To Sell or Not To Sell…..

TSTO Selling Buildings
With the release of Level 35 and it’s FOUR new buildings, and no land expansions, some long time tappers are faced with a problem… too many buildings/decorations and not enough space for them all! Well the neat thing about TSTO is that you do have the option to sell certain items that you’ve purchased in the game. However, before you hit the sell button there are a few things you should know….

Selling a Building? Be sure to follow the Golden Rules:

1. Never sell limited time buildings

2. Never sell any building that costs donuts to replace

3. Think carefully before you sell

There is only one way to get back a building that you’ve sold, and that’s to buy it again. And just like if you were to go to a Pawn Shop, it will always cost you much more to buy it again then what you sold it for.

REMEMBER that if you sell a limited time building, like the Swanky Fish, you won’t be able to replace it because it’s no longer available. And if you sell a building like Barney’s Bowlarama, 1) you’ll lose Barney and 2) it’ll cost you 250 donuts to replace (even if you purchased it with Santa coins from the Christmas event).

So be careful when you’re moving your buildings around because selling is a serious business. Ask yourself whether you really need the money now or whether you can wait a day or two to build up the amount you need. And if you find yourself tapping the dollar sign accidentally, don’t worry! A warning (automatically) comes up asking you to confirm your selling decision. If you see a confirm sell box, slow your tapping finger wayyy down and be sure you really want to sell before you tap “sell”. 


6 responses to “To Sell or Not To Sell…..

  1. If I sell the happy and buy it again will it reset the tasks or continue will it left off?

    • Any Questline already in progress stays at that part. Any task, say if a character has 3hrs into a 8 hr task… it stops the tasks and wipes it out along with any progress on the Task.

  2. Help! I sold my church by mistake… 🙁 how do i replace it please? Thanks!

  3. Hi
    can the nuclear core be bought again after being sold?

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