Daily Archives: September 15, 2013

The Simpsons… even great without sound!

Alright… embarrassing confession from an Addict. I not only spend way too many hours on my town, social networking with other tappers and blogging about random Simpsons/TSTO stuff, I somehow find time to watch the show on TV and MyTube.


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Bunny here with a quick little update. About a week ago, I did a post on my Sideshow Bob 2D art. I had a mini contest at the end for my readers to guess just how many newspaper dispensers I used on his hair and their total cost.

Sideshow Unfilled

So I took off all of his hair (he looks kinda silly without it)…


…and here are the totals.

Contest totals

All of that just for ONE section of a 2D. No wonder I keep falling behind on buying buildings, but I don’t mind starving for my art.

Now…the winners…

Mags1972 guessed: “$131,725
405 dispensers at least”. Really close. Good guess.

Mummie guessed: “I’m going with 312”. Great guess…I was probably closer to this count just before I ran out of money and was left with a hole in his head. LOL


So there yah go. Due to only two people enteredBOTH WIN!! WOOHOO!! I will create a custom 2D design for both of you. You are welcome to contact me at the social site tapped-out.com.uk or I can email you here.  Just let me know.