woman people. Sheesh! It was disco music, duh. Something happened to Stu as soon as she turned it on. Could this be the actual start of Disco Stu? I don’t know for sure, but he can be seen in the episode making a drastic change from Nautical Stu to Disco Stu. (Episode: Springfield Up).

nautical stu 1  nautical stu 3

In the Episode: Two Bad Neighbor’s (this is said to be Disco Stu’s first appearance in the Simpson’s), there is a town rummage sale (that reminds me, I should probably get my yard sale items together…but TSTO takes priority). Marge is seen rummaging through old boxes in the attic with Homer and comes across the Rhinestone Nights Fashion Gun (I know some of you still have that “Bedazzler” hangin round. Just admit it). She said they don’t need it…

Homer protests: “…I need it to rhinestone up my old clothing!”
He shows her the jacket he put rhinestones on. The words “D-I-S-C-O S-T-U” can be seen on it (I wonder if she is having a guilty flashback to that photo shoot).

disco stu jacket
Marge: “Who’s Disco Stu…?”
Homer: “It was supposed to say Disco Stud, but I ran out of space…”

At the rummage sale, Ned is attempting to help sales at each table by yelling out information in a portable loud speaker. He goes to the Simpson’s table, where we can again see the rhinestoned jacket hanging up.

 rummage sale 3
A bystander exclaims: “Hey Stu! You should buy that!”.
Disco Stu: “Disco Stu…doesn’t advertise”. (A missed chance of awesomeness in my opinion).

disco stu

He later starts to dance and jam out with Quimby and Homer.

disco stu 3

We catch a few more glimpses of Disco Stu throughout Springfield (not bad for a character that was more a joke and not meant to be a reoccurring role).

In the Episode: Sweets and Sour Marge, during an attempt to be in the Duff Record Book, a pyramid is made with the town’s people but goes horribly wrong and turns to into a massive runaway ball. (Can you spot him in the pyramid and ball?)

disco stu pyramid 1 disco stu pyramid 2

In the end, Springfield is declared the fattest town. Marge, not happy, wants to start a lawsuit on sugar. While talking to neighbors to joining her, we find out about Stu’s addiction to sugar. (Side note: DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DO THIS WITH PIXIE STIX!!)

disco stu sugar 

In the Episode: How I Wet Your Mother, we see a Normal Stu that Professor Frink has created/cured by entering his mind “Inception” style.

normal stu

Then in the Episode: How I Spent My Strummer Vacation, we find out Disco Stu is just sick and tired of disco. He doesn’t want to be a, “One Note Guy…” Makes you wonder if he is pondering his sea life he could’ve had at this point. Arrrrrrgh.

Disco stu taxi cab


Now for the info I made you wait “patiently” to hear. 🙂

What does Stu have to do with the level 35 update? What’s the connection? In this case, the common factor is Selma Bouvier. Very teeny tiny connection as it is. In the Episode: There’s Something About Marrying, we find out prior to Patty’s wedding ceremony to a woman, that not long ago Selma got married to Disco Stu. He bursts in with a paper exclaiming the Pope just gave him an annulment. Must have been one awful marriage to end so quick. I also find it amusing that he had to have the Pope annul it. Must be due to his religious beliefs?

disco stu marriage

Disco Stu and Selma married

As for his disco…In the Episode: Dumbbell Idemnity, we see Homer and Moe going to Stu’s Disco to find a woman for Moe. It also appears in Episode: A Hunka Hunka Burns In Love, ironically…while now Mr. Burns is trying to woo a woman. Must be a chick magnet kind a club. 😛

Stu's disco

stu's disco 2

Now for those crazy popsicle stick people. Why them? Well I first of all think EA was just attempting to add a decoration that would tie in with previous released buildings. Like that slowly swaying back and forth Popsicle Stick Skyscraper. However, there is also an episode linked to all these crazy popsicle sticks. In the Episode: Ice Cream of Margie, we find that the ice cream man has died and Homer has taken over for him. This new job creates a headache for Marge in that thousands of popsicle sticks are just laying around. While going through a box of them, she is inspired. The group looks like lil Maggie. She decides to make a Popsicle Stick Maggie. Then moves on to Bart & Lisa.

popsicle stick people 2popsicle stick people 3

Homer encourages to make more. She ends up making several of the town’s people…including….Patty, Selma, and Disco Stu.

Popsicle stick people

popsicle stick people 4  popsicle stick people 7 popsicle stick people 6 popsicle stick people 5

I have to admit, being obsessed with my 2D art, I admire the idea of creating images out of an object no one would expect. That being said, I honestly do not like the look of these “decorations” in my town. I may grow to like them, but for now I just don’t know what to do with them…other than setting them on fire. 🙂

So…short story long, there is the general summary of the connection between the new characters and decorations added with level 35. I hope this bored you to death too….err…..I mean…I hope it clarified some questions you may have had on the release.


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  1. I’m a stickler for accuracy in the construction of my Springfield (an admittedly foolish thing to do since the show itself is inconsistent about placement) so I put them in the backyard of the Simpsons’ home.

  2. If any one wants to authentically put these somewhere… In front of The Simpsons house is the way to go. Or you could fire up some Disco! “Burn baby burn….”

  3. Very interesting and informative Bunny. I really enjoyed the post, thanks.

    • Thanks…I giggled a lot with this one. I blame all “disco styled men” and their open shirts with the gold chains laying on their poof of “man fur”…not to mention the cheesey pick up lines. Classic. 😛

  4. Ps i love reading your posts

  5. They don’t look to bad at the wax museum

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